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Christmas Stamps and Cards

Time to think about ordering Christmas stamps and cards. 
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Creative Life A thru Z ~ M = Be Marvelous

Jean Hart Artwork
Healing Arts journal 
Better Together, acrylic, Mandala, by Jean Hart 

 The Creative Life A thru Z

~M = Marvelous 

 Week Fourteen

What ever you do, Be Marvelous!!

Life is what you celebrate, All of it. ~Joanne Harris 

This week is the celebration of the letter M. oh the words and fun that came to me with this letter. I believe so far I live in the activities of M. 

When I was an exhibiting artist I had a solo fine art exhibit at the
 Northeastern Nevada Museum in Elko, Nv 
It's show title was "Kaleidoscope"
 To see a small part of the exhibit at Highland Estates.
Click below 

I had been painting mandala's ever since I read a biography of Carl Jung. 
He said he did a small mandala everyday in his office before he started work each day. 
I started with easy coloring books, and then later went on to make my own designs.
In world history all different cultures,  Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Celtic, and, Native American have been making mandalas for well over 5,000 years. 
One of the ways to use a mandala is to ask a question while you are creating your mandala, by the time you are finished hopefully you will have an answer. 
Mandalas are symbols of community, wholeness, and spiritual journeys.
I am not going to go into the whole philosophy of the mandala here. My suggestion is for you to go to the library or internet and check out a book that can explain it in far more detail then I can on my simple blog here. 

Art Journal Assignment: 
Drawing a mandala 
Freedom, mandala by Jean Hart 

1. You can either buy a coloring book of mandalas and color in them, or you can make your own. 
a. draw a circle, fold it in half, then half again. 
b. Keep in mind that a mandala is a symmetric design and is repeated from one quarter to the other. 
2. Drawing a mandalas is a time for you to be still, calm, and quite so you can focus on the big questions in your life. So, before you begin coloring, ask yourself a question, you might ask what you could do to change your life so you can enjoy it and have more fun with family and friends. 
3. While the design is repeated from one quarter to the other quarter, meaning what is put on the right is also drawn on the left. YOU can color it anyway you wish. 
4. When you finished, turn over your drawing and write the acronym B.L.E.S.S.M.E. 
(body, lifestyle, emotions,social,spiritual,mind,environment.).
Now write 2 activities that came up that you could do. Do not worry if you didn't think of something for each category.  I personally like to keep the B.L.E.S.S.M.E. acronym in my active thinking. 
5. Have fun with this, be creative, and don't censor yourself. 
keep this list handy and commit to making those changes within the month. 
I like to put these suggestion on my daily calendar so I can make plans to do the activities. 

Kitchen Assignment:
Let's Get Cooking 
For me, since I'm spending more time at home and in the kitchen learning how to eat clean and healthy, I have been turning some of my favorite recipes into a healthier recipes. 

Vegan Magic Cookie Bars 
I love magic bars, so I went hunting for a healthy version. 
My family loved this one. It's gooey on the inside, sticky all over and 
Marvelously Magic!!
This is the recipe I used :

Field Trip:
If you can, if it's this time of year where you live. 
Go to a Farmers Market.
There is nothing like fresh vegetables from the farmers. 
I had such a wonderful day with my daughter Sarah. We went to all the booths, asked questions,*(because everything is handmade), and came home with very fresh and unusual vegetables. 

Framers Market

spinning wool 

fresh tomatoes 

I came home and made with all the fresh vegetables, vegetable dumplings, with fried shisuto peppers. 

There's lots of more activities for the letter M, and I will most likely continue posting later. 
As always have fun with this, share, like and follow so you don't miss a single post. 
I would love to see your mandalas. 
Because this is an ongoing project for me, and I continually change things for each letter. I would love it if you left me a little comment on how you are enjoying the assignments. 
 Be Inspired,

Friday, October 13, 2017

Jean Hart Artwork : October's Aspects

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Jean Hart Artwork : table for six, please

Creative Life A thru Z

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Jean Hart Artwork : I had a visit from two angels

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Creative Life A thru Z~Chasing the Fall Colors in Idaho

Creative Life A thru Z 
Two Minutes in Nature 
I'm always up for a drive and walk in nature

I just got back from a visit with my son Matthew. 
He lives in Idaho and as we were driving I looked out the window of the car and thought, "Look at the colors of Fall here. They are so vivid and beautiful." 
I'm working hard to live in the present moment of my life and not get to carried away with making future plans when I'm in a real life adventure I have already planned. 
So, on this wonderful drive, there is nothing like seeing farm land in Fall. 
click below for a drive through the farm lands of Idaho

Living in the moment after we parked the car on this drive we came across a 

So What is a Geocache? 
It's a treasure hunt around the world. 
Here is a YouTube that explains what it is and how to sign up. 

After opening our geocache and discovering its treasures we too put a little treasure inside and folded it up and replaced it for someone else to find. 
Happy Hunting. 

Be Inspired, 

Creative Life A thru Z ~L is for leave a little happiness wherever you go

 Jean Hart Artwork*

Creative Life A thru Z. 

L = Leave a little happiness

 wherever you go

Where do I get my inspiration????
From Life itself. 
But, there are times when I just can't think of a single thing to do or help myself get out of a slump. 
I made this little jar of 100 slips of Good Intentions. 
I read so much, I have joined so many clubs, and blogs. The information alone on Pinterest is exhausting sometimes. 
To help myself not waste so much time on the computer I came up with 100 things to do when I need inspiration. 

The only rule is, when I draw one of these slips out of the jar, 

This little slip is awesome!
One of my Assignments in the course 
"A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment",
 was to anonymously leave notes of encouragement wherever you go for someone to find and hopefully brighten up their day. 
I have been doing this with my art note cards for years, and although I never sign the note I sure hope it puts a smile on someones face for that day. 
Give it a try. I would love to hear what you wrote on your slips of encouragement. 
As always, have fun with this and share, join in, comment, and like. 
Be Inspired,