Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Let the magic begin

Magic Sand Castles

This is my first cake from my
Magic Cookbook. 
Magic Sand Castle Cake 
"Ever longed for the beach but it's too far away?
Here's your chance to go there now, it's your lucky day.
Make this cake, take a bit, soon you will find out, What magical sand castles really are about!
It's a lemon cake.
It is the summer finale!! 
Summer is quickly coming to an end. 
In honor of all the fun things we do in the summer I baked us a cake. 
I'm thinking this might be a cake for the County Fair.
Be Inspired,

Saturday, August 27, 2016

With this quarter being all about Abundance and manifesting your prosperity

Jean Hart Artwork 

It's time to create coffee cup banks. 
With this quarter being all about Abundance and manifesting your prosperity, I thought it would be a great time to start drawing up coffee cup banks. 
After all I need a place for all this Abundance to come into.

paper coffee cups.
markers, all size points and colors.
 coffee cup lid.

1.After you have drawn your design, 
2. cut a slit in the coffee lid for the money to go through.
3. glue lid to cup

Say a little abundance affirmation and that's it.

"I allow money to flow to me easily from many positive sources."
Be Inspired,

Thursday, August 25, 2016

What my Soul wants me to Know

Jean Hart Artwork*

What my Soul wants me to know.
Cards by Denise Linn 
Artwork by Jean Hart 
It's been awhile since I've opened this deck of cards. 
But my soul is calling and here is my card for today.
This is the first time I have gotten this card. It seems very appropriate considering the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of last week. 
The angel message I received for this week was 822, which means infinite faith.
Along with that it was love and safety. 
I am always amazed how the spirits come together and support one another. 

"I am safe and loved no matter where I am." 
Card meaning: A journey is coming. Rather than staying in a safe harbor, let your sails unfurl to the wind. The universe absolutely knows, cherishes, and protects you as you ride the currents of your life. 

Your Soul wants you to know: Your life is a spiritual  voyage, and it isn't always what it seems. ...
you have always been loved, and cherished by the universe, the Creator, and your angels. 

Affirmation: "I am safe and loved no matter where I am!"

Be Inspired, 

My art project today is to make a coffee cup bank, since Abundance and manifestation came with the full moon as well, I plan on having a vessel.  

Saturday, August 13, 2016

50,000 beautiful souls

Jean Hart Artwork*

Jean Hart, Artist 
Celebrating 50,000 visits to my blog.
Thank You so much to the wonderful beautiful souls who have come to my blog .
Let's give something away!!!
If you like, share and leave a comment here on the blog,
your name will go into a drawing for a free 
5 by 7 print of my choosing. 
Drawing will be August 31st.
Please pass this on. 
Be Inspired,

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Take Me To The Wonderlands

Jean Hart Artwork 

Today's Assignment is to write a poem and paint a picture. 

Rainbow Forest, by artist Jean Hart 

Take Me To The Wonderlands 
Be Jean Hart 
Take me to the River,
to the wild side of life,
where I can see how 
dreams come true,
If only I believed. 

Take me to the wild wind,
and let it pull me up.
Where I can see the landscapes of
all diversity. 

Take me to the mountain face,
it's rocks are fragile but solid, 
 Where I can feel faith, 
while swing from the mountain tops,
on thin breaded threads. 

Take me to the wonderlands,
the place where silence lives,
where I can learn to speak 
the language of Gods love. 
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Everything about New York

Jean Hart Artwork 

Jean Hart Artwork  Earth, Prints at;jeanhar1* 

Everything About New York City
Smart games
Which landmark New York tavern was famous for the motto: "Good Ale, Raw Onions, and No Ladies"?

A. McSorley's Ale House
B. White Horse Tavern
c. Pete's Tavern
D. Fraunces Tavern 

A. McSorley's Ale House

McSorley's Ale House, located at 15 East 7th Street, was first opened in 1854. then, as now, it serves only ale and platters of sharp cheddar cheese and raw onions. One thing it did not severe, until the National Organization of Women successfully sued in 1970, was women. The White horse Tavern, on Hudson Street in Greenwich Village, is where poet Dylan Thomas drank himself to death. Short story master O'Henry used to imbibe at Pete's, in Gramercy Park. Both are still popular watering holes. And George Washington gave his farewell address at Fraunces Tavern, at 54 Pearl Street, which still exists as a combination restaurant and museum.

Ale and raw onions!! I will have to look into this. 
I have a great recipe for a stuffed onion. 

Be Inspired,

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The time of day

Jean Hart Artwork 

When you start wandering where did my day go?
 It's time to sit down and make your organized "to do list". 
What are the things you put on your list? 
For me it starts with appointments and phone calls.
1. Work, getting in the studio is hard some days, but each day I must find time to do so.
Even if that mean only 30 min. of cleaning up the art table.
2. Errands.  I live out of town so I try to only go once or twice a week. These are things like Banking, Post Office, stores, even going out to lunch and spa appointments fall into this category. 
3. Shopping for food. I keep an on going list so when I'm out I can pick something up.
4. Shopping for the house or clothes. Yes, this gets it's own to do time.
5. Home. House work is always scheduled in each day just to keep up on it.
Each day of the week has it's own room.
6. Education. I take many on line classes so I have to schedule time for being on the computer.
7. Personal. This is anything from meditation, exercise, to reading, home spa, and relaxing

I'm sure there are lots more items you can add to this list. 
But I don't like to get too tied to the time schedule because for me everything seems to take much longer then planned and before I know it the day is gone. 
Be Inspired,
~ jean 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Eating at the Bergdorf Goodman

Jean Hart Artwork

Bergdorf Goodman cookbook

I ordered this charming little cookbook awhile ago.
The Bergdorf Goodman Cookbook (Harper Design, $35), written by Laura Silverman
Now that I'm back to thinking about New York, 
I thought I would bring it out again.
"Food, like fashion, is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. No wonder some of Bergdorf's best customers wish they could live inside the store...."
There once was an apartment on the top floor of Bergdorf's at one time. I hear it's gone now. 
But just imagine, Bergdorf's as your home address!
I may not get to live at Bergdorf's, but now I can make some of the most famous recipes from their restaurant. 
Who eats at this most famous restaurant? 
All the important fashion people like, 
 Estee Lauder, Chanel and Hearst!! 
Agents, editors of book and magazine industries, and local people too, 
mothers and daughter come for shopping and tea,
and of course, tourists!! 

Let's start with Hors d" Oeuvres 

Crab Cakes with Spicy Remoulade
The hallmark of a good crab cake is pristine lump crabment and little else. A BG, chunks of the very freshest crab are bound together with a little mayonnaise and panko, the Japanese bread crumbs know for thier light and crunchy texture. A dollop of classic French remoulade sauce is the perfect accessory. 

Be Inspired,

Block Art

Jean Hart Artwork 
This weeks 
Art O Mat 

How do you like your regular coffee?

Jean Hart Artwork 
Doodle Cup by Jean Hart 

New York City,
smart games

When New Yorkers order a regular coffee, they want it:
A. Black 
B. Black with sugar
C. with milk and sugar 
D. With milk, no sugar

Answer C.
With milk and sugar 
Regular coffee ordered not from a barista but "to go" from a harried waiter in a New York coffee shop, means with milk and sugar. This can be quite confusing to tourists from Chicago, where regular means black and Boston, where regular connotes, "milk, no sugar." But toss in a "poppy with shmear", (a poppy seed bagel with cream cheeses) and you've got a nice little New Your breakfast .

Wow, I never knew there was so many ways to order a regular coffee. Which is what I say when I want a black cup of coffee. 
However, a little "shmear" of cream cheese is always a good idea on any type of bagel. 
How do you order your coffee?