Saturday, February 28, 2015

Beauty, What if beauty is more than just style?

Soul Coaching
Oracle Cards
Denise Linn
I Remember, acrylic, by artist Jean Hart

Today's card is Beauty.
"I am deeply and profoundly beautiful."
Oh yes, just saying that makes me blush.
What is beauty anyway?
I am just now getting to love my laugh lines.
You should see what's in my bathroom just to keep the wrinkles away.
I was sitting in class the other day. With I might say, much younger women then myself, listening to them talk about make up. Many of them are saying how they wear no makeup. They want to be natural. Ok, I get that. I'm laughing inside because here I am sitting with my lip gloss on, moisturizer and a pinch of blush and eyeliner on.
It seems the older I get the more skin products I own.
These are only a few. Keep in mind I grew up with Farrah Facett, and Twiggy.
Completely made up and blown out.
But I get the natural thing too.
I also love fashion. I love clothes and style.

But what if beauty is more then style?
Let's get to to meaning of this card.
Card Meaning: You're beautiful, inside and out. Your sacred inner and outer space are radiant  and glorious. No matter what your age, your loveliness is growing. Create outer harmony in your home environment, even in small ways, such as a vase of flowers, a scented candle, or clean windows, and your inner grace will glow.
I like that. In fact I agree with this. Looking around my house I have plants and flowers in almost every room. scented candles are good too.
Windows, yep. I have them scheduled to be cleaned soon.
My home is a constant project.
I mean to say, that I have clutter. Very important clutter that I would be lost if I gave it away and threw it out.
I could probably due with an organizer.
 Yes, is there such a person who would come to my home and just organize me?
Interior Design, I have a list building on home projects.
Not sure where to start. So I went to my to my feng shui book. It always helps me to get clearity on my projects.
Here are a few easy ways to get started.

Make your bed every morning

Start your day by making your bed and arranging the covers and pillows in an orderly and pleasing way. Make sure all your laundry has been put away and that your bedroom is neat. This should be your first gesture of organization every day, as it marks the passage from sleep to a new day and prepares the bedroom for your next night of sleep. Starting and ending your day in a well-ordered environment will inspire a more organization in the rest of your life.

Clear your entryway

The first and most important thing you can do to get more organized in any aspect of your life is to make sure the entrance to your home or apartment is neat and tidy. If you always enter and exit through clutter or chaos, guess what you will carry into your home...and out into the world? The entryway is the "mouth" of chi, or life energy. An entryway that is clean and beautiful allows chi to flow into the rest of your home and opens the space for organization to take hold everywhere.
Make sure shoes and boots are hidden away, coats are not hanging in the open near the doorway and that your entry looks neat and organized both inside and outside. The porch or walkway leading to the door should also be clear of clutter. Store trash receptacles, recycling bins and garden tools somewhere else. You'll enjoy coming home much more if the way is open and clear!

Enter through your front door

Our dependence on automobiles has led to the common practice of entering the house through the garage or through a side door. From the perspective of Feng Shui, this is definitely not a helpful practice. The typical garage is designed to be functional not beautiful. And most garages are full of clutter of one type or another. Very often a doorway that leads directly into a house from a garage or side yard is small and dimly lit. You may even pass through a storage area or laundry room as you enter your home in this way. This will not create the positive flow of energy that is possible to generate by entering through a front door, especially one that is clear and open and welcomes you home with a sense of peace and beauty.
Now here is where I'm at. Many things have started to break or fall apart.

Keep things in good repair

Your overall level of organization will increase if you make sure that everything in your home is in good repair. Pay special attention to lighting fixtures and lamps -- be sure to replace burnt out bulbs immediately so that your home stays well lit. This will help the chi in your home keep flowing freely to support you in many amazing ways. When things are broken, cracked or not working properly, it can slow you down. Just as order tends to inspire more order, so, too, cracked and broken appliances, loose door knobs and the like are impediments to an organized life.
That's enough for now.
 This will keep me busy for the next few weeks.
Your Soul wants you to know: The more you see beauty around you, in your environment, yourself, and your body, the more it will fill your life in all forms. Never say anything about yourself or your body that's negative! Don't put yourself down silently or to others. Instead, affirm beauty, and take time to adorn your body and personal space. take a luxurious bath, do your nails, have a massage, or create a home altar. Cherish yourself and the luminescence within you and around you will glow!
Affirmation: "I am deeply and profoundly beautiful."
For me this was timely. I needed to here that although all things are beautiful, some things need to be worked at. I believe the calmness of my life will come when I become organized.
I suspect this might be a long life chore for me.
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Healing Cards
Caroline Myss and Peter Occhiogrosso
 "Forgive one person today. Open your heart to that person, and release unnecessary suffering from the past. Feel the peace that follows from this simple act."

This card was not one that I pulled by fate. No, I looked through the deck to find it.
For many reasons.
First, 2015 has started out to be intense! I mean really intense!
Fighting mad intense!
It seems that no matter where I went the people around me where geared up to challenge me.
None of my plans where falling into place. I was consistently changing appointments, and deadlines and having emergencies. All these things kept coming up to change my daily plans.

I started to look at what it was that was taking up my time.
Time that was taking me away from the things I felt were not getting done.
I had let the calendar start to rule my time.
But I was not enjoying anything.
There was no joy in my work, or my artwork, or even being around my family or friends.
My illnesses and injuries were starting to come back.
Some may call this stress. But, for me it was much more.
I let my diet go, my exercises  and my plans to committed to art.
Everything Matters.
Every thought you have, every reaction and every decision you make. It all matters. There is not one small thing you do that doesn't affect yourself and others.
Looking back over the last couple of weeks I see that my feelings were being hurt.
People who were talking to me were only talking to me about people.
There were no new ideas coming in.
Just rehashing odd hurts, he said, she said.
It was exhausting.
I was not feeling the love I usually feel around me.
As a result odd hurts, unresolved anger come piling in.
I also say, you get the things you need when you need them. I believe that and I live it.
It happens to me constantly.
But, what was coming in was big, negative and hot.
What am I missing here?
I have not been going forward in any real meaningful way in the last six months.
Nothing felt new. All was just old stories, old problems.
My home was filling up with clutter, nothing was being put away. If something broke we just put it in the garage, didn't even bother to fix it or replace. Just mad it broke.
I was starting to live in a cloud of problems.
Floating without a plan. Just letting things happen.
Basically drifting along.
Things have to change. And if you don't make the conscious effect, trust me, the Universe will step in and hit you over the head.
So, I started to pray. I meditated. I got myself dressed and took myself outside into the sunshine.
We are not getting much snow this year. It is very odd. In Feb. we usually have at least 2-3 feet of snow. But this year none. While I love that I'm not driving in snow and can be outside walking, it is not right. The change has effected me. It has effected the schedule of my routine and the rhythm of my life.
I started to read my spiritual books and the topic of forgiveness came up. I picked up a angel reading, again forgiveness came up. My horoscope again....Forgiveness.
Here is where you have to really look hard at what is going on.
I prayed and meditate, and tried to go back to last years routine. Nope, no, none of that was helping.
Tried to talk to family, Nope. Friends, no.
It seemed like there was no answers out there for why I was getting so depressed farther and farther into each day. What was dragging me down?
Where was the peace I was looking for?
Why is everything a fight? Why was I feeling like I was being singled out?
I'm not a fighter, I'm quite, I go with the flow. I do what I'm told. I'm easy that way. I cause no problems.
Well, problems found me. And the Universe wasn't going to let me be still.
No, 2015 is about me finding my voice.
I have a few spiritual leaders I follow. Some I go to daily, others once a month and there are a few I have only read once.
Today I went to
Doreen Virtue, I listened to her 2015 angle reading.
To my surprise Forgiveness in Feb. came up.
I have read and heard about how you have to forgive people in your life who have harmed you.
It is for you not for them.
But the truth is, I did not know how to do that.
I have been holding tight to a lot of old stuff.
February is the month for detoxing. Another thing I haven't tried.
 She gives a wonderful example of  how to forgive.
It comes from John R. Price.
This is how it's done.
1. Write a list of the people who you need to forgive. As many people, places things you want to put on this list. It's your list , share it with no one.
2. Say to each person on this list,
I love you,
I forgive you,
I hold no unforgiveness to you.
and then release it. Let it go.
I did this.
 But, there was something missing in the whole of it.
So I went searching for ways to forgive.
I came across this next YouTube video that just put it all down for me.
RT Kendall Sermon.
I will not tell you about this video. Or the steps for forgiveness.
I will tell you that when you are ready to forgive this is a great sermon.
This one did it for me.
Be prepare to take some time with this video.
Be Inspired,

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Raven Has Come To Greet Me

The Raven Has Come To Greet Me...
What message does the Raven have for me?
I went on a ride to the canyon lands.
When I opened my car door a raven came to sit on the car door.
Does anyone know what this could mean?
I mean having a Raven come to greet you like this.
I definitely felt like he had come to give me a message of hope and encouragement.

A page in history, acrylic, by artist Jean Hart
If you are new to my blog
Let me catch you up to speed.
At first this blog was just about my artwork, then it slowly became about an artists life. Later, it became about recovering my health and walking again.
You can go back into my past blogs and read all about the health journey.
Now my blog is about living a creative life.
You are welcome to join me on my journey while I find beauty in living a well lived life,
sharing with you, artwork, books, cooking, and travel.
Please feel free join in, to make comments, and share.
Enjoy the visit of my RAVEN

video one
video two

Here is what I looked up.
Wow, this is very cool stuff.
Be Inspired,

Vision Boards, their your future

My digital vision board, created by Jean Hart
Vision Boards....
What is a vision board?
 It is a way for you to create the life you want by collecting images
and making a collage of the things you want.
It is your future. 
Above is my digital vision board.
I layered the background with a painting of California poppies I did in color pencil. 
Then started to add words that inspire me.
In the past I have made vision boards that are much larger and much more elaborate.
I start with a large piece of poster board.
Next, I meditate on what I see my future to be.
I ask these questions.
What kind of life do I want to create for myself? 
Where do I see myself in a month, six months, a year? Or longer.
1. start with a large poster board.
2. I like to divide the board into compartments;
 Home, health, knowledge, finances, travel.
Come up with your own ideas.
Remember, this is your future life, not your life now.
3. I start looking through magazines for I can cut out and glue onto the board.
Be specific. If you want a new car, cut out a picture of the exact car you want. Not just any car.
4. If you can't find photos of what you want, then draw it. Or write it on the board.
5. I love words so I always find quotes that inspire me.
6. Use paints, pens, stickers, photos, glitter, ribbons.
Whatever you need to dress this board up so it reflects your image of the future.
7. Next, I like to make a plan. I turn the board over, I draw two lines straight down the board from top to bottom. I pick three things from the front of the  board I want. 
 I number  1-3 in each column, and list  three small steps to how this will happen.
I also give a date that each step will be completed.
Be realistic about this. Not everything happens in a day, week or even a month.
8. Now find a place where you will look at this board everyday
Have fun with this.
Be Inspired,

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Read, Learn and Grow, a little still life

Jean Hart Artwork
Read, Learn and Grow
Read, Learn and Grow, acyclic, by artist Jean Hart

The best way I know how to get back into the studio and start painting is by setting up still lives.
 The last real still life I did was in art class;
where we sat and drew brown paper bags
 for the whole semester!
Since I haven't been painting lately.
  I thought this little still life would get me going again.
I used this simple little compositions to begin with.
The hardest things for me is to get the colors right.
My palette is strong and bold. I had to really bring it down for this painting.
The background and the table are so subtle and similar I really had to force the shadows.
If your just beginning to paint here is a list of brushes that I use.
1. small, medium, and large flat brushes.
2. Medium round brushes.
3. Liner brush.
4. Medium filbert brush.
5. Medium fan brush.
I also use an angled brush that I have grown to love the most.
Be Inspired,


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Still Bored with your coffee?

Designer Paper Coffee Cups by Jean Hart
Still Bored with your coffee?
Did you know that the average American drinks a total of 200 gallons of coffee each year?
Or so says David Schmidt's imagination.
Whatever the statistics is I'm sure it changes daily.
americans like their coffee, lattes and cappuccino's.
A new art form is to draw on top of the foam of a latte.
Flowers, hearts, rosettes, amimals and even faces can be seen in the foamy canvas.
There is even a international competition for Batista's to compete in this form of art.
This got me thinking about the paper coffee cup. While the Batista's do not normally draw a picture in the paper coffee cups, I thought why not draw on the paper cup.
So I did just that.
But than someone said, "What a shame to throw away such beautiful artwork." . This got me to thinking maybe I could do something else with the cups.
So I have painted them up, put them on wooden bases and cut a hole in the top and turned them into BANKS!!
I will be offering my original fine art coffee cup banks for $25.00.
If you are interested in buying one, please contact me here or a

Be Inspired,
Please visit my online store

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February Exhibit, Happy Valentines

Happy Valentine's
February Exhibit.
Jean Hart Artwork
Please enjoy my artwork 

Key To My Heart
Falling In Love
Love Stuck
Mermaid Heart
Everything Matters
Moon Struck
My Heart

He Loves Me
Say Yes
One Plus One Make Three
Give Love
Love  Cross

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What Does Style mean to YOU?

It's never too late to show someone you care.
Here are a few of my favorite things
Valentine's Day is only 10 days away.
If your looking for style. I think you have to look beyond clothes.
Of course style is clothes too, but what if style meant more.
 Something more like the way you
 set a table, make a meal, decorate your home, or show the people in your life you care.
I'm thinking real style has nothing to do with money and
 everything to do with the life you create.
Here is where creating a vision board comes in.
Vision boards are for creating a well lived, stylish, and creative life.
The life you want.
Once you have picked things that you are interested in, say,
education, home, vacation, cars, travel, people.
 Than you can make a map and set goals.
Not everyone starts off walking on a runway wear Chanel.
You have to build up to it. Step by step.
For me, there are now fashion limits.
I can not wear high heels, or use mascara. I have learned to adjust.
Are fashion and style the same?
I say no.
I believe everyone has style. You just have to find yours.
And when you do,
"The evening will be full of surprises."
says my Love Fortune Cookie.
Recently I have changed my art style to do more pen and ink drawings.
They are so convenient for me to carry around in my purse. That when I find a minute to sit with coffee, I can easily bring a notepad out and draw.
I joined in on a Mail Art Project in Austria.
The theme is:
Here is my first drawing.
Turquoise Fish, by Jean Hart 
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 3 101 Challenge Make our world a better place.

Yes Please, by Jean Hart
101 Challenge
Make our world a better place.
Week 3
Good luck with week 3, it's okay if you can't do them all. Do what you can.
Be Inspired,
March 2, 2015
30. Instead of buying new batteries, buy rechargeables.
31. Make breakfast in bed for someone you love.
32. Find something you’re good at and use it to help someone else.
33. Learn a new language, then volunteer as an interpreter.
34. Know someone who is sad and single? Find someone to hook them up with!
35. Bring coffee or baked goods to city workers who might appreciate it.
36. Help someone with a heavy load.
37. Adopt a pet from the humane society.
38. Boost the morale of someone close to you by telling them what you love about them.
39. Hug a teacher, let them know how important they are. (Without them, you wouldn’t be reading this... or anything else, for that matter.)
Feb. 22, 2015
How did you do last week on this list?
I'm happy to say I did 6 out of the first 10! :-)
I will be adding to this list until I have had a chance to do all 101.
Here is the next 10 suggestions.
*11. Hold the door for someone.
*12. Pay a random stranger a compliment.
13. If you have a car, give people rides.
14. Volunteer your time to a suicide hotline
15. ...or volunteer your time as a mentor!
*16. Return your shopping cart to the corral or to the store instead of leaving it loose or propped on a planter in the lot.
17. Offer someone a mint or a piece of gum or candy.
*18. Park your car further from the store and walk the short extra distance. This frees up spots closer for people who may need them more than you, and gives you additional exercise too!
*19. Take a child to the park or pool.
*20. Kiss someone you love. 
 Part One, the first 10 suggestions
"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." Anne Frank
February is the month of love, encouragement, commitment. I thought how wonderful it would be to commit to something bigger then myself.
Winter months can be so depressing. The long gray days, cold nights, and bundles of blankets to stay warm.
I have decided to take the 101 Challenge.
 It's my own challenge but feel free to join in with me.
101 easy ways you can make the world a better place.
Just pick one or two each week.
Share with me here and together we can help make our world a better place.
To help get you started here are the first 10
1. Play, genuinely play, with a little kid.
 *2. Tell someone you love them.
3. Donate unused computer time to cancer research (and other types of research) with BOINC
*4. Use your blinker when you turn.
*5. Pick a stretch of highway. Walk along and pick up all the trash you can. (It gets you exercise, money from recycling, and it makes the world a better place!)
*6. Smile at someone. Just smile. Saying “Hello” often brightens a day too.
*7. Round up a few loose coins. Put them in the next charity box you see.
*8. Do something unexpected and artistic that will inspire people and shake them out of the sad mentality of the daily grind.
9. Plant flowers.
10. Search through your cabinets for a few cans of food you’ll probably never use. Donate them.
* are the ones I have done
Be Inspired,

Monday, February 2, 2015

Take a Love Test

Hello February
Say Yes To Love, by Jean Hart
I love the month February, romance, love, love stories, flowers, candies, and artwork.
Here's a little love test from my Love Fortunes book.
"Love may take many paths, so also with fortune. Find out whether you will be lucky or unlucky in live by following your meandering path, starting at number 1.
  1. If you were born in the Southern hemisphere, go to number 2, if not, go to number 6
  2. If your birth year is even, go to number 8. If it is odd, go to number 4.
  3. If you have fallen in love before, go to number 9. If not, go to number 10.
  4. If you prefer the color blue, go to 3. If you prefer green, go to 5.
  5. If you have ever risked everything for love, go to number 9. If not, go to number 10.
  6. If you are drawn to earth, go to number 2. If you are drawn to air, go to number 8.
  7. If you have ever been unfaithful in love, go to number 5. If not, go to number 3.
  8. If you are drawn to fire, go to number 7. If you are drawn to water, to to number 5. 
  9. You are one of the fortunate ones, You've been blessed in your past, as you will in your future, with passionate love and companionship.
  10. For you, the cost of love is high. Are you willing to change yourself or make a great sacrifice to achieve it?
  11. If you find yourself caught in a repeated cycle, never getting to the end of this test, the future of your love hangs in the balance. Who knows which way the winds of chance will blow? 
I got to the end of the test and loved my answer.
I hope you do too.
Be Inspired,