Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Let's get walking

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The creative life A thru Z

Jean Hart Artwork

Jean with her certificate in "Healing With The Arts"

The creative life 
A thru Z 

Welcome to this new workshop. 
I have just received my certificate in 
"Healing With The Arts"
from the 
University of Florida.
I have put together a curriculum for this class along with positive psychology, happy fulfilled living, life experience, and  many art class, to come up with a creative way to help express ourselves through the arts. 
Hi, let me introduce myself.
I live in Northeastern Nevada, where we experience all four seasons of the year.
I love art, cooking, walking, doing 5k's, traveling, and my cat Jax .

I'm a bit of a messy painter,
 but I'm learning to keep the paint on the canvas.
I have been an artist for over 15 years.

I've stated to declutter my whole house, 
it's better that way.
I can now find what I need when I need it. 
I love coffee, baked papaya, and pistachios, I have them in bowls all around my house.
I love to draw on paper cups and make them into prosperity banks.

The snow has melted, it's spring where I live so I can walk everyday. 

I have 4 cats, but Jax is the studio cat. 
He mostly eats, sleeps, lays around, and hunt birds. 

My hair drives me crazy. Sometimes it's short, long, brown or blonde. 
All my clothes have spatters of paint on them. 
On the next blog we will go over the materials for this workshop. 
My name is
~ Jean 
Nice to meet you. 
Certificates I have earned:
College Degree
Great Basin College, Elko, Nevada, AA, Bus, Art, Child Ed. 1993
  • Coversations The Inspire: Coaching Learning, Leadership and Change, Case Western Reserve University
  • Healing with the Arts, University of Florida
  • Positive Psychology, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management of Personal and Professional Productivity, UCI Extension Coursera
  • A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment, Indian School of Business 
  • Introduction to Philosophy, The University of Edinburgh
  • Best Artist Readers' Choice, Elko, Nv
  • 2013- Silver
  • 2014-Gold
  • 2015 Bronze
My online store

My YouTube channel

My 500 Mile Walking Journey

Be Inspired,

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day celebration

Jean Hart Artwork

Memorial Day
I hope you are spending it with your family and friends.
Today we made it to our first milestone walking 25 miles of the 500 mile walking journey. 
Join us for this healthy journey.
Share your walking journey with us. 
Visit my new blog 
500 Mile Walking Journey.

It's a celebration!!
Kerry and Jean with their medals
What do the medals say?
Kerry's says, 
"May you always find new roads to travel; 
new horizons to explore;
new dreams to call your own."  unknown
Jean's says,
"There is more inside you than you dare think." David Brower

Jean's sunglasses are from her designer collection 
Jean's T-shirt is from her designer collection

Let's Get Walking!!
Kerry and Jean 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Introducing my new blog

Jean Hart Artwork 

I'm starting a new blog about my walking 500 miles with my husband Kerry.
Kerry has recently retired and he has agreed to walk 500 miles with me all around Nevada. 
Come join us and see how we are doing.
Share your own walking journey.
We would like to start a global community of walkers. 
Here is my new blog 
500 Miles Walking Journey

Be Inspired,

Sunday, May 14, 2017


In Honor of Mother's Day I'm giving my son Matthew The Great Coin Hunter a big shout out.

I love this new bird series.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Jean Hart Artwork : Walking the labyrinth at St. Lukes's, Idaho Fall, ...

Jean Hart Artwork : Walking the labyrinth at St. Lukes's, Idaho Fall, ...: Jean Hart Artwork* Walking the labyrinth in Idaho Falls, Id  I have completed my class on  "Healin...

Walking the labyrinth at St. Lukes's, Idaho Fall, Id

Jean Hart Artwork*
Walking the labyrinth in Idaho Falls, Id 

I have completed my class on 
"Healing with the Arts,"
Walking the labyrinth was the last part of my finial.
I put it under movement, both physically and spiritually.
What a blessing this was.
I was on vacation and came across this labyrinth at St. Luke's on a walk my husband and I took.
It was raining and we said lets just wait the storm out here.
It's a wonderful, well kept up walk in front of the church. 
I had Kerry take a video of it and me to explain how to walk a labyrinth. 
I hope you enjoy the short video and if you ever get a chance to walk a labyrinth , I hope you do. 

Be Inspired,
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