Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Water Meditation

Meditation Creations, With the changing of the seasons, we are so busy that often we forget to take time for ourselves and breath.
Today's Meditation Creation is called
"Water Mediation"

Fill the bath with warm water, you can add bath salt, bubbles or essential oils to the water, anything that will calm you.
Playing soft music is good to.
Breath in to the count of 4,
Hold your breath to the count of 5, and Reflect
Exhale to the count of 6

Breath in saying" Water feels.."
Reflect on this..
Exhale..saying, "Water is refreshing and warm"

Breath in saying, "Water is healing"
Reflect on this...
Exhale out saying "Water is soothing."

Breath in saying, "Water is cleansing"
Reflect on this...
Exhale out saying "I honor this time to cleanse and calm down."

Breath in saying " Water is relaxing."
Reflect on this...
Exhale out..saying, "Thank you for water"

Now just lay back, listen to the music and enjoy this quiet time for yourself.
Smile at the gift you have just given to yourself.
Be inspired,

My W words list

Katie's Garden, acrylic, 16x24, Jean Hart Artwork
My W Words.
Whenever I'm feeling a little tired, or unable to focus, I know I can count on my "W" words to pull me back on track.
What are "w" words?
They are the words I have find that get me motivated, inspired, and moving again.
This week, while trying to eat healthy, I came across a food choice that looked interesting.
I found a great recipe in the vegetarian book and made a Quinoa salad.
It was great!!!, It was healthy, its was vegetarian.....unfortunately for me,  quinoa is a small round pasta. A little bead of a pasta. By the next day my intestines were inflamed.
My diverticulitis had kicked in.
Three days later, I'm up walking and feeling better.
But, my motivation is down. My energy is weak, and my concentration lacking.
Long ago I had created a "W" list. These are the words that get me moving.
I'm sure you can do this with any letter, but W works best for me.
Take a piece of paper and start writing down all the words you can think of that start with W.
When you are done, look at your list. Pick 3 words and start doing them.
 Before long you will be happily moving around and feeling better.
Here is my list:
Wake, water, walk, write, work, wonder, wander, weave, whine, wine, weep, whistle, whisper,wiggle around,.... I'm sure there is more but once I start doing these I'm well on my way to being back on track with my day.
Be Inspired,

Monday, April 28, 2014

Everything About Paris

Everything About Paris
Peacock Peace , acrylic, Jean Hart Artwork  
In 2006, Paris added a new museum featuring:
1. Food and Wine
2. Gargoyles
3. African and Asian Art
4. Lawn gnomes
3. African and Asian Art
While some may argue there's much need for a major lawn gnome museum, we certainly don't know of any in the works in Paris. The new museum of African and Asian art is a 2006 addition to Quai Branley, near the Eiffel Tower. It is Paris's first and only museum dedicated to African and Asian art.
The building alone is a work of art. I would put this on my list of must see when in Paris.
Be Inspired,

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weigh In Day

 Photo: LOL! #B1039Weigh In Day

No it's not weigh in day.......That's  scheduled for April 30th.
But, I am so busy with continuing to diet and exercise and hold fast to my program.
For me now it is not a diet but a new way of life. The weighing in is just a weigh of monitoring if what I'm doing is working. My goal is to stay active, be mindful of good healthy whole foods, and bring in a whole life style change.
I'm not one for fasting, or doing cleansing programs. But, my daughter has just finished a 3 week cleansing and she lost 15lbs. :-)
I'm not going to do that, but what has come from watching her is her new vegan diet. I know I'm a little late to the vegan table. I think the best way to incorporate a vegan diet into my life will be to just do a vegan menu one day a week.
I am planing her birthday dinner in May and I think I will be trying some new recipes.
I am inspired.
While looking for recipes I came across this woman. I love her easy style of cooking.
Enjoy Cheif Skai
I am also hooked on walking. I have signed up for two run/walk fundraisers.
They are both 5K's. That means I better get training.
It's been a great way for Kerry and I to travel and see new towns.
May's Walk is a 5K in Pocatello, Id.
Breakout 5K
We will be walking around the town and when we get to the jail, THE COPS will chase us to the finish line. We then get to eat their donuts and take a mug shoot.
How fun does that sound.
Next week end Sarah and I are going to our first Color Festival, Holi festival.
For exercise I have been learning steps to an Indian Dance.
I can hardly wait, yoga, music, dancing, and real Indian Food.
Be healthy, Be Active,
Be Inspired,

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Change of Heart

Change of Heart
I feel the need to go in a new direction.
I woke up this morning, my back had adjusted itself and cracked off while I was sleeping.
The pain in my lower back and hips are killing me.
So, what is this all about?
I have been changing my routine, food, and exercise. It seems that I'm always in pain right now.
The usually routine of ice, tens unit and meditation, has only helped alittle this morning.
All I can say is, thank goodness I have a chiropractor appt. tomorrow.
But what will I do today?
What I would usually do is simply, lay flat on my back and pray for relief.
What do I have planned for today instead?
I made a massage appt. and I'm planning to walk, sit in a hot tub, and maybe go to yoga.
What I'm planning is to keep moving. While I don't think I have done any damage, it seems to be muscle pain. I just can't lay still.
Today's question for my Q&A a day journal is.
Do you think life is fair?
NO,NO,NO. At least not today.
I am truly a charmed person. My life is good. But, it is not without challenges.
Why did this whole back thing happen?
My son says so I could be an artist.
I think it must of been because I am basically a weak person.
Since this has happened, I have had to find my voice, my strength to continue on, and learn how to control my emotions.
These are my lessons for this life. I barely have done any of those things correctly.
So, today, what I would normally do, is not what I will do.

Imagine a women strong enough to hold her world together and not fold under pressure. A women who knows her own strength.
I will be working on this today.
Be Inspired,

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Even the best Artists doddle

Even the best Artists doodle.

As an artist I am always looking for new ideas. I want my artwork to be new and fresh. I was reading about Whistler and he was concentrating on composition and balance in grey and black. This made me think that it's been a long time since I have done black ink work. This little piece is what I call doodling. But I can see how this might be a real piece on canvas with black paint and maybe red hearts.
Here's a little piece I did earlier. The idea is to not lift the pen and create a flower in a vase.
I do lots of exercises. Simple drawings and sketches.
Let go, let imagination be inspired.
This is really a puzzle. It's from the game Juzl. Connecting lines and creating abstract.
I love it. I even belong to the on line club for Juxl Puzzles.
Have fun with art. It doesn't have to be hard.
Be Inspired,

Friday, April 18, 2014

Weigh In Day

Weigh In Day
Well, no, I'm not weighing in today, or next week, but soon, My next weigh in day is on April 30th.
But that doesn't mean I'm not sticking to my program.
Easter is this week end and to not be caught in some kind of chocolate trap,
I must prepare.
I use an app on my phone called "Lose It", it calculates my calories and I put in all my food choices for the day. I love it.
The other tools I use for every meal are, scales, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and lots of ice water.
I have told everyone who is coming for dinner. There will be no chocolate eggs, jelly beans or peeps.
What will there be?
There will be, wonderful healthy food, a great dessert of fresh fruit and chocolate almonds.
We are planning a hike for Sunday to the Ruby Marshes, a picnic lunch and then back to the house for a great Lamb Dinner.
Here is my menu:
Smoked Lamb with apricot glaze
Cashew Grape Salad *
Brussels Sprouts Salad with Cranberries and Almonds *
Skillet Masa Cakes *
Suddenly Salad Pasta
Pineapple Pico Salad *
Berrylicious Crisp
Meringue Kisses
Peaches & Creme cake
Chocolate Almonds
Fruit water
Hot Tea
Have a wonder Easter
The best dinners are the ones you plan for.
Be health, happy and strong
*recipes from the Extra Raley's magazine

Thursday, April 17, 2014

"Mermaids in the port, queens of the sea..."

Mermaid Heart, 12" x 16" acrylic on canvas, $55.00
These are my Mermaid paintings for the Mail Art Project.
For  an art gallery in Marseille, France
Exhibited  June 3 to 30, 2014.
The theme is: "Mermaids in the port, queens of the sea..."

Green Mermaid, Print, 5" x 7" $15.00

Blue Mermaid, 5" x 7" color pencil

When is art too small?

When is art Too Small?

The Gallery, Jean Hart Artwork
Can artwork be too small???
How small is small? The new style of painting for awhile was painting miniature paintings, 2"x 3".
If a painting is too small to see with the human eye, can it still be appreciated?
What if no one could see it on the wall or anywhere in the house?
Would you still buy it?
I hear the answer to these two questions is "yes".
I didn't know there is something called, "Micropainting".
Artist, Stefano Busonero creates paintings that are less than a square inch in area. All of his artworks require a magnifying glass in order to appreciate them.
Artist J'Sha is the artist best known for his technique called, "nanoentonography", he creates works of art that can only be seen through a microscope.
I'm in an age now that I can not even eat without putting on my eyeglasses. I have to ask, WHY?
Not only is this a technique I would not be able to do, but, the people looking at your artwork would have to buy special equipment to view your artwork.
Please enjoy some of their artwork here.
Let me know what you think.
Be Inspired,

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Who do you think you are????

Haiku Wednesday
I remember, Jean Hart Artwork

I was asked not too long ago, to answer a question.
Seems like that's the thing to do on all the blog site now.
The question was easy enough, when first asked but, once the words settle in,
 this was a complex question.
 I thought hard about it. I did not want to go into any deep complex answer.
 So I thought I would answer it in haiku.
Who do you think you are????
Here's my answer. What's yours?
I think I am:
A divine light beam,
a heartbeat in the night air,
a smile of insight.

Be Inspired,

My first walk

Paces for Payton walk
Jean streching before race
Kerry and Jean with our numbers.:-)
Last Saturday Kerry and I drove to Idaho Falls and signed up to walk one mile for Payton.
A little girl who needs a new heart.
It was a beautiful day, the sun was up and about 250 people came to walk and run.
This was our first walk. We had such a great time, meeting new people, and just participating, that I'm now on a hunt for more walks.
I started training for this walk and my best time during training was a 27 min mile.
The day of the race, 21 min mile. I shaved 6 mins off my time. While still not very fast, and yes we were dead last. I was still very happy with my time.
For those of you who live in Elko, NV
Here is a site I find for walking around town. They also have lots of routes for running as well.
Be Inspired,


Everything about Paris

Everything about Paris
Culture question
The Museum of Romantic Life Features?
1. Lingerie
2. George Sand
3. Mary Cassatt
4. Claude Monet
2, George Sand
This quirky little museum lovingly contains George Sand's belongings. Free spirited Sand is famous for her dozens of novels as well as for her numerous affairs, including with Frederic Chopin. She scandalized Paris both with her affairs and her decision to dress mostly as a man, which gave her the freedom she desired.
Well, I didn't expect that.
click here to see more.
Here is her autobiography
Be Inspried,

Monday, April 14, 2014

Come for dinner stay for Dessert

Come for dinner stay for Dessert

I love Sundays, it's the day I make homemade desserts. With spring still being a little chilly,   I was thinking of something warm for dessert.

I had gone to my local dollar store and found a couple of great cookbooks for sale. I sat down and started reading through and found a recipe for Cinnamon Rice Pudding.

Cooking time is 4 1/1 hours So its a good thing I did this on Sunday.

Cinnamon Rice Pudding

1/3 lb ( 150g) round-grain rice

1 1/2 oz. (40g) half-salted butter

2 teaspoons powdered cinnamon

1/3 lb (150g) sugar

8 cups whole milk

2 or 3 sticks cinnamon
Preheat the oven to 480F (125C)
Blend the rice, butter, cinnamon, and sugar in an ovenproof dish, if possible a ceramic one.
  1. Bring the milk to a boil

  2. Pour the milk into the dish. Mix the ingredients thoroughly with a wooden spoon. Bake in the oven for 30 min.

  3. Turn the temperature down to 210-250F ( 100-120C) Place the tray in a larger container with water and bake for 4 hours.

  4. Let it cool completely in the ovenproof dish.

  5. Decorate with a few cinnamon sticks and serve.

This is really easy and it smells so good when it's baking.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Interview with Artist Jean Hart

Interview With  Artist
Jean Hart
Just when I thought I had nothing left to say, my email and PM are full. Full with more questions about my artwork, life and interests.
I have reached over 10,000 hits on this blog and I appreciate everyone one you.
I have just finished the book, 28 Days to a more Magnetic Life. Some of you have emailed me with thoughts and encouragements. I would like to say thank you to my new followers too.
The common thread seems to be what am I working on now and how do I manage my day?
Ummm, personal and professional questions.
First, I always do art. Everyday is filled with looking at artwork, reading about art, critiquing artwork, and sometimes if I'm lucky I get to do some of my own artwork.
Right Now for the month of April. I am working on a mail art project that will exhibit in Marceille, France. The theme is mermaids, The Queen of the Sea
These first ones are done with colored pencil, I hope to do about 4 more in different mediums.

Women of Worth Magazine
Also in April I am the WOW Gal for the Women of Worth magazine. I am very honored that they choose me to be the feature guest.
Everyone has a story and this is mine, if you want to know a little bit about me click onto this link.
Now for the more personal questions, you guys are funny.
What's it like to go through a day with me? Really???
I have named 2014 my year of is a lot like a butterfly...
Yes, it's beautiful, but what do you think that butterfly was thinking with her wet wings and weak legs trying to get out of that cocoon?
Yes, sometimes the good stuff is challenging.
I work at home so most days I have breakfast and then its off to the studio. Sometimes I go to a 9:00 yoga class, but truly I live by the motto, I don't take appointments before noon. I move along at a slow speed. In fact people who talk too fast at my lose me almost immediately. I am more the tortoise then the hare.
I like to keep up on the arts and fashion magazines. I read : The New Yorker, Times, Vogue, and Bazaar, Traditional Home, People and those awful rags at the grocery stores.
I have an on going reading list and I just added 3 books.
1. Magnolia, Duncan W. Alderson
2. Love & Treasure, Ayelet Waldman
3. Astonish Me, Maggie Shiphead
I drink loads of ice water all day long, along with coffee. I tried to give it up but then my acuputurist said don't, "coffee is good for you." But I have cut down.
I love everything about Paris, and I'm planning to go to Savannah, GA  next year.
TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL...It's my big thing.
I love pearls and I wear Channel #5, and I eat frozen yogurt.
I'm on a journey to lose 100 lbs.
Keep the emails coming, I love them.
Be Inspired,
new fashion design

Possibility and new experiences

Books, Books, Books.......Share with me what you are readng******

Learning never stops....and really it should not!
Looking out at the marina today I feel like I could break into a million pieces and still not see all that the world has to offer. I read about the places I will never see and hope that I get a good book that will take me there. In the text I can feel and taste and see the places I can only dream about.

Books can do that, they give me a place where I can live, open my home to and provide a space of such adventure, safely.

Do you know of any other thing that can give you safety, acceptance and mindfulness and the excitements of the possibility for your heart to do anything but break wide open to new experiences?

With great intensity of self-awareness I invite you to read Greek Mythology.
Read it for fun or read it for the psychology.

Experience a sense of wonder.

Happy Reading

Be Inspired,


New Fashion Designs by Jean Hart

April's weigh in

Weigh In

233.8 lbs
16.2 total lost
BMI 37.8
need to lose 81.4
estimate date is Jan. 28, 2015
I am back on track. After two retreats in a row I wasn't sure how I would do on weigh in day.
Sarah and I went on a spring retreat. We went to an acupuncturist, where he told me I was retaining huge amounts of water, my digestive system needed a little help and my circulation was poor.
He stuck about 30 needles in me and to my surprise it didn't hurt, well except the one in my knee!!
We both came out and waited to see if anything was different. The only thing I noticed was that I was sweating consistly!!!! We then went to have a spa day at the Atlantis in Reno. OH WOW!!! What a wonderful day. My body went from, cold to hot, steam room, dry heat sauna's, cold water plug's. Showers that had Thunderstorms, Topical Rains, Icy Fog.....and a Brine Room for Respiratory Therapy.
Our favorite water was the Kiwi Cinnamon Water, here is the recipe.
I have been back for a week, and I haven't sweat since. I am getting ready for my one mile hike in Idaho Falls, Paces for Payton.
Here's my States, I do a 27 minute mile, burning 109 calories.
Not very fast....I will keep working on that.
I still do yoga. I have some really great yoga sites on YouTube. My favorite one right now is called Yin Yoga.
This will be the only weigh in for April. It's best if I only weigh in once a month.
So have a great month, see you in May,
Life is like a butterfly....
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Silent Retreat

My Silent Retreat
Meditate, Jean Hart
Last week I had an opportunity to spend four days alone in my home. My husband and son went on a bird watching trip. It wasn't until I started doing yoga that the idea of doing a silent retreat came to me. While looking up retreats, I saw that many of these retreats cost several hundred dollars, and they were far from where I lived. 
 Where should I do my silent retreat?
 The idea came to me, that since I was going to be home alone what better place then my own home.
How Long will I do this silent retreat?
That was easy for me. I would do for as long as the guys were away,  four days.
What was I going to do?
Never having been to a silent retreat I had to figure out what that meant to me.
I didn't want to waste my time just sitting in silence. There was certain things I wanted to do while I had time alone at home. I made up a list of activities for myself.
I used my timer and each activity had one hour, then I moved on to the next one.
1. No TV, news or back ground noise.
2. No music
3. Only one hour of computer time each day.
4. I would have to answer texts or calls from the family, because they would be checking up on me. But no out calls from me, or picking up from anyone except family.
5. I would meditate, both with guided tapes and silently
6. I would do yoga
7. I would write in my new journal book
8. I would read
11. clean the house on designated hours
12. eat well
 Here's the surprise about this four day silent retreat.
I had a blast!!!! I was never bored.
Because I had planned for this, I had shopped earlier so I didn't have to leave the house.
I eat all the healthy foods I bought, almost never got out of my pajamas, except to put on yoga clothes, and felt accomplished and glad I added on cleaning the house a bit.
By day 3 I was a little fidgety, that's when I added on MOVIES.
Here is my Happy Movie List
1. The Wolf of Wall Street
2. Gatsby
3. The Dallas Buyers Club
4. Peaceful Warrior
5.The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
1. A Stroke Insight
2. Trust Morality and Oxytocin

 1. Autobiography of a Yogi
This was a great retreat. I planned and prepared to be silent and alone. I had activities, which in the end I really needed. I would not say that any great answers about life came to me. But then again, I did feel that my journal took on a more honest turn. OH, after they four days of writing, I burned my pages!! I knew I was going to do that so I think that's why the writing was more honest. I would definitely do this again next year when the guys go on their next bird watching trip.
Be Inspired,


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Symbolism ...In Art...What IS IT?

Art books have whole chapters on this subject.
Can you see the symbolism in this painting of Jean Hart's?
First, a symbol is anything that, over time, human beings have decided is a representation of some thing. They must be agreed about and people must recognize them as meaning one thing. Some artist will make up a symbol that means something important them but has no meaning to a viewer. When doing abstract artwork you may see a symbol just to give you an idea of what the painting is about. It's a way for the artist to let you know what this painting is about, ...peace, love, rage, etc. It's helpful for the viewier to have help translating the artwork.
Symbolism is not only seen in artwork, but, in theater, literature, and music.
Almost anywhere where the artist wants the viewer to go beyond the singular dimension of the artwork. The Art Movements that used symbolism best were Modernist, Expressionism, and Symbolism
Some of the more famous artist are;
Paul Gauguin, Gustav Klimt, Edvard Munch, Pierre Puvis de Chavannes
Here are some common symbols and their meanings
Circle, represents eternity.
Chain, connection that exists between every living thing on the planet.
Figure 8, infinity, balance of power between the sun and the moon.
Square, foundation upon which everthing else is built
Spiral, change and forward motion.
Triangle, creative focus of mind, body and spirit.
Butterfly, represents the soul and transformation.
Cat, good luck and a deep love of all things beautiful in the world.
Coyote, cleverness
Deer, maternal love.
That should get you started on your next painting,
Be Inspired,

28 Days to a more magnetic life, Day 28 Sacred Service

28 Days to a more Magnetic Life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Day 28
Sacred Service
"Today I look for all the little ways that I can be of service to others. Even just a smile or kind word can brighten someones life, and bring greater loving energy to my own."
"When you live with reverence and honor for yourself and others, you're free to connect with the world in the most joyous way possible, the capacity of serving. Service is the unencumbered gift of your time, assistance, things, thoughts, money, love, and life.
 Here's what I have to say to this, service is something that has to come from your spirit of giving. It has to be given in a genuine spirit. Look inward to your own needs, and gifts you have to offer.
Activities for Sacred Service
2. Extend your service out into the world. Is there something you feel passionate about, perhaps working with children, animals, or the environment? Turn your passion into compassion and bring love where it is needed most. Your caring expression releases a wonderful energy into your own life and into the field of human consciousness.
Affirmations for Sacred Service
I see the value in everyone. I practice caring intention, knowing that we all share the energy of the world.
We have come to the last day. This little book of 28 days took me almost 4 months!!! I just could not do it one day after the next. I have only given you the tiniest part of this book. I have loved going through it. My life's magnetic zone has increased, brought new ideas, new experiences, and a list of things that were not even on my list. It is designed to span a four week action, but I think it has expanded into a life course. If you enjoyed this mini series with me, I say you deserve it to yourself to buy the book and go through it word by word for yourself.
I live by my intentions, I use affirmations, and I purposefully set activities to go forward with my life.
Be Inspired, Be Strong, Be Well

Everything About Paris, Le Menu....T or F

Everything About Paris
Le Menu
True or False
Parisians consume an average of 45 pounds of cheese each year.
Parisians consume an average of 45 pounds of cheese each year, the highest average in the world. Americans, by contrast, eat an average of 30 pounds each year, and the average in the UK is just over 11 pounds per year.
Holy Cow, that's a lot of cheese.
There are over 400 cheese made in France, here is a list of the most popular cheeses.

Popular French cheeses[edit]

  1. Camembert (AOC)
  2. Brie de Meaux (AOC)
  3. Roquefort (AOC)
  4. Boursin
  5. Reblochon (AOC)
  6. Munster (AOC)
  7. Pont l'Évêque (AOC)
  8. Époisses (AOC)
  9. Chèvre
  10. Tomme de Savoie (AOC)
  11. Brie de Bourgogne (AOC

Chilled Red Pepper and Leek Soup

Time to think about what to serve for Spring Dinner
I am sure I am the person Julia Child's was thinking about when she wrote her book for the "American serventless house wife." Here I am shopping, cleaning, and cooking all by myself.

Chilled Red Pepper and Leek Soup
There's a new rule in my house........yes, you have to try it.
There will be, slicing, sauteing, and PUREEING!!
Even with all that, this is really easy and wow what a great presentation with the rings of red peppers and chives for garnish.
This recipe comes from

Chilled Red Pepper and Leek Soup

1/2 stack of butter
1 1/4 pound red pepper, chopped
2 cups leeks, sliced White and pale green parts only
1 1/2 cups chicken broth
1 1/2 cups buttermilk
red bell pepper rings
chopped chives

Melt butter in heavy large saucepan over medium-heat. Add chopped bell peppers and leeks and saute until tender, about 18 minutes. Add broth and bring to boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer until vegetables are tender, about 15 minutes. Puree soup with hand blender. Refrigerate until cool. Mix buttermilk into soup. season with salt & pepper. Refrigerate at least 3 hours.
Garnish with bell pepper and chives

Surprisingly good, incredibly easy.
This will be great for Spring  dinner
Bon Appetite

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 27, Reverence of the Heart

28 Days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Day 27
Jean and Sarah at a painting party...She's the light of my life.
Reverence of the Heart
"Today I am opening my heart to deeper feelings of reverence. I see the light of the Divine in the people, places, and things around me. I look at my world with living, reverential intention."
Yes, I am loving the new and old people that have come into my life in the last 3 months.
Here, I would like to share a quote I just saw,
 "What if you woke up and only had the things you were thankful for yesterday?"
WOW, now that really struck me. It's way too hard to name of all the people I'm thankful for one at a time. So, I have come up with this little gratitude,
"I am thankful for all the people in my life I love and all the people in my life who love me."
"Reverence is the sincere recognition of the sacred in all things, the intention to honor the Divine light in all. Living this way requires a real shift in focus. It's no longer enough to be driven by external power and acquisition. Real reverence requires a deeper perspective, a gentle, peaceful attitude that starts with love for yourself and extends outward with compassion for others..."
Finding a deeper perspective within yourself is very similar to what I experienced in my silent retreat.
It took complete awareness in the present of what I was doing at the time.
Writing in my journal really helped to focus on these issues.
Activities for Heartfelt reverence
2. Affirm the gentle intention to be in God's energy and bring it to others. The grace and love of the Divine is always present, so connect with this source of light from which all blessings flow. Meditate on your sacred identity and embrace the power and peace that it gives."
OK this hit the mark.God's energy. Let me just quickly tell about how I felt when I had a heart failure episode.
My heart stopped beating, I fell forward and was taken completely out of this world. The warmth and welcoming feeling of bliss came over me. I was not afraid, I was not alone, I was calm, at peace and happy. Later, in this warm feeling, I thought someone had given me a carrot and so I was chewing on this carrot in my mouth. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, PEACE, WARM, BLISSFUL.
What was really going on?
My heart had stopped beating, I fell forward and off the bed on to my just operated left knee. My daughter grabbed hold me, slapping my face to wake up, beating my back, sceaming at me........(let me tell you now, I did not feel a thing nor did I hear her.)....She put her finger in my mouth, because she thought I might be chocking, ( that must have been the carrot I thought someone had given me.)...With my head down I got oxygen and woke up..unfortunately it happened again minutes later. I am most sorry that I put my daughter through that experience.
But I am no longer fearful about death.
During my home silent retreat I watched a lot of TED TALKS, and how fun to have come across this one, it explains a lot of what I felt.
Affirmations for Heartfelt Reverence
Everyday I am bringing more and more reverence to myself and my life. I live in the peace and love of my eternal spirit.
I liked this affirmation mostly because I am learning to understand that I am beyond my body. I am choosing to live in compassion for all things. Life is a celebration, if you don't know that rain, you will not enjoy the sun half as much.
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One of my most favorite months. Let the rain come.
April showers gives life to the plants, and ideas too.
I am the WOW GAL for the
This is a seed that was planted three months ago and has now come to bloom.
Everyone has a story and this is mine.
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I am the WOW Gal for the month of April.
Everyone has a story and this is mine. So, if you would like to know a little more about me you can read about me here on the Women Of Worth magazine
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