Saturday, March 29, 2014

28 Days to a more magnetic life, day 26

28 Days to a more Magnetic Life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Day 26
Consciousness Quick Shift
"Today I'm going to play the game of Quick-Shifting. I turn any negative focus around by using all the tools of change available to me now, including deep breathing, smiling, and quick affirmations. "
An Apple A Day, Keeps you, happy, healthy, and wise. Jean Hart Artwork
Yes, Quick Shifting, that sounds like something useful.
I have been on my silent retreat, this is day 3. I have set out some rules for myself on this, since I'm doing it at home, alone. I have a wonderful opportunity to sit completely in silence.
This retreat is all about doing what is healthy and what makes me happy. There is a lot of chatter going on in my mind when I sit calmly and in silence. Surprising even to myself I am finding that sitting for just 20min is hard. So, I am now sitting with a notebook in front of me, so that when a thought is brought up I write it down. I can not really say that is meditating, but it certainly is mind clearing.
"When something is upsetting, you don't have to stay in that difficult place. You can shift your consciousness quickly by doing something else, this will change your energy rapidly."
Good, I'm right on track with this. I use a timer. I put 1 hour on the clock for whatever task I'm about to do. I don't want to waste a minute of this silent retreat. This gives me plenty of time to change my energies from sitting, to stand, to exercising. If it's something that I just can't stop thinking about, then I sit in my chair and with the intention of finding an answer I meditate.
Because this is more of a get me healthy, strong and happy, retreat. I am watching feel good movies too.
Yesterday, in the middle of the day!! I sat down and watched a movie, :-)
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
It was so GOOD. I'm glad I watched it. I am fasinated with India and this was a great way to see it.
Light, colors, smiles, the country teaches you about life.
I have the option to do something different right now, to move, breathe deeply, and visualize a joyous image.
Oh, I can not write this affirmation enough times. Opportunities are coming my way in lightening speed. Next week I am going to do two things I have only been talking about. The first is, I'm planning on seeing an acupuncturist, the second, I'm going to a Picasso & Wine painting class. We will be painting, "Katie's Flower". I'm so  excited!! I will have to break my no wine while dieting rule. Maybe break the dieting rule too.
Be Inspired,