Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014 Weigh in

Weigh- In Day
14.4 Total Lost
Officially I like to weigh in once every three weeks or a month.
Since I'm leaving for a retreat tomorrow, I thought I would see what I weighed before the retreat and again when I get back.
235.6lb, BMI 38.1, (yeah that keeps going down too)
need to lose 83.6
estimated date of goal Jan. 25,2015,
my calorie intake is 1420, goal is to lose 2lbs each week, which hasn't happened yet!!!
Well, at least it's going down. Better down then up. But wow, how slow this is.
I have been on a four day silent retreat. I had this great opportunity to stay home alone for 4 days.
 I followed I silent retreat program and did not leave my house for days.
Later, I will write about my experience with being silent.
However, no real exercise was done. 
Tomorrow I leave for an other retreat.
This is for health and recovery.
The activities will be; acupuncture, message, spa day, yoga,swimming, gym workout, sushi, movies, and shopping.
Hopefully you will see less of me soon.
Be Inspired,