Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The weigh in

In January I had a birthday, and started my transformation. I didn't know I was fat!!!, Someone had to tell me that. So, on January 18th, I decide to lose 100lbs. Funny how I never saw myself as a overweight person. But, now that is all I see.
My weigh in was 250lbs, that should have tipped me off but I was busy recovering from my slipped disc and just happy to be on my feet each morning and able to walk.
So the journey begins. ..........I added to my phone an app called Lose It, which counts my calories, and figures out how many calories I burn with exercises and has challenges each month. My calories change each time my weight changes .
So, I started at 250lbs and today I'm at 239, 11lbs gone.
I exercise each day, just can't get the right calorie count without it. I joined in on yoga, I tread water, and have just added treadmill walking.
I had to buy a new scale although I will not be going on it each week, because when it goes up I'm depressed, when it stays the same I mad. So, I figure if I lower my calories each week and get on the scale about every 2-3 weeks, I should see results. I'm just that emotionally unbalanced that this little scale could ruin my day.
I invited you to join in with me and encourage each other. The next weigh in will be the end on March.
Be Inspired,