Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 22, 28 days to a more magnetic life

Day 22
28 Days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
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Power Believing
"Today, I'm injecting more power into my beliefs. I believe in myself, in my power to choose, and in my ability to change. Today, and always I only believe the most honoring and empowering conclusions."
There it is ....Believing in yourself. I think of this as power thoughts, because once again if you know me, you know I believe in thoughts becoming things. The thoughts you think are the very things you are or become.
"Your beliefs form your thoughts and emotions, and as such, they're the source of your electromagnetic resonance. No matter what you've been taught, you have the power to choose what you want to believe!"
I don't have much more to say about this. My life is an illusion of thoughts. So many times I have said something or asked for it and well there it is. My husband often  says to me when something good happens, "It's nice to be in your life." Well, yeah!!!
I asked for a studio cat and she not only showed up the next day in my garage, but she showed up pregnant....Matt asked for kittens. :-)
Unfortunately, I asked for an art studio last month, and got it, but later decided I didn't really want to be tied down to mandatory hours. This has left me depressed, because if I don't want to teach art, paint or take commissions anymore,
What is it I do want?????
Be careful what you ask for.
Activities for Developing Powerful Beliefs
"2. Spend some time writing down some new beliefs about yourself and your life. Define yourself without limitation. Also write new conclusions about the abundance in the Universe and spirit's loving assistance in your life."
I have just ordered my personal notebook from zazzle.
I will be using this to help define my newest adventure.....
I want to become a meditation instructor.
I have registered and can hardly wait for the Wanderlust retreat.
My life's thoughts are on how to become stronger in mind, body and spirit.
My healing has been long...And it is not done yet!!!. But each day I add to healthy thoughts. Each day I do yoga, swim, and just yesterday I have started walking again.
If I am to think of myself without limitations, then I must be able to do all the physical activities I want to do.
Join me in my journey to lose weight, become active, and plan for unlimited adventures.
Traveling is high on my adventure list, but so is hiking, camping, and rafting.
So this note book will be full of making notes for the plans, then notes during the adventure, and finally how I felt about the task.
Affirmations for Power Believing
"I choose beliefs that encourage and value me. Through my beliefs, I create the reality I desire. "
I still write these affirmations in my note book each day. I have many notebooks. Some are for affirmations, others are for poems I write and I like, some are goals, others are for future adventures.
It comes from my old fashion schooling. Read, write,and recite.
This little book has been fun. I think that it has offered many good ideas. I can not believe how long it has taken me to get through it. Now, it will be another week before I come back to it. I'm headed out for an adventure and will tell you all about it when I return.
Be Inspired,