Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Second Season of Change

The Second Season of Change
Change, Transformation, Reinvent.
Whatever I'm calling it, it's time to start working on it.

"There are three constants in life....Change, Choice, and Principles."
OHHHHH Here is Today's Card
Wisdom for Healing
Caroline Myss
May's Flower, acrylic, Jean Hart Artwork

Say that again, become better.
This is the whole reason for the transformation.....
Today's Lesson:
"Discover one thing that would make you better and more empowered at what you do and who you are, and make it a part of your routine. If this is difficult, identify why becoming "better" is something you wouldn't want to do.
Your Goal;
to recognize how and why you sabotage your empowerment.
My list is long on this one. I hate how some days go by and I'm not sure what I have done with it.
When I sat in my silent retreat I was so focused not to waste a single minute of the time. But since then I have become slow to get things done.
I have a good routine, but, if someone was to call and invite me to do something else. Well, off I would go. I work from home, my art studio is in my house. I think the one thing that would make me a better artist would be if I went in there everyday, set a time that was studio time and keep to it.
I'm good for a few days at a routine, but slowly it drifts from me.
This summer, exercise will be set at a breaking speed. My daughter will keep me to my yoga schedule. As far as dieting....right now I'm having a hard time getting back on board from the parties and vacations. I suppose that too could be considered self sabotaging.
I walked a 5k last Saturday, I did great. I shaved 8 min off my time. Unfortunately, I also had too tight of shoes and my toenails are purple. I will probably lose one or two nails. I now have to reconsider my walking training for awhile. This has depressed me this week. Also I have to stay out of the pool for 2 weeks. Again, not the news I wanted to here.
Getting back on my feet will take some time to heal. I have since researched about the proper walking shoe. I will walk again in time
This will make me a better walker, in time.
Some lessons are harder then others.
The things I would like to become better at.
1. time management, I don't want to waste a minute of my life.
2. continue working in my studio, my art is taking on a new look. Not sure why. Style and growth are never static. So, I'm just going with it.
3. Continue getting stronger, exercise, yoga, swimming, whatever , it has to be part of my day. I am easily distracted.
4. set priorities, set studio time and stick to it. It use to be that I could not paint, just to paint. I had to have a reason to paint, exhibit, show, rotating art, commissions, etc. . Now it just has to be something that I want to paint, for no reason except to learn a new technique.
5. Learn to heal myself. After visiting the doctor this last week, I realize the medical profession is not going to help heal you. So many changes, I'm not sure if I trust them. Let me explain, first my annual women's visit, I was told NOPE you don't need to do that yearly anymore, once every three years. Really, my doctor last year was so adamant about having a pap once a year. NOPE. Not to mention that the mammogram exam was completely different too. It's like everything anyone has told me, is WRONG.
Then I went in for a sinus infection, No you don't need an antibiotic for that, take Airborne, and see if that helps you. Come back if you you a fever over 100.
The only good report was about my toes, they don't look infected.
So, this is why I now own a heal yourself book. Home remedies.....alternative medicine. .....
Did I mention I want to live to be 600 years old, and just plain die of old age.
Well, this is my lesson for today.
Be Inspired,