Thursday, May 22, 2014

Interview with an Artist

Interview with an Artist
Jean Hart
What is it that you say about your artwork when people ask you???
Do you explain HOW you make it, prepare canvas, brushes, paint mixes, or do you explain WHY you choose this subject.

I think another artist might be interested in how I constructed my painting, but if I want someone to be interested and connected to my artwork they may be more interested in
What motivated me to paint it.

I do a lot of conceptual artwork. People have gotten use to my paintings having a deep meaning within them, the subject, the color, texture ect...
 But, sometimes a flower is just a flower,
and,when that happens, I like to listen to how my audience tell me their interputation of my artwork.
Spring Creek Marina
That's fun too!
Just something to think about when look at  the story of a  painting.
Rainbow Forrest
Key to my Heart
The Red Apple

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