Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Everything About Paris, even Bra's

Everything About Paris
Culture question today
The first Bra was invented in Paris in the same year as which other engineering marvel?
1. Nortre-Dame
2. The Eiffel Tower
3. The Arc de Triomphe
4. The five pounds thinner girdle
The Eiffel Tower
As the monumental Tour Eiffel neared completion, Herminie Cadolle, matriarch of one of Paris's best known lingerie stores, stitched together the world's first brassiere. Her mission: to free women of the cumbersome and painful corset. Cadolle debuted her invention at the Paris Convention in 1900, right under the Eiffel Tower.
I for one am very pleased that she did. I can not even imagine the pains it would take to get myself into a corset.
Now, you think I'm going to talk about the Eiffel Tower, NOPE, Bra's!!!
I love them, I wear them and I have many of them.
I even have a whole drawer dedicated to them.
If I showed you a pink and white stripped bag. Would you know where I got it?
Victoria Secret of course.
I say, don't burn your bra's ladies, buy more of them. Pretty ones, soft ones, lace and athletic ones.
Not sure where to begin.
Explore, be curious, have fun.
Be Inspired,