Monday, July 14, 2014

Everything About Paris, Le Tour De France

Everything About Paris
Le Tour De France
In July the bikes come out and the Le Tour De France starts.
It's been so exciting.
Kerry and I have been watching since it started and have really enjoyed the photos of the country side.
click here for info on the race. This site will give you information about the history, the route, past races, and teams.
Here is some of the landscape art they have displayed.
Very Cool
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what My Soul Wants me to Know, Emerging

What My Soul Wants me to Know
Soul Coaching cards by
Denise Linn

Being the change I want see
Today's Card
"I am emerging into the light with joy and ease!"
 Card Meaning:
"Just as a new sprout pushes through the soil into the light, you are emerging. Ideas and things that have been incubating within you for a long time are now moving toward manifestation. "
Yes, I like it, emerging.

Lotus Flower, Jean Hart 

Lotus Flowers, artwork by Jean Hart
I took on the lotus flower as my symbol for this year of transformation. They grow from the mud up to the waters edge and bloom into the most beautiful flowers. Make no mistake, challenges do not start in the sunshine....emerging is hard work.

Your Soul wants you to know:
This is an exciting time for you... truly a period of new beginnings. Things for which you've been patiently waiting for a long time are about to manifest. A new seedling is most vulnerable, however, just as it emerges through the earth. It needs to be nourished and protected until it's strong enough to weather harsh climates, so you must take care to nurture your dreams and yourself in this tender time. Rest, eat well, drink plenty of water, and take healing baths. Get ready:
A new, joyous path awaits you.

My goodness, how do these cards show up at just the right time.
So, many things are happening right now. In three days I will be going to Wanderlust Yoga Retreat with Sarah. We have signed up for all four days. We will be doing yoga, workshops, lectures, and meditations. I feel so lucky to be able to participate in this event. We signed up in January and each month I can feel I am getting stronger physically.
I have one concern, my right knee has decided to start hurting and I'm wrapping it up to walk on it. This is hopefully arthritis and not a more serious injury. I am determined to go and enjoy this event.
I will keep an eye on it, it will let me know what I can do.
Music is something that keeps me motivated. I have been listening to new and old artists lately.
India Arie has been a favorite of my and I'm glad to hear she is back to singing. She took a four year break and I missed her powerful songs.
Please enjoy.

"I embrace and love all of my life."
Remember, Jean Hart
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Third Season of Change, Choose to Heal

Third Season of Change
Wisdom cards
Caroline Myss
Today's Card
"Choose to Heal"
How amazing since this whole year is about just that, Choosing to Heal.
Everything I have chosen this year is a decision about going forward and being happy, healthy, strong and alive.
The past six months has been about finding an activity that not only I can do physically, but keep up  in my routine. Some thing I can live with.
The levels of transformation was not just about physical strength, ideal weight, and reducing medications.
The other parts of transformation was about developing a healthy mental, spiritual, and financial ideal of me to open myself to the world.
Surprisingly even fashion jumped in and turned itself to me.
Today's Lesson:
This is a day to reflect on troubling emotions and transform them in a positive way. Identify one unresolved area of anger or hurt and ask yourself why you're still not a peace. Focus on how much power you lose to negative feelings.
I did not see this lesson coming with the title of "choose to Heal". I will have to work with my moring journals and trun the pages to negative feelings in the past. I will write and write and write until the answer comes to me. As I have been starting to develop a more active routine, I have come to the realization I can not wait on others to decide to go with me. My interests are my own, my hobbies are isolated, and my energies are sporadic. 
Your Goal today:
To realize you choose to stay angry when you can choose to heal.
I will have to say that this card is hard. Anger is not really an emotion I'm in. I'm sure something gets me upset.....but somehow I talk though it and get on with life. It comes from being so quite in my life. I have not given in to many of my passions. My convictions are not so strong that I can not be talked away from them. As I write this I see this is not a good quality. I think it may come from a depression I have lived with for more then 30 years. It's not over the top depression, just a mild 'I don't care" attitude I carry with me. I think my goal is more about asking myself "What do you care about?, What will you do about it? How will you change?   I need to find my passion.
With all that said, This angry card is something I will have to get my journal out and start asking hard questions. This is going to be the mental and spiritual level of transformation.
Anger Management.
Making myself clear.
Understanding why I want something.
What makes me frustrated?
What am I resisting?
What excites me?
Wisdom cards are tough!!! I will start with Ted Talks on  subjects like self awareness, depression, anger, passion. Usually I start with one talk and it spurs another talk in a different direction.
Be Inspired,

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Weigh In Day

Weigh In Day
July 9, 2013
The Dreaded Plateau

started Jan, 2014

beginning weight 250lbs

today's 229.4

Total weight lost 20.6

BMI 38.3

cal. intake 1385

need to lose 79lbs

estimate date April 13, 2015
I now go to the doctor every six months for a check up...On the left is the doctors scale and on the right is mine.
For the last month I have been on a plateau. I have been waiving between 230 to 228...up and down. No higher, no lower.
My doctor sat with me and explained how plateau's work. She said it is time for me to up my exercise program. Yoga is nice, she says, but you need to get out there and get your heart pumping. Cardio is good for burning calories, and helping you to get your blood pressure down.
What did I hear her say? Sign up for the Lazyman Triathlon.
So that is exactly what Sarah and I did.
We have now added walking/running 26.2 miles, swimming  2.5 miles,and biking 112 miles,to our yoga routine.
The Lazyman Triathlon is a one month long program to get all the activities in.
 I have said this before, it's the swimming that  my body responds to. I'm at a point in my weight loss journey where it's now all about moving, burning calories, and getting my heart beating.

Kerry and I did the Freedom Run on Fourth of July. It is our 3rd 5K this summer.
It was a perfect day to walk around the marina. .
I got new shoes so I wont get Runner's Toes again. Note, they are still purple,  yellow and ugly.
I have since painted them with polish so I don't have to look at them.
We are getting better at our walks. I am no longer the last person to cross the finish line.
This time we even passed two groups of walkers. YEAH!!!
Kerry got 4th place in his age group and I got 12th. 
I am going to buy a stop watch for our next 5K so we can keep track of our times. I can not see the screen of my phone when I'm outside.
Fourth of July came was lots of food, good and bad.
Why is it I still think I deserve to eat desserts if I exercise?
Ice Cream, brownies, fudge sauce ....
Plus after the race, I went down for a 5 hour nap!!
Have you ever napped so hard that when you woke up you thought it was the next day?
I'm mentally at a stand still. All this exercising is making me sore, and tired.
My motivation for cooking and eating right has slipped. I have stopped using my "lose it" app. which I can now see how important it is to write everything down....
I can't really afford this kind of behavior. My journey is long and I can see I'm slipping back into bad habits quickly.
So......I think I will have to weigh myself more often, write my food intake in again at each meal, and plan meals. I have the exercise part down but not the "I'm too tired to cook anything healthy".
Everything needs help and attention.
check this out for idea's to help break a plateau.
Yes, of course there's always just going into child pose and staying there until the need to snack passes.
Be Inspired,

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Third Season of Change, Reclaim Your Power

Third Season of Change
Wisdom Cards
Caroline Myss
"Reclaim Your Power"
 Today's Lesson:
Note one reason why you give away power in your everyday life,
 and then ask yourself if that situation is worth losing your peace of mind over."
I give away a little piece of myself every time I paint, and then ask "What Do You Think?"
There is a little bit of me that still thinks,
" I can't believe I get to paint all day and people buy my artwork."
I am very blessed that way.
Artwork is not all of me though.
After I gave up my job, I had to start thinking about my worth in a whole new way.
 If I could not bring in an income.
 "What is my worth?"
Awe....goes the story.
 My worth can not be measured in money.
The things I do, contribute to, belong too, make, participate in, maintenance and enjoy.
I am reminded of a song India Arie sings.
I am not my Hair
I love her songs. If you need a little confidence boost, go to YouTube and start listening to her songs.
Redefine who you are, rethink who you are, stop the expectations.
My power lays in my heart, my mind, and enthusiasm for life.
Your Goal: to reclaim your power in a positive and mindful way."
I will leave you today to think about this one. It is a serious topic for me.
Since I like lists, I have given myself a challenge to come up with four things.
reclaiming my power for me will have to be on the level of
1. physical
2. mental
4. financial
I have complied a list of words that I would like to describe myself with, and a promise to start marking down my likes and dislikes. I think there is something powerful in saying, I like this, I don't like that. It's positive, mindful, and firm.
My list is clear. My dedication is strong. My determination is powerful.
Be Grateful for what you have.
Be Inspired,
Be The Butterfly, acrylic, Jean Hart 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

What My Soul Wants Me To Know

What My Soul Wants Me To Know
Being the change I want see
Soul Coaching
cards by Denise Linn
Today's card is
"I soar into limitless love, light, and joy!?
Card meaning: You're at the precipice of a huge, positive breakthrough! Everything that you've been doing for the past few years has been preparing you for this time. An immense self-realization is on its way. Something for which you've waited a long time is about to come to fruition!
More then ever do I believe that my soul knows how to heal itself.
I went in for my six month check up, blood tests and the results.
Everything came up, went down, and all landed in the normal column.
I am no longer "pre-" anything.
So, what do I think of my card on once again.
I have been pushing myself to become more physical and strong. I started yoga, and swimming. Kerry and I signed up to walk 5K's this summer.
Kerry and I at the Freedom 5K Run, I came in 12 in my age group, Kerry was 4th.
Little did I know that all of this was just a prerequisite for the
"Lazyman Triathlon".
Sarah and I will be adding Run/walking 26.2 miles, swimming 2.5 miles, biking 112 miles,
to our yoga routine for the month of July.
Sarah and I racking up the walking miles on our way to yoga

Your Soul wants you to know: Fruit drops from the tree when it's ripe, flowers open to the day when the sun rises, and a bird's egg cracks open when it's time. Everything that you've been doing has prepared you for the coming breakthrough. Quit standing on the cliff wondering what you should do. Jump off.

Yes, trust in your soul, get past the fear and do it anyway. It helps to have a partner when you are daring to do things you only thought you could daydream about. It doesn't matter that I have to go to the chiropractor each week, that I must sit on ice, heat, and use a TENS unit. It doesn't matter that I wrap and rub and limp along some days.
What matters is I show up. I prepare, I plan, I'm positive.
Oh, don't get me wrong, there are some days that my family believes in my ability more then I do. 
Thanksfully,  they wait patiently for me to catch up to their faith in me.
I'm grateful for my family, my instructors and my friends.
" Everything that you've been doing has prepared you for the coming breakthrough. "
Yes, and my preparing has taken me the last 2.5 years!!
Keep moving forward, Keep a smile on your face, there will be set backs, Keep your goals in front of you, and share them.
Be Inspired,


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Interview with an Artist, Jean Hart

Interveiw With An Artist

Jean Hart
Jean Hart Artist 
Within life lies a chance to adapt..
What kind of artist are you?
With a New Year I always look to the past to see how I did last year and what I can do better this year.
Many things have change in my life in the last 15years. I have had to adapt over and over again.
I am reminded of a quote I read from Don Bania, Jr.
"life is a precious gift..within every tragedy lies an opportunity".
It is so true, if I had not hurt my back and was forced to quit a job I loved, I would never have become an artist.
Over the years my artwork has taken on different styles, strokes, mediums and expressions.
I have no doubt that as I grow as an artist my artwork will expand and grow too.
When I first started to paint,  I wanted to do portraits. I love people and used my children as models.
I thought then that I would be come a portrait artist.
As my interest in art grew I moved on the landscapes and birds..
After so many years of painting I'm still trying to decide what kind of artist I am.
My mediums change, my prospectives have changed and my responsibility to art has changed.
Being a self taught artist means that I am constantly reading new books on art technique and art history.
What will I be doing this year, 2014?
Private Painting Parties, with my daughter Sarah.

I will be adapting to a life of working full time as an artist. Up to now I have only seen myself as someone who likes art, plays around with paint, and has been pretty lucky to have a following of people like my art.
I have been given this chance to paint, once again because of recovery, and, I now must adapt again.
So to all the new friends I've made and people watching me, I say.
Sometimes change is a good thing.
I was reading Don's story, and at first you think how sad a young boy has a devastating motorcycle accident that leaves him paralyzed from the shoulders down. He goes into deep depression, and than comes out of it saying."My brokenness made me aware of my desperate need for God."
He starts drawing, with using only his mouth to hold the pencil. Teaches himself to draw, he spends over 100 hours on one painting.
Well, I say, bravo, the human spirit will pull you through.
Accept the changes in your life, after you have fight against them and let your spirit shine.
Be Inspired,

Everything About Pairs

Everything About Paris
Off the Beaten Path
Paris smart cards
What is offered at the Mouton A Cinq Pattes for substantial discounts?
A. Designer clothes
B. Goose liver
C. Mutton chops
D. Toys
A Designer clothes
The Mouton a Cinq Pattes, at 19 rue Gregoire-de-Tours in the 6th, has clothes from last year's runway shows, usually worn just once, at the show. Shopping at the Mouton is not for the indecisive, the atmosphere is frantic, and the clothes go fast. If you're a modelesque size zero, this is the place for you!!
Okay, well size zero has never hung in my closet. But I do like clothes.
I have found the most interesting clothes at Love's gas station. No, really. I got a great summer dress there for $12.00!!! I'm always looking for good deals, interesting design and now since I've gone just a little retro, 100% cotton. Of course that means I have to bring out the iron. There is something calming and relaxing about getting out wrinkles.
I have a wedding to go to in August. I really don't want to buy yet another fancy dress that will only get worn once. So.......while looking on Pinterest, (who doesn't like Pinterest?), I saw the most beautiful plain dress that was embellished with diamonds and pearls on the shoulder and back.....Yes, I'm thinking that will be my next creation.
If your lucky enough to be in Paris here is a website that will give you some good things to do .
Be Inspired,