Monday, July 7, 2014

The Third Season of Change, Reclaim Your Power

Third Season of Change
Wisdom Cards
Caroline Myss
"Reclaim Your Power"
 Today's Lesson:
Note one reason why you give away power in your everyday life,
 and then ask yourself if that situation is worth losing your peace of mind over."
I give away a little piece of myself every time I paint, and then ask "What Do You Think?"
There is a little bit of me that still thinks,
" I can't believe I get to paint all day and people buy my artwork."
I am very blessed that way.
Artwork is not all of me though.
After I gave up my job, I had to start thinking about my worth in a whole new way.
 If I could not bring in an income.
 "What is my worth?"
Awe....goes the story.
 My worth can not be measured in money.
The things I do, contribute to, belong too, make, participate in, maintenance and enjoy.
I am reminded of a song India Arie sings.
I am not my Hair
I love her songs. If you need a little confidence boost, go to YouTube and start listening to her songs.
Redefine who you are, rethink who you are, stop the expectations.
My power lays in my heart, my mind, and enthusiasm for life.
Your Goal: to reclaim your power in a positive and mindful way."
I will leave you today to think about this one. It is a serious topic for me.
Since I like lists, I have given myself a challenge to come up with four things.
reclaiming my power for me will have to be on the level of
1. physical
2. mental
4. financial
I have complied a list of words that I would like to describe myself with, and a promise to start marking down my likes and dislikes. I think there is something powerful in saying, I like this, I don't like that. It's positive, mindful, and firm.
My list is clear. My dedication is strong. My determination is powerful.
Be Grateful for what you have.
Be Inspired,
Be The Butterfly, acrylic, Jean Hart