Monday, July 14, 2014

what My Soul Wants me to Know, Emerging

What My Soul Wants me to Know
Soul Coaching cards by
Denise Linn

Being the change I want see
Today's Card
"I am emerging into the light with joy and ease!"
 Card Meaning:
"Just as a new sprout pushes through the soil into the light, you are emerging. Ideas and things that have been incubating within you for a long time are now moving toward manifestation. "
Yes, I like it, emerging.

Lotus Flower, Jean Hart 

Lotus Flowers, artwork by Jean Hart
I took on the lotus flower as my symbol for this year of transformation. They grow from the mud up to the waters edge and bloom into the most beautiful flowers. Make no mistake, challenges do not start in the sunshine....emerging is hard work.

Your Soul wants you to know:
This is an exciting time for you... truly a period of new beginnings. Things for which you've been patiently waiting for a long time are about to manifest. A new seedling is most vulnerable, however, just as it emerges through the earth. It needs to be nourished and protected until it's strong enough to weather harsh climates, so you must take care to nurture your dreams and yourself in this tender time. Rest, eat well, drink plenty of water, and take healing baths. Get ready:
A new, joyous path awaits you.

My goodness, how do these cards show up at just the right time.
So, many things are happening right now. In three days I will be going to Wanderlust Yoga Retreat with Sarah. We have signed up for all four days. We will be doing yoga, workshops, lectures, and meditations. I feel so lucky to be able to participate in this event. We signed up in January and each month I can feel I am getting stronger physically.
I have one concern, my right knee has decided to start hurting and I'm wrapping it up to walk on it. This is hopefully arthritis and not a more serious injury. I am determined to go and enjoy this event.
I will keep an eye on it, it will let me know what I can do.
Music is something that keeps me motivated. I have been listening to new and old artists lately.
India Arie has been a favorite of my and I'm glad to hear she is back to singing. She took a four year break and I missed her powerful songs.
Please enjoy.

"I embrace and love all of my life."
Remember, Jean Hart
Be Inspired,