Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Weigh In Day

Weigh In Day
July 9, 2013
The Dreaded Plateau

started Jan, 2014

beginning weight 250lbs

today's 229.4

Total weight lost 20.6

BMI 38.3

cal. intake 1385

need to lose 79lbs

estimate date April 13, 2015
I now go to the doctor every six months for a check up...On the left is the doctors scale and on the right is mine.
For the last month I have been on a plateau. I have been waiving between 230 to 228...up and down. No higher, no lower.
My doctor sat with me and explained how plateau's work. She said it is time for me to up my exercise program. Yoga is nice, she says, but you need to get out there and get your heart pumping. Cardio is good for burning calories, and helping you to get your blood pressure down.
What did I hear her say? Sign up for the Lazyman Triathlon.
So that is exactly what Sarah and I did.
We have now added walking/running 26.2 miles, swimming  2.5 miles,and biking 112 miles,to our yoga routine.
The Lazyman Triathlon is a one month long program to get all the activities in.
 I have said this before, it's the swimming that  my body responds to. I'm at a point in my weight loss journey where it's now all about moving, burning calories, and getting my heart beating.

Kerry and I did the Freedom Run on Fourth of July. It is our 3rd 5K this summer.
It was a perfect day to walk around the marina. .
I got new shoes so I wont get Runner's Toes again. Note, they are still purple,  yellow and ugly.
I have since painted them with polish so I don't have to look at them.
We are getting better at our walks. I am no longer the last person to cross the finish line.
This time we even passed two groups of walkers. YEAH!!!
Kerry got 4th place in his age group and I got 12th. 
I am going to buy a stop watch for our next 5K so we can keep track of our times. I can not see the screen of my phone when I'm outside.
Fourth of July came was lots of food, good and bad.
Why is it I still think I deserve to eat desserts if I exercise?
Ice Cream, brownies, fudge sauce ....
Plus after the race, I went down for a 5 hour nap!!
Have you ever napped so hard that when you woke up you thought it was the next day?
I'm mentally at a stand still. All this exercising is making me sore, and tired.
My motivation for cooking and eating right has slipped. I have stopped using my "lose it" app. which I can now see how important it is to write everything down....
I can't really afford this kind of behavior. My journey is long and I can see I'm slipping back into bad habits quickly.
So......I think I will have to weigh myself more often, write my food intake in again at each meal, and plan meals. I have the exercise part down but not the "I'm too tired to cook anything healthy".
Everything needs help and attention.
check this out for idea's to help break a plateau.
Yes, of course there's always just going into child pose and staying there until the need to snack passes.
Be Inspired,