Monday, April 20, 2015

Jean Hart Artwork Newsletter April 2015

Jean Hart Artwork
April 2015 

Today's the day. 
I just finished my two samples.
I have painted, sealed, and sent them off with my application.
The two paintings, left and right are part of my new series,
"Let's have a Little Fun" 
Wish me luck.
I will let you know what happens later. 
As an artist I am always looking for new ways to show my artwork along with selling my artwork. 
I have joined many  organizations, contests, and mail art programs. 
For me art has been a life line. I would paint each day even if no one saw my work. 
I love art. I read about art, I look at art each day, and I paint each day.
I have three books going at all times. 
Art history, art biographies, and how to paint books. 
I can loose myself wondering around an art supply store for hours. 
I love to see whats new. Try something I have not yet done and basically be creative in all areas not just painting.
What's next for Jean Hart Artwork  
I started to draw on paper cups. Paper Coffee Cups with lids, which I make bigger so you can use them as banks. I bought a box of cups so I'm still designing banks. New designs will soon be posted.
If your looking for an original, original fine art gift, these are fun. 
I glue them to a wooden base for more security. 
I have them displayed at the Northeastern Nevada Museum gift store or contact me. 
they sell for $15.00
In May at the Elko Library I have a donation for their Just Desserts fundraiser
Read, Learn, Grow, acrylic 9" x 12" 

Also, a puzzle  donated for the 
Light The Way 5K 
In Elko, Nv 

What are the many ways you show your artwork? 
Be Inspired,
You are invited to my online store zazzle where you can find all my newest artwork, in cards, poster, magnets and much more.