Thursday, April 16, 2015

Which are you, city or county....

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Would you give up the way you live to live a simpler life?  
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After being in a place like Harbin Hot Springs, where most of the staff lives on property. 
They work there, help in the gardens, eat fresh foods and camp.
Everything they use comes from the earth. 
They call it living off the grid. 
Here is one of the many website to explain living off the grid.
"This website isn’t just about owning property that happens to not be connected to the big power company’s grid. It is about living closer to the land; Being responsible for the culture, values and environment we leave behind to our children; knowing that life was meant to be enjoyed, rather than working in a tiny cubicle to earn enough to accumulate stuff we didn’t need in the first place"
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While I loved having fresh food to eat each day, and really you can tell the difference. 
I'm pretty sure that I'm too much of a city girl for this now. 
I believe that food plays a huge part in our health, and at the same time we make choices about what we eat. I understand my path to healing is all about the food I eat. There is a quote that goes like this:
"God didn't create any illness without also creating the remedy."
I believe the remedy is whole, organic foods.
I asked my healing cards to come up with a thought on this.
Caroline Myss  never disappoints.
It's the first card in the deck.
"Clearly, the spiritual traditions of the earth have a great deal of wisdom in common. for all their surface differences, the enlightened beings who founded and nourished these traditions tapped in to the same source of universal Truth and Wisdom. The visionary philosopher Aldous Huxley referred to this source as the Perennial Philosophy, spiritual knowledge given form in different languages at different points on the globe all throughout history. Although many of their followers have misunderstood or forgotten the truth of these says, the wisdom remains valid and useful. The Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you," was voiced in almost identical form by most of the world's spiritual masters, from Confucius to Muhammad." 
That is pretty powerful, and living well whether off the grid or not, we all should be careful with our lands.
But, back to the question.
Could you live off the grid to live a better life. 
Are you a county or city person?
acrylic, Jean Hart Artwork 

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