Tuesday, April 28, 2015

101 Challenge Week 8

101 Challenge
Make our world a better place.
Week 8
Jean Hart Artwork
This seems to be the perfect list for Spring. 
Do you grow your own vegetables? 
Have fun with this weeks list. 
Do what you can.
Be Inspired,

80. Be there for someone. Listen to their troubles.
81. Grow some of your own vegetables, even if only out of a pot indoors.
82. If you have land, invest in livestock. Chickens are a great place to start, and they make great pets, even if you don’t eat them.
83. Stop for a person waiting to cross the street or merge into traffic.
84. Pay the toll for someone behind you.
85. Encourage a friend to reach for their dreams and shoot for the farthest goal.
86. Tape coins to a payphone with a note saying they’re for whoever needs them.
87. Donate cereal box tops to your local school, even if you don’t have kids.
88. Support independent artists by purchasing books by unknown authors from publishers that aren’t in the mainstream.
89. ...and if you enjoyed the book, write the author a note telling them how much you loved it.