Saturday, June 21, 2014

Third Season of Change

Thrid Season of Change
Wisdom cards by
Caroline Myss
Today's card is
Change Direction
 Have I said how I pick these cards? It's by pure chance. I shuffle, close my eyes and count out my lucky number and bing, bam,boom...Wisdom card at my finger tips. It's always what I need when I need it.
Change direction, how appropriate for the first day of the new season.
Today's lesson:
"Know that healing sometimes depends on the strength, willingness, and ability to change direction. Many people postpone doing so due to fear or laziness, and then they wonder why they're not happy and healthy. "
Yes, change is in the air. Sometimes changes happens to you, like for me an accident.
 Changed my whole life.
I have come to think my life is better for the accident. I wouldn't be an artist, or learn yoga, meditation, or travel as much as I do. I'm kinder and easier with myself. But, there is one thing I have to really watch out for. I must continually motivate myself.
 It would be so easy to just sit on ice all day and do nothing else.
I have finished my cane project and planted it next to the olive tree. With that action came the meditation for good health, strong body and the excitement to plan for new adventures.
Leaving behind the words, I can't, I wont, No.
Replacing it with, I would love to do that, show me how, help me learn, I want to go there.
 Yes, yes, yes.
This my little painting in color pencil about the path lined with wooden canes.
The movie "Enchanted April" inspired me to paint the painting, then create a cane for the garden. The question the movie made me ask was,
"If you plant a wooden cane in the soil would it grow into a tree?"
Your Goal: "to make one solid, effective healing choice by the end of the day that can positively change the direction of your life."
Sweet, I plan on cleaning up the patio and putting up tree lights.
for the rest of the summer my morning meditation will be outside.
For the third season, the direction changes will be.
1. Being outside more, I don't garden, I walk at the gym on a treadmill, for safety reasons. So being outside is something I have to be conscious about.
2. The direction of my art is changing. I'm giving more art painting parties.
Less painting for shows and exhibits.
I have also taken a pottery class. So many projects I want to make. In the coming months I will be making them with fimo clay so I can do this at home.
3. Physical exercise, YOGA, this is the season of Wanderlust.
 A yoga retreat coming up in July for 4 days.
4. Home's time....
5. Something new.....I want to take up croucheing I have a shawl I want to make for a wedding coming up.
Yes the wisdom card said one thing for today, and then My list went on for the third season of change.
Be Inspired,