Tuesday, December 31, 2013

GOOD BYE 2013 HELLO 2014

Good bye 2013 you have been fun,
1. I turned 7 years past 50
2. mardi gras party and a trip to Cosmic Coffee
3.Broke my little toe, and then went to Las Vegas Nascar on the same day
5. framed and hung my Dali painting, !!!
6. signed up to participate in Mail art programs
7.Did 3 art exhibits
8. Went to Paris with Sarah, Las Vegas that is
9. Fell, sprained my ankle, next day went to Seattle, on my travel bucket list
10. Matt and Andrea got married
11. Went to s.Utah, AZ, NM archaeology tour
12. spent a week end a way to play golf
13. visited my Mom and family
14. won silver level for best artist , 2013 reader choice
15. Had a great holiday season.
16. Had the best doctors appt. in years
In between I have made new friends, lost some friends, started new projects, been apart of some amazing projects and mostly happy to be alive, strong, and doing well.
 Good bye 2013, HELLO 2014

Happy New Years Eve

Ooh La La....What is the most famous cabaret in the world.
the one where the Can-Can was invented
and painter Henri de Toulouse Lautrec found his muse, Jane Avril.

Monday, December 30, 2013



I have put them on smile box, sometimes you have to click twice
grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the show
Be Inspired,


This is an old post from Last January. But, it is the one that Wow Gal Magazine saw. By reading this post and watching the film Matthew made of me, she has asked me to write a inspired story for their magazine.
While you sleep, the Universe is very busy moving mountains for you.
Be Inspired,
This little film has taken off!!!:^O
It has gotten over 2400 hit.
Please enjoy,
and feel free to share and comment
I talk a lot about goals and making a life that you want here.
I truly believe that when you go forth and participate fully in the things you believe in your life than truly becomes the life you want. Part of what I believe is that you must help others to achieve their dreams too. Because if you don't understand the concept "Other peoples success is your success", then how can you ever believe that there is enough abundance in this world for everyone?
Last week I helped my son with his first film production. It was a documentary of my life as an artists. He wrote the script, directed and produced this short film. I think he did a great job, and it is my honor to support his dream of becoming and scriptwriter and producer.
Please enjoy and feel free to share this link and make comments. If you liked what Matthew did please like it on facebook.

Be Inspired,
Be Creative,
Be You,
~Jean Hart

Sunday, December 29, 2013

day 10 Self Love 28 days to a more magnetic life

I am so ready for the new year to start. I have many projects in the making and hopefully new ones coming my way.
Jean Hart, I see myself flying a lot in 2014

Here's a little something to get you on your way to a prosperous new year
Feng Shui for the New Year
Fill your wallet

Start the year right with a big, fat wallet. Get 27 crisp, new dollar bills from the bank and put them inside. This will set the trend for a prosperous New Year. Spice things up by sprinkling ground ginger on the outside and inside of your billfold. Ginger is a stimulant, and will attract new sources of income to you.
Day 10
28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
"Today I'm choosing to see myself in a new and loving way. I pause many times throughout the day and send kind and valuing thoughts in my own direction."
Here we go, self love, it's a tough one. It's so hard for me to comment on high regards for myself.
Here's what I know and have learned about this one.
I am a child of God, and therefore, I belong here,  I deserve to be valued, loved, encouraged and considered.
Take a piece of paper and write, 3 things you like about you, 3 things you don't like about you, and 3 things you can change abut yourself.
There's you list for 2014.
Here's mine.
Things I like about me
1. I like my curiosity
2. I like my enthusiasm
3. I like my willingness to risk
Things I don't like
1. My need for approval
2. My second guessing myself
3. My lack of confidence
Things I can Change
1. Testing my ideas
2. Doing things even if they scare me
3. Finding where I belong
Affirmations for Self-Love
"I truly believe in my ability to accomplish my desires. I know that I have all that I need to magnetize everything I dream of."
 I'm still writing these affirmations out in long hand. I have been practising my calligraphy.
I asked myself why am I working so hard on this? What place does calligraphy have in my life?
Well, the Universe showed me a way to use my calligraphy to send my love and encouragement out to others.
I joined a website called,
This site sends love letters to people in need of encouragement, love, and understanding.
I have now started to write love letters in calligraphy.
The Universe really does work in wondrous ways.
What's on my list for today
1. Find 3 mail art exhibits for 2014
2. Continue on my Peacock Mandala painting
3. Set up 10 new websites for my artwork
Wild Hearts, acrylic
Be Inspired,

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy New Year!!
Bring in the New Year with a statement about LOVE
Zazzle’s New Year’s Sale! 20.14% OFF ALL PRODUCTS! Ends Friday Use code: 2014NEWYEARS

Everything about Paris

Everything about Paris
Still life acrylic, Jean Hart Artwork*
  • If you want a casual, light meal, you would most likely eat at :
  • A. Cafe
  • B .Brasserie
  • C. Bistro
  • D. Restaurant
  • Come to my art blog to find the answer.
  • be Inspired,
  • Answer
A. Cafe
Bistros traditionally serve slow cooked, long simmered dishes like poulet au pot or boeuf burgeoning, while brasseries do highbrow fast food like oysters and grills. Cafes, on the other hand, are casual, usually with some light fare. A restaurant is likely to be more formal and offer multi course meals
Bon Appetite.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 9 to a more magnetic life

Day 9
28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Jean Hart, Artist
I hope your holidays were all you hoped them to be.
Mine was spent with family, fun and great food.
I have been busy with the holidays, but now it's time to get back to work.
I was hoping to have this done before the New Year, but I don't see that happening.
Today's intention is Optimism.
I love this as the year ends. I have such optimism for the new year that I'm ready to rush through this last week of 2013.
Well, that will not do, if I'm trying to stay in the present!!
"One of the most magnetic energies that you can project is the vibration of optimism, which is the choice to really focus on the positive potential of your life. It's the conscious decision to engage in trust in the future as a daily attitude."
I'm reminded of something my son said to me.
"Do something today, so that my future me is happy."
That sounds simple, but, look at it with purpose and a plan starts to form.
Just think of a few things you can do today; Save a little money, not eat so much sugar, walk around the block. Imagine what just those few things will do for you and your future now looks OPTIMISTIC!
I watched a TED Talk about changing your life in 30 days. I know your thinking, how many 28, 30 day programs is this girl on??
TED Talk, have changed my life. Once I found them, I committed myself to watching one a day.
This one that I will share with you today, has already started its magic on me.
I think optimism has everything to do with making and sticking to plans.
Activities for Promoting Optimism
She offers three, I picked number 2
2. Create a new intention in your life. Affirm: I assume the best, and I'll deal with the rest. This will project self-reliant confidence. Know that the future will be fine, and if anything does come up, you have all the resources you'll need to handle it."
Optimism, I don't think it's just the act of positive thinking. Let me tell you about something that just happened to me last week.
Kerry and I were eating dinner at the hotel restaurant. We both had a glass of wine. My glass was empty and in my mind, I'm thinking when the girl comes back I will order another glass of wine.
Before she came back to us, a gentleman from across the room comes up to us with his bottle of wine and says to us. "I ordered a bottle of wine and will not be able to drink it by myself, may I pour you a glass and share my wine with you?." Thank YOU, Universe, Yes, please.
I don't know if this is positive thinking or optimism, But sure enough Kerry says, things like this only happen to you!!
I say, be clear about your intentions, really want what you are asking for, and learn to say yes, and receive graciously.
Optimistic Affirmations
"Every morning, I renew my optimism about the day ahead. Each and every day is a wonderful opportunity to create joy and value for myself and others."

I have great optimism for my life, my energies, my family, and  my work.
Let the beauty of who you are guide you to love what you do.
What's on my list for today
1. Setting my New 2014 calendar to work
2. Taking care of someone who is not feeling so good today.
3. Signing up for LOVE LETTERS TO MYSELF
(I will explain that one some other time.)
Be Inspired,
Heading North, acrylic, Jean Hart Artwork

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

A love Letter to Myself

A Love Letter To Myself
Figuring out who you are is not what you are here for. The world sees you. You are a good person, a true person and hold fast to that.
You simply have to remove all the things from your life you are not. List them if you must, put them to past. You'll will find your true self under the clutter.
Start with that brilliant smile. See how fast the strangers who pass you smile back. Join in and you will find your place.
Begin today, don't hide your shine.
Not now when the world needs you so much to smile at it.
Be your own friend, I have seen how well you treat your friends.
Your Friend
Your True self

The Paris Dog

The French Culture
and their
Autumn Leaves, acrylic, Jean Hart Artwork,*
My house is full of cats. It's a funny story how I ended up with so many cats, but that's for another day or blog.
Kerry always had dogs. But after our beloved Duchess past on we decided not to get another dog until Kerry has more time to train it.
So, atlas, Kerry has turned into a cat person.
The French people love their dogs.
True or False
Dogs are not allowed on the grass at Pairs parks?
Canines once roamed freely with their masters in the parks, but the unwillingness of owners to pick up after them led to a ban on pooches on the grass. Those who allow their dogs to relieve themselves on the streets without picking up after them are also on the wrong side of the law and risk fines of hundred of euros.
Be Inspired,

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Duck

Christmas Dinner
It's time to start planing for Christmas Dinner.
We have turkey for Thanksgiving and with my family one turkey dinner a year is enough.
Prime Rib, Roast Beef or even ham is on the menu.
But let's think of something else.
At the Tour d'Argent restaurant in Paris, duck is served with a numbered tag.
It says, what number your duck is that they have served.
Well, in my house we could start a new tradition,
Tag number 1 for 2013.
When Sarah and I went to The Paris in Las Vegas we had Duck Ola Orange.
I don't remember seeing a tag though.
I was happy to see that the duck was not served with its bill, or feet still attached.
Here is a tour of Tour d'Argent
What goes with Duck?
warm duck confit, baked onion & pear salad
twice roasted duck legs with wilted radicchio and balsamic glaze
jerusalem artichokes roasted in duck fat
hot raspberry souffle with rose petal creamÂ
I will let you look these recipes up for yourself.
Have fun with this and as Julia Childs says,
Bon Appetite

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Something to think about, something to create

Something to think about.
Salvador Dali created a famous tree structure in Paris, made from?
A. Bread dough
B. Chocolate
C. Marzipan paste
D. Spoons
A. Bread Dough
Boulangerie Poilane has at times accepted art as payment for food, including the carbo-rich tree concocted by Salvador Dali. The bakery, on rue du Cherche Midi, is famous not just for sourdough country bread and apple tarts but for the works of art that adorn its halls and walls.
Oh, I bet the bread tastes better then anything I can get in the grocery store here.
My Challenge to you is :
Make a creative tree out of bread dough like Salvador Dali did, or better yet, make some wonderful art creation of your own.
I would love to see what you come up with.
Here is the Boulangerie Poilane, take a tour,
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 8 , 28 days to a more magnetic life

Day 8
28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Taking Action
"Today I take some action toward the achievement of my goals. My action energizes my intention and tells the Universe that I'm serious about making my dreams come true."
OOOOOh today already has been tough and it's only 8:00. I've been up, meditated, eat breakfast and then immediately went back to bed. No, I'm not sick. A little bit of non-motivation has come to visit me.  It's the down after the up of a Art Reception. While the night was fun and well attended by a small group of artists. It was nice to talk to many people I have not seen for awhile, it was not the night I had thought it would be. In truth, it was a great night and I build these things up to be more than they are. So, just feeling a little down.
More action, more achievement towards my goals..... I'm feeling just a little lost today.
I will read on. Maybe just getting myself up and active will kick myself in gear.
"Action is the accelerate that will ignite your desires. If your goal is important to you, then moving forward must be an ongoing, daily priority. It's the combination of intention and action that stimulates Universal response."
Wow, there it is. "ongoing, daily priority." So there is no day off? I'm just asking. I usually tell young artists that it is the persistence that will make you good. The keep going, make a plan, stick to it. I have small plans now. It is the end of the year. By Dec. I have executed my ideas for the year and I'm winding down. My ideas list has been crossed off. But I do have one more thing that I will do today to end the year.
Activities for taking action
She lists 3 activities for today, I will be doing number 3.
"3. Remember your energetic action: positive and valuing thoughts for the mind, movement and rest for the body, meditation for the spirit, and love and compassion for the heart. All of these are important actions that will lead you forward on your path."
Yes, this one seems the kindness for me today.
Matthew and I are setting out to help Santa bring gifts to a little girl and boy who's family is in need of a little help this year. We want to make sure that these Children will know the magic of Christmas.
Ho,ho, ho! Merry Christmas to you and to all a good day.
I have joined the pool and maybe I will swim later today.
Action Affirmations
"I am dedicated to the success of my daily life. I continue to take action to make my thoughts more positive, my emotions more joyous, and my intentions more conscious and clear."
This is where my daily to do list comes in. It never fails me. If I put it on the list, I get it done. I have over the years created a discipline for myself that way.
I also find that if I put the timer to 15min and say, "for 15min I will do this or that" it is enough time for me to get myself moving.
So what's on my list for today.
1. Delivering my new Christmas Cards to the museum gift store. (a forward activity towards my goal as an artist.)
2. Shopping for Christmas presents for a little girl and boy. (compassion for my heart)
3. Swimming, ( I have already rested, meditated for my body.)
One word about meditating, only do it once a day for 10 15min. after that it just becomes daydreaming.
Be Inspired,

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 7 28 days to a more magnetic life

Day 7
28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Day 7
Affirming your life.
"All throughout this day, I live in affirmation!I take every opportunity to affirm myself, my resources, my power, and my joy. I positively acknowledge my life in every way."
OK, well lets start this day off. As you can plainly see, I have many days in between each day. For me, each of these assignments have to settle in. I have to find ways to incorperate them into my life. Sometimes, even writing my affirmations has to be scheduled. But, that's what works for me.
Affirming my life. I've been busy doing just that.
I listened to a tape of  Dr. Wayne Dyer, 101 ways to Transform our life. (maybe in the future I will be sharing each of those too.) But, for now there was one change he mentioned that just stayed with me and would not leave.
He said,  try and be part of the Global Change. Think in terms of Global help.
So, this week I joined UNICEF.
I am planning on hosting a fundraiser with a  vending table to sell my art note cards and give the proceeds to UNICEF to help children around the world.
On a more local level, I pulled a little girl and boy to give Christmas gifts this year.
My Intentions are this.
1. I am abundant, I have enough to keep myself healthy and happy. So, I will share my resources.
2. What do I have to offer? My artwork. I donate and will sell artwork to help raise money for organizations I believe in.
3. I will committee my time and effort to become knowledgeable on how to do this in a more effective way.
"Strong magnetic energies require a life force filled with a positive attitude, which can be greatly assisted by the ongoing process of affirmation.
My Reflections:
No French pastry or Belgium chocolate tastes as good as giving.
Affirmative Activities,
"Do mirror affirmations every day:  direct loving and encouraging thoughts to yourself while looking at your own image. If you say these out loud, your voice will amplify and double their energy in your life. Never pass a mirror without saying something positive to or about yourslf1"
When I was really feeling bad about myself, my life, my health, I actually posted yellow post-it's on my mirror and around my computer. I said them out load, to myself, and sometimes it worked and sometimes I said them with sarcasm. I also set my phone alarm to remind me to say a Thank You prayer. I had many bad negativity self talk habits to release.
Today's Affirming the Positive:
"I am beginning to make more and more positive interpretations about the experiences of my day. This upbeat mind set brings renewed optimism to every experience."
So what's on my list today..
1. The post-it's  will come back. I'm taking on a new physical exercise program and I will need to hear myself tell myself I can do it.
2. Setting up a Internet shop where I can start selling my art auction's for the fund raising I went to do.
3. I plan on enjoying my Art Reception tonight. Because even though being around people makes me nervous, showing my appreciation to those who took their time to meet me and see my artwork is a good thing.
Here is the website for Dr. Wayne Dyer
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Creating your perfect studio

Creating your Perfect Studio
What does it take to make the perfect space for you to create your masterpiece?
There are lots of ideas in art magazines that can help you with this.
I have been trying for what seems like years to get my studio together. I use the word studio loosely here because what my studio is, is is a small bedroom in my home.
For years I painted on the dining room table. Each night putting everything away so we could have dinner on the table. Then I moved to a small card table, this I did not have to put away each night.
Once my daughter moved away from home I converted her bedroom to my studio/guest room.
It's really not easy to stay focused and be productive when your art supplies are all over the place.
It's so important to be comfortable in your space. Open the windows for light, get shelves up and  organize your art material, turn the heat up when it's cold.
The BIGGEST THING IS..When I'm painting in my studio I am not to be interrupted.
I do not have a computer in there, TV or my phone.
The best way for me to stay focused is to use my egg times for 60 min.
That's 60 min. of uninterrupted time to paint.
Do I listen to music?
Surprise, I listen to NPR radio.
I say paint, wherever you can, whenever you can. The most important thing is to paint each day. I try to do a little pencil work each day.
Practice, practise practise.
Not every painting will be framed. With me only one out of nine is framed.
Things to consider:
  1. Natural light. Open the curtains let the sun shine in.
  2. Work Space. Table, comfortable chair, plenty of room for an easel.
  3. Organization. You have to be able to find your art material quickly.
  4. Inspiration. Music, candles, flowers. Whatever it takes for you to be motivated and want to be in this space.
  5. Clean Up. Yes, you must clean up after each painting session. Nothing will kill the mood of painting then a messy table.
Be Inspired,

Monday, December 9, 2013

Blue Monday

Blue Monday,
Baby it's cold outside, -20 this morning, but the sun is up....
Fill your cup up.
It can only be -20 or it can be -20 with the sun up.
Start filling that cup with things that will fill your heart.
Every year I get asked from family, What do you want for Christmas?
Every year I tell them the same thing.
I want things that will fill my senses.
You know, eyes, ears, smells, taste, touch.....
When my life feels staled. Like nothing is happening.
I go back to my W's list.
I find that many of the things I need start with the letter W.
Try it. See how many words that make you happy start with the letter W.
I'm making my list right now.
Be Inspired,

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 6 28 days to a more magnetic life

Day 6
28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Setting your emotional intention
"This morning and throughout the day, I intend to consciously create the emotional energy I want to expand in my life. Whether it's love, compassion, happiness, acceptance, surrender or any other feeling I desire. "
Emotions, are so personal, so I will not be going into what I'm going through here. Each day I range from high to low.
Are you feeling more magnetic?
I don't know if it's the season or if more things are just coming my way. But, I'm busy!!!!
We did not put up the big Christmas tree this year, but instead we did two smaller trees. Why did we think that would be easier???? So I have been  shopping for smaller ornaments and designed a theme for these two new trees. This did not save us time or money... I also added a new train and village this year to the house decorations. Every window has lights and we even did the outside with a snowmen and dog.
So, wow. My house has been transformed to a winter wonderland.
Be the change you want to see.
I know you have heard that saying. I have been busy creating the house for the season.
I wanted to feel the love and compassion for Christmas. So, I have music playing, made lunch dates with old friends and a few new people I don't know well. Decorated the house, I will be sending out cards this year, and baking. We as a family have also decided to give gifts.
Now, your saying, Everyone does that. But no, I haven't done many of those things for over 5 years. Some kind of sadness crept over me and covered me for years. I barley got the tree up most years.
I have now woken up!!!
One day not too long ago, I said to myself. This isn't my life. What happened?
What do I want my life to look like?
I made a list. You know I love my lists, so I made one of the way I wanted life to be.
Each day before getting out of bed I think about what this day will be like.
Finding my bliss was hard at first, but I  just kept saying the words and the meanings of those words to myself over and over again until they become part of my thinking.
Activities for setting your emotional intention.
"As you go through the day, name your desired emotion, choose thoughts and behaviors that increase that energy in you life.
One year on my birthday, my son gave me a set of healing cards. I would like to share one with you today.
"Without hope, we live in desire. Ask yourself, what are my desires? Then ask, what are my genuine needs? Discover how casually you desire things that have no real value for you. Then you'll realize how easily you lose your power."
Affirmations for emotional intention
"I intend to enjoy my present experiences, I feel a sense of fulfillment and purpose in my everyday life."
What's on my list for today.
1. I plan on lighting a candle and giving thanks for my beautiful home.
2. I will finish decorating the dinning room.
3. I'm excited to get to watch the seahawks play and have a list of people to text and share the game with.
4. This year I plan on sending Christmas Cards out to family and friends. Because a life without people is much too sad.
5. I will engage in the emotions that serve me well. Be positive and open to receive the desires that I  truly want and need in my life.
Be Inspired,

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Let It Snow

Live Auction
Let It Snow,
Acrylic 8" x 10" unframed
if you want to bid just email me at,5954070236547991970,5953941367783344290&oid=109469912494923217894

The Poinsettia Tree

Merry Christmas
My first tree is up.
I am calling it the Poinsettia Tree.
The meaning of the Poinsettia Flower is all about Christmas.
If your interested in knowing about the poinsettia check this site out.


Also known as the Christmas Star and Christmas Flower, it’s said that this winter flower’s association with Christmas comes from a Mexican legend. The story goes that a child, with no means for a grander gift, gathered humble weeds from the side of the road to place at the church alter on Christmas Eve. As the congregation witnessed a Christmas miracle, the weeds turned into brilliant red and green flowers.

Named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, first United States ambassador to Mexico and the amateur botanist who introduced the plant to the U.S. in 1825, the poinsettia is also known as Mexican Flame Leaf, Winter Rose, Noche Buena and, in Turkey, Atakurk’s Flower, because it was the favorite flower of Atakurk, the founder of modern Turkey.

While considered by the ancient Aztecs to be symbols of purity, in today's language of flowers, red, white or pink poinsettias, the December birth flower, symbolize good cheer and success and are said to bring wishes of mirth and celebration.
I also  bought new ornaments just for this tree.
Be Inspired,

Live auction, Let It Snow

New season painting.
live au
I am starting something new. Many of you have heard about the paint a day movement. Well, this is not that. There is no way I can paint a painting each I would not want to set you up to come here looking for a new painting from me everyday. However, I do paint a lot. I want to start offering my original paintings to you here on live auction.
If you find a painting you like, just email me here and I will put your bid on the list. By private message email I will let you know if you have won.
These will be big or small and you will pay the S$H price.
Let the auction begin.
I'm excited, how about you?
Be inspired,

just email me at

Let It Snow
8" x10" unframed,
starting bid at

First Snowfall
acrylic, 8" 10" unframed
Be Inspired,

Alla Prima Painting

Interview with Artist
Jean Hart
People often ask me if my paintings are oil?
No, I am an Acrylic artist.
Acrylic is a relatively new material.
I like it because it dries fast and I can get on with painting quickly.
Acrylic contains pigments that are suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. One really cool thing about the acrylic  paint is that it can be diluted with water. I can thin it down to resemble watercolor paints, on the other hand I can build it up with gels, media, or pastes to resemble oil painting.
Once it dries it's water resistant and permanent.
Do you under paint your paintings?
When I first started to paint. It was a labor of love. I would gesso my canvas's, 3 times. Even if the pre-made canvas's said they were already gassoed. This I still do.
I work out my painting, until the composition looks balanced.
I have done the under painting and building up with glazes, but I have found that with acrylics you can just paint over each layer and cover up anything that needs to be fixed. So, I have given up the under painting style. My work tends to be quick, and Alla Prima.
Alla Prima?
Yes, it's also called "direct painting".
  It became popular in the 19th century. The Impressionists were the first to use this style. It's spontaneous and has painterly qualities that I like. The brushstrokes are  bold, loose, and suggestive. Because the strokes are quickly painted  the accuracy of shapes and forms become less important. The painting takes on a more abstract, loosely painted suggestion.
Do you consider yourself to be a realistic painter?
That's interesting.
I once had an instructor who told me that I had to pick what kind of artist of was going to be, portrait, landscape, floral....etc. My question back was, Why can't I paint everything?
 I guess that's not how it's done in the art world.
 It's how I paint though. I paint what interests me.
My portraits are as real as I can make them.
But, my other paintings, are much freer in thought and accuracy. Lets, say I paint a tree and a bird, which  are  in many of my paintings. You, look at the painting and you say, I love the tree and bird. Well, I'm happy you saw a tree and bird.
Is it a real tree or a real bird?
Probably not. It only exists in my mind.
That's my artists license.
My first love is illustration. So I paint like an illustrator.
Many of my paintings first start with a Title.
Maybe a storyline.
Then the painting starts.
For me, what's important is that I paint.
My question to you is,
Which method suits you, careful planning in layers, or alla prima?
Be Inspired,

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 5, 28 days to a more magnetic life

Day 5
28 days to a more magnetic life,
Sandra Anne Taylor
Jean on the move
I like that, movement. With Thanksgiving behind me. The best thing is that the house is clean and ready for the Christmas boxes to come down.
If you have been with me for any time here, you know I've been working hard at getting back to the physical activities that I use to do.
I have this very slow leisurely pace about myself. In fact, when people move, or talk to quickly at me, I tend to shut down. They make me nervous and anxious.
I'm one of these people who, breathe deeply, make a list, stretch, have a cup of coffee, and then peacefully go about the business of the day.
Of course, I wasn't always like that. No, in my 30's while raising kids, I went to college, had a full-time job, took care of the house, the husband and signed up for every volunteer organization that asked for help. Often I was up till midnight doing the Landry.
Happy to say, Those days are over!!
Lets begin.
Intentions for the day.
"How you move, and how much you move creates your mechanical resonance, which is a significant source of personal energy. If you don't get enough movement, the power from past experiences is likely to stay stuck in both your body and your energy field."
This is good stuff. It's got me thinking about exercise and how I can get it back into my life.
I use to walk 2hours a day. But have not been able to do that for sometime. Getting regular exercise is on my priority list.
With, back, knee and neck issues I have found a website that I think is helpful. Something I can do at home and on my own time schedule.
Affirmations for Ease of Movement
"I walk and move comfortable. I do everything at a leisurely, unhurried pace. I am peaceful and relaxed in all I do."
This is my affirmation Journal, as you can see it's just a notebook. I write, doodle, make notes, and jot down ideas.
Words of Enlightenment
"Exercise is for elevating your spirit, not just your heart rate.'
Dr. Mark W. Cochran
Something to think about.
My to do list is growing longer.
1. Taking down the Christmas Decorations. This will test my patience to day.....
2. I plan on doing those chair exercises.
3. Continue to breathe deeply and meditate while writing out the affirmations.
4. Start the raffle painting for the art reception.
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Featured Artist at the Elko County Art Club Gallery

Featured Guest Artist for December at the Elko County Art Club
Elko County Art Club is pleased to welcome it's Featured Guest Artist exhibitor for December, Jean Hart.

Jean Hart has been creating art for the last 10 years and made the move to become a full-time artist in 2009 under her business, Jean Hart Artwork.

Hart's entree into the world of art was similar to that of many artists who discovered their creative expression through drawing. An art class at Great Basin College later introduced her to acrylic painting, her current medium of choice.

Hart's works of art seek to inspired emotions and memories from the viewer through use of contemporary and conceptual styles. "My greatest accomplishment as an artist is offering my original paintings to people," says Hart.

Being the Featured Guest Artist in the new Elko County Art Club Gallery brings her artwork full circle. Jean explains, " I started my art career in the Elko County Art Club, showing my artwork in their annual exhibits at the Northeastern Nevada Museum, and the Elko Art in the Park event."

In 2011, she became an administrator of the Art Canyon Art Gallery, which provided her with exposure to international artists and opportunity to exhibit her work in shows around the world.

In 2013, she was accepted into the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic. "This really opened my eyes to painting. The ideas, theories, techniques I've learned have been crucial to my development as a painter," says Hart. When people ask why she paints, Hart tells them, " I can't imagine a life without expression."

Hart's artwork can also be seen locally at the Northeaster Nevada Museum, Picture This art Gallery, Troy Edens Medical office and on her own online store,*

You can contact Jean Hart by email at or follow her on Facebook or her artwork blog

Hart's artwork will be on display at ECAC Gallery at 407 Railroad Street in downtown Elko from Nov. 25th through December 26th. An Artist reception will be held the evening of December 14th from 5-7 pm. The public is invited, its free to enjoy fine art, refreshments, and meet the artist.

For more information, call the ECAC Galley at 775-276-6612or email

Day 4 to a more magnetic life

28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Day 4
Going North, acrylic, jean hart
Personal Power
 Oh, I tell you this day could not have come at a better place in my life. I am preparing for an art show, I am the Featured Artist at the ECAC.
As it turns out the gallery director has given me full range of publicity. There budget is small and doesn't cover promotions. So, am I to not market this event, or am I to step up and make a few things happen?
It takes courage and confidence to assume the power in your own life. So, today I will be writing up an article for the newspaper, Making postcards to invite everyone to the reception and anything else I can think of.
Sandra says, "If you let others control key issues, you allow them to direct your energy and destiny, too."
 Intentions for today.
"Today I intend to live in my true power, to make choices and take action on my own behalf. I have the right to possess the real power in my life."
Well said. So it's time to become more self- actualized. This does not mean arrogant or demanding, just more focused and sure abut the direction I want to go in.
Activities for Enhancing person power.
1. Choose to empower yourself now. Live with integrity, strength, and discipline as you go about the many decisions of your day. From choosing what you prioritize to how you interact with others, allow yourself to be mighty!"
Well, okay, it will start today. There are a lot of strong, powerful words there. I think I will have to read that several times today.
Personal Power Affirmations
"As I live in my personal power, I become more and more conscious of my own needs. I am more self-directed  each day."
My list today looks like this:
1. prioritize my to do list for this up coming event.
2. write a article for the newspaper.
3. paint a new Raffle painting for the show.
4. Because I'm a little old school, I will read, write and recite the affirmation. It's really a strong one.
Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, I may just sit with this one for a day or so. Personal Power, it's a big one and I don't want to blow through it too fast.
So I will leave you with these words from Mike Dooley,
"Talk a little, sing a lot,
walk a little, dance a lot,
smile a little, laugh a lot,
dream a little, live a lot."
Be Inspired,

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 3 to a more magnetic life

Day 3
28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Today is Sunday, usually a rather easy day. But, not this Sunday, not the Sunday before a Thanksgiving Thursday.
I have all the home machines going and creating quite a noise.
Day 3 is
Well there you have it. my Acoustic energy is swirling all around me!!
Intentions for today.
Today I am to enhance the acoustic energy in my life.
I first thought that that would be music. As I did wake up to Kerry playing the flute. But rather then music floating in the house, I'm surrounded by, TV, and home machines.
Surprisingly for me today those are comforting sounds. I have much to do before Thanksgiving and today will be a home machine acoustic energy day.
There will be the sounds of washing and drying machines, dishwasher sounds, and a vacuum cruising around the house.
I'm thankful for those machine because without them I would be rubbing  my clothes down by the pond with rocks, boiling water for the dishes, and beating rugs to death outside in the cold. How did they find the time to do all that in the pioneer days?????
Since this is a acoustic day, I will be saying my affirmations out loud.
Filling the air with my voice.
I am all for quite meditations, peaceful music or even silence when it is called for.
I'm thinking that because the house if humming along loudly, I will have to send out my intentions and personal energy in a higher vibrations to over come the stimulating world around me.
Activities for enhancing acoustic energy.
"Play some music that promotes the mood you want to create, whether it's upbeat and invigorating or tranquil. Let yourself move to the sounds.
What's on my music track.
1. Pink Radio
2. Margarita ville, Jimmy Buffet, always inspirational.
3. Cello Cd's , my favorite instrument.
I'm alittle rock n roll, a little country and alittle jazzy.
Affirmations for Beautiful sound vibrations.
" I listen to the joyful sounds in my life, and I thank the Universe in whispers of praise."
I will say these out loud today, because it fits my philosophy about resiting. The brain will hear it and the thoughts will take form and what you think you will become.
Be Inspired,
I remember, acrylic, Jean Hart Artwork

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 2 to a more magnetic life

Day 2
to a more magnetic life
by Sandra Anne Taylor
Wild Hearts, acrylic, by Jean Hart
Releasing Negativity
I have always believed that what you think is what will happen.
Many times I have thought I just can't do something. Long before I knew what negative thoughts were or that a positive attitude could change your life.
for this day are to notice your thoughts, feel them. Ask yourself are they true? Are they helping you? Do you believe them? Okay, those are my questions. I have read many books about thoughts, depression, negativity thinking, and well this too is helpful.
Sandra writes, "Instead, simply notice when your mind is moving in an anxious direction, then gently release any assumptions of fear or doubt. Whatever may be going on, open your heart and mind to more relaxing conclusions, and know that a better outcome is on the way." 
Taking action
"Breath deeply and as you exhale, affirm that you're letting go. say, I don't have to choose this reaction any longer."
My actions
Daydreamer, pastel, Jean Hart
Again, I say, take time to daydream.....for me, sometimes I get overwhelmed with work, my body aches, and family stuff. Sometimes I just have to nap. Yes, I said NAP. It seems that if I pose a problem just before I nap, and I'm talking about 20-30mins. I feel better about it when I wake up.

 Affirmations for shifting negativity
"My thoughts have real power in my life, and I always choose to have power over my thoughts."
 So, like I said I can't just type out all of what she writes. Some of this is stuff I know already so I looked up something I found help full for me.
TED Talks. I love them, I listen to many and I share the ones that have helped me.
Ask yourself, Can our bodies change our minds? Can you fake it until you make it? or should you fake it till you become it?
click on to the link and find out.
What's on my list for today?
1. I will be writing out my affirmation 50 times. First, I like to hand write stuff because I'm working on better penmanship, and it helps to use my hands.
2. I will pose a anxiety I'm feeling and create a better daydream so the out come is more positive.
This will only take 15 mins.
3. I will walk into my studio standing in a V position, arms up, chin up and say lets get to work!!!
Be Inspired,

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

28 Days to a more magnetic life

28 Days to a more magnetic life
By Sandra Anne Taylor
Jean before haircut
I like following programs. I like routine. I like rules.
I found this little book at an old used book store. I hope book stores never go out of vogue. I would not even have known that this little book was out there otherwise.
So join me for the next 28 days and lets see if this little book changes our lives.
You are welcome to comment on this journey if you wish.
Yesterday started out with a quick haircut, it was suppose to be a trim but once I started looking through the books, it became a haircut.
Jean after haircut
I plainly needed a change. So on with the journey,
Day 1
Becoming conscious.
Today we will be consciously choosing thoughts and behaviors that create more peace and value.
It's a day of looking at yourself in an honest way and asking questions.
Go through your feelings, and ask yourself , What's stopping you from doing the things you daydream about?
My Mom use to say to me, "What's the worst thing that can happen if you do that?" Surprise, the worst thing that can ever happen to you is Death!!, So, if it doesn't cause you to die, or others, then what you try and fail at is not the worst thing that happens to you.
Home grown wisdom.
The best answer I say to people who want to whine, is cheer up, things will change.
Day 1 has 5 pages to it. I will not be writing out all the information there.
Today's affirmation for becoming conscious
Every day, I consciously create my reality by choosing the kind of energy and emotions I want to live with.
I do best working from lists. So, for me I put in 3 things that I will intentional think about today.
What's on my list?
1. I will intentionally exercise my knees that hurt from arthritis. Move them or lose them even if it hurts.
2. I will go into my studio and clean and put away my paints and brushes before starting a new painting. I'm the worst at clean up.
3. I will start to plan and organize for the Thanksgiving dinner, and not leave all the cleaning and decorating for one day. I am a procrastinator.
There it is , the first day of intentions.
Best of luck, follow along, join in.
Be inspired,