Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 7 28 days to a more magnetic life

Day 7
28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Day 7
Affirming your life.
"All throughout this day, I live in affirmation!I take every opportunity to affirm myself, my resources, my power, and my joy. I positively acknowledge my life in every way."
OK, well lets start this day off. As you can plainly see, I have many days in between each day. For me, each of these assignments have to settle in. I have to find ways to incorperate them into my life. Sometimes, even writing my affirmations has to be scheduled. But, that's what works for me.
Affirming my life. I've been busy doing just that.
I listened to a tape of  Dr. Wayne Dyer, 101 ways to Transform our life. (maybe in the future I will be sharing each of those too.) But, for now there was one change he mentioned that just stayed with me and would not leave.
He said,  try and be part of the Global Change. Think in terms of Global help.
So, this week I joined UNICEF.
I am planning on hosting a fundraiser with a  vending table to sell my art note cards and give the proceeds to UNICEF to help children around the world.
On a more local level, I pulled a little girl and boy to give Christmas gifts this year.
My Intentions are this.
1. I am abundant, I have enough to keep myself healthy and happy. So, I will share my resources.
2. What do I have to offer? My artwork. I donate and will sell artwork to help raise money for organizations I believe in.
3. I will committee my time and effort to become knowledgeable on how to do this in a more effective way.
"Strong magnetic energies require a life force filled with a positive attitude, which can be greatly assisted by the ongoing process of affirmation.
My Reflections:
No French pastry or Belgium chocolate tastes as good as giving.
Affirmative Activities,
"Do mirror affirmations every day:  direct loving and encouraging thoughts to yourself while looking at your own image. If you say these out loud, your voice will amplify and double their energy in your life. Never pass a mirror without saying something positive to or about yourslf1"
When I was really feeling bad about myself, my life, my health, I actually posted yellow post-it's on my mirror and around my computer. I said them out load, to myself, and sometimes it worked and sometimes I said them with sarcasm. I also set my phone alarm to remind me to say a Thank You prayer. I had many bad negativity self talk habits to release.
Today's Affirming the Positive:
"I am beginning to make more and more positive interpretations about the experiences of my day. This upbeat mind set brings renewed optimism to every experience."
So what's on my list today..
1. The post-it's  will come back. I'm taking on a new physical exercise program and I will need to hear myself tell myself I can do it.
2. Setting up a Internet shop where I can start selling my art auction's for the fund raising I went to do.
3. I plan on enjoying my Art Reception tonight. Because even though being around people makes me nervous, showing my appreciation to those who took their time to meet me and see my artwork is a good thing.
Here is the website for Dr. Wayne Dyer
Be Inspired,