Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Creating your perfect studio

Creating your Perfect Studio
What does it take to make the perfect space for you to create your masterpiece?
There are lots of ideas in art magazines that can help you with this.
I have been trying for what seems like years to get my studio together. I use the word studio loosely here because what my studio is, is is a small bedroom in my home.
For years I painted on the dining room table. Each night putting everything away so we could have dinner on the table. Then I moved to a small card table, this I did not have to put away each night.
Once my daughter moved away from home I converted her bedroom to my studio/guest room.
It's really not easy to stay focused and be productive when your art supplies are all over the place.
It's so important to be comfortable in your space. Open the windows for light, get shelves up and  organize your art material, turn the heat up when it's cold.
The BIGGEST THING IS..When I'm painting in my studio I am not to be interrupted.
I do not have a computer in there, TV or my phone.
The best way for me to stay focused is to use my egg times for 60 min.
That's 60 min. of uninterrupted time to paint.
Do I listen to music?
Surprise, I listen to NPR radio.
I say paint, wherever you can, whenever you can. The most important thing is to paint each day. I try to do a little pencil work each day.
Practice, practise practise.
Not every painting will be framed. With me only one out of nine is framed.
Things to consider:
  1. Natural light. Open the curtains let the sun shine in.
  2. Work Space. Table, comfortable chair, plenty of room for an easel.
  3. Organization. You have to be able to find your art material quickly.
  4. Inspiration. Music, candles, flowers. Whatever it takes for you to be motivated and want to be in this space.
  5. Clean Up. Yes, you must clean up after each painting session. Nothing will kill the mood of painting then a messy table.
Be Inspired,