Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 8 , 28 days to a more magnetic life

Day 8
28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Taking Action
"Today I take some action toward the achievement of my goals. My action energizes my intention and tells the Universe that I'm serious about making my dreams come true."
OOOOOh today already has been tough and it's only 8:00. I've been up, meditated, eat breakfast and then immediately went back to bed. No, I'm not sick. A little bit of non-motivation has come to visit me.  It's the down after the up of a Art Reception. While the night was fun and well attended by a small group of artists. It was nice to talk to many people I have not seen for awhile, it was not the night I had thought it would be. In truth, it was a great night and I build these things up to be more than they are. So, just feeling a little down.
More action, more achievement towards my goals..... I'm feeling just a little lost today.
I will read on. Maybe just getting myself up and active will kick myself in gear.
"Action is the accelerate that will ignite your desires. If your goal is important to you, then moving forward must be an ongoing, daily priority. It's the combination of intention and action that stimulates Universal response."
Wow, there it is. "ongoing, daily priority." So there is no day off? I'm just asking. I usually tell young artists that it is the persistence that will make you good. The keep going, make a plan, stick to it. I have small plans now. It is the end of the year. By Dec. I have executed my ideas for the year and I'm winding down. My ideas list has been crossed off. But I do have one more thing that I will do today to end the year.
Activities for taking action
She lists 3 activities for today, I will be doing number 3.
"3. Remember your energetic action: positive and valuing thoughts for the mind, movement and rest for the body, meditation for the spirit, and love and compassion for the heart. All of these are important actions that will lead you forward on your path."
Yes, this one seems the kindness for me today.
Matthew and I are setting out to help Santa bring gifts to a little girl and boy who's family is in need of a little help this year. We want to make sure that these Children will know the magic of Christmas.
Ho,ho, ho! Merry Christmas to you and to all a good day.
I have joined the pool and maybe I will swim later today.
Action Affirmations
"I am dedicated to the success of my daily life. I continue to take action to make my thoughts more positive, my emotions more joyous, and my intentions more conscious and clear."
This is where my daily to do list comes in. It never fails me. If I put it on the list, I get it done. I have over the years created a discipline for myself that way.
I also find that if I put the timer to 15min and say, "for 15min I will do this or that" it is enough time for me to get myself moving.
So what's on my list for today.
1. Delivering my new Christmas Cards to the museum gift store. (a forward activity towards my goal as an artist.)
2. Shopping for Christmas presents for a little girl and boy. (compassion for my heart)
3. Swimming, ( I have already rested, meditated for my body.)
One word about meditating, only do it once a day for 10 15min. after that it just becomes daydreaming.
Be Inspired,