Tuesday, December 31, 2013

GOOD BYE 2013 HELLO 2014

Good bye 2013 you have been fun,
1. I turned 7 years past 50
2. mardi gras party and a trip to Cosmic Coffee
3.Broke my little toe, and then went to Las Vegas Nascar on the same day
5. framed and hung my Dali painting, !!!
6. signed up to participate in Mail art programs
7.Did 3 art exhibits
8. Went to Paris with Sarah, Las Vegas that is
9. Fell, sprained my ankle, next day went to Seattle, on my travel bucket list
10. Matt and Andrea got married
11. Went to s.Utah, AZ, NM archaeology tour
12. spent a week end a way to play golf
13. visited my Mom and family
14. won silver level for best artist , 2013 reader choice
15. Had a great holiday season.
16. Had the best doctors appt. in years
In between I have made new friends, lost some friends, started new projects, been apart of some amazing projects and mostly happy to be alive, strong, and doing well.
 Good bye 2013, HELLO 2014