Saturday, March 26, 2016

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Jean Hart Artwork 
Jean Hart artist* 

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

In times of trouble

Meditate, mixed medium, by Jean Hart

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.
~Eleanor Roosevelt 
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Monday, March 21, 2016

True North

Jean Hart Artwork 

True North, acrylic, by Jean Hart 
for sale

"You are only one thought away from a good feeling." Sheila Krystal
Spring is here and I'm opening the windows.
Be Inspired,

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Season of Change

I remember, acrylic 16x24 by artist Jean Hart 
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Season of Change
Jean Hart Artwork 

Wisdom for healing cards
Caroline Myss

Today's card is Practice Visualization,
Today's Lesson: Visualize what you need to heal or create in your life. The image needs to fill all seven chakras, so consciously place that picture into each of them. 
With your breath, animate those images, bring them to life, and fill your being.
Your goal:
to practice, and believe in the power of visualization. 
I like that well enough. I have done visualization before.
When I'm thinking about my healing I also like to add madras to the position.

click here for a good explanation of chakra madras.

Be Inspired,

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I feel Spring coming

Art O Mat blocks I've been working on 
Jean Hart Artwork 
Fine Art For The Finer Things In Life 
I just love daylight savings. 

"Any little bit of experimenting in self-nurturance is very frightening for most of us. "
~Julia Cameron
It's feeling a lot like spring where I live.
Spring Cleaning.....Yes, Yes, Yes,
Open the windows and let some fresh air in.
Part of being good to yourself is finishing what you start.
Basically, it comes down to finishing your chores.
For a very long time I never finished my laundry.
I would gather up the clothes, seperate them into darks and lights, put them in the washer, change them to the dry....and then go off and do something else.
They seemed to never come out of the dryer. I just could never complete this task.
It's a good metaphor for what was going on in my life.
I would start something, get busy, and not finish.
Needless to say, this led to a very unorganized studio.
So, for March my motto is 
"Clean up and Clear out and finish up"
I'm in the process of redoing my studio.
I'm sending most of my art supplies, paintings, and odds and ends to the community center. 
Tearing up the carpet, painting the walls.
I have a new goal.
My new art goal is to paint Art O Mat Blocks,
work with Zazzle to make fashion Designs, 
and prepare for retirement. 
Which means more travel.
What have you put on your vision board this year?
Be Inspired,
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These are my 
Inspirational quote 
Designs by 
Jean Hart 

March is Art Awareness Month

Jean Hart Artwork

Welcome March

March is Art Awareness month,
 which means art lovers everywhere need to share their love for art, or their favorite artist.  
Three Wishes, digital artwork by artist Jean Hart 

March's Aspects
This month was named after Mars, the god of war. In the Julian calendar, this month included New Year's Day, March 25th, when annual leases for homes and farms were signed. The beginning of the new year was moved to January later on, when the Gregorian calendar was instituted.
Full moon aspect: Storm moon
Universal event: Spring fires drying up the floods, materialization of the new year.
Message: To grow, to prosper, to explore
Color: Red, green
Tree: Alder tree or dogwood
Flower: Daffodil, jonquil
Creature: Sea crow, cougar
Gem: Bloodstone, aquamarine

Because March is Art Awareness month,
 I think I will challenge myself to paint something about March.
Whether it be a creature, a flower and a message in Red.
If you want to join in I would love to see what you create.
Be Inspired,

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome March
It is the first mild day of March.
Each minute sweeter than before...
There is a blessing in the air...
~William Wordsworth.

March has come to us with sun shining and new hopes for the New Year.
The only word I can think of for March is .
It is the Universal Rule,
That no matter your bounty you will receive more if you share.
March is not yet Spring, but less then Winter. 
 I find myself outside more often.
Share these sunny afternoons by taking a walk with someone. 
Share your clothes by cleaning out your closets.
If you have extra canned food, share that with the food bank.
If you have a dollar, share .30 cents. 
Drop that scarcity mind set. It will trap you into believing you don't have enough. 
Look around, lighten your soul and share. 
Be Inspired,

New Years life coach

Jean Hart Artwork 

So how is the New Year going for you?
If you're still in your comfort zone then nothing new can happen.

I'm looking for a life coach to help me make some changes in my life.
Any suggestions. 
be Inspired,

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fine Art For The Finer Things In Life, Newest Fashion Collection

Jean Hart Artwork 
Jean Hart Artist 
Fine Art For The Finer Things In Life 
It's here!! 
I've been wanting  to tell you for awhile, and now the wait is over.
I've been working on a line of  motivational sunglasses.
My brand new fashion designer sunglass line is officially launched! 
One of the first products I've designed for zazzle is the
 "Motivational Sunglasses",
 these fun sunglasses come with a little motivational quote on the side of the arm. 
I'm starting with a few fashion designs to get started. 
In my collection I have included some other artists from zazzle that you might enjoy.
I plan on expanding my designs to fit all the wonderful products zazzle has to offer. 
I invite you to visit my store often to see the newest fashion and home interiors as well. 
I dreamt of having a stationary store when I was younger.
 I kept that vision in front of me when I turned to art. 
As my artwork has expanded so has the product line at zazzle.
With this came great opportunity to make better stationary products and 
now a fashion line. 
Follow me here on my blog or at my online zazzle store,
for all of my new products.
They will add fun and inspiration to your life.
Be Inspired, 
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