Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I feel Spring coming

Art O Mat blocks I've been working on 
Jean Hart Artwork 
Fine Art For The Finer Things In Life 
I just love daylight savings. 

"Any little bit of experimenting in self-nurturance is very frightening for most of us. "
~Julia Cameron
It's feeling a lot like spring where I live.
Spring Cleaning.....Yes, Yes, Yes,
Open the windows and let some fresh air in.
Part of being good to yourself is finishing what you start.
Basically, it comes down to finishing your chores.
For a very long time I never finished my laundry.
I would gather up the clothes, seperate them into darks and lights, put them in the washer, change them to the dry....and then go off and do something else.
They seemed to never come out of the dryer. I just could never complete this task.
It's a good metaphor for what was going on in my life.
I would start something, get busy, and not finish.
Needless to say, this led to a very unorganized studio.
So, for March my motto is 
"Clean up and Clear out and finish up"
I'm in the process of redoing my studio.
I'm sending most of my art supplies, paintings, and odds and ends to the community center. 
Tearing up the carpet, painting the walls.
I have a new goal.
My new art goal is to paint Art O Mat Blocks,
work with Zazzle to make fashion Designs, 
and prepare for retirement. 
Which means more travel.
What have you put on your vision board this year?
Be Inspired,
stop by my online store. I'm busy making new merchandise everyday.

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Jean Hart