Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fine Art For The Finer Things In Life, Newest Fashion Collection

Jean Hart Artwork 
Jean Hart Artist 
Fine Art For The Finer Things In Life 
It's here!! 
I've been wanting  to tell you for awhile, and now the wait is over.
I've been working on a line of  motivational sunglasses.
My brand new fashion designer sunglass line is officially launched! 
One of the first products I've designed for zazzle is the
 "Motivational Sunglasses",
 these fun sunglasses come with a little motivational quote on the side of the arm. 
I'm starting with a few fashion designs to get started. 
In my collection I have included some other artists from zazzle that you might enjoy.
I plan on expanding my designs to fit all the wonderful products zazzle has to offer. 
I invite you to visit my store often to see the newest fashion and home interiors as well. 
I dreamt of having a stationary store when I was younger.
 I kept that vision in front of me when I turned to art. 
As my artwork has expanded so has the product line at zazzle.
With this came great opportunity to make better stationary products and 
now a fashion line. 
Follow me here on my blog or at my online zazzle store,
for all of my new products.
They will add fun and inspiration to your life.
Be Inspired, 
click here to see the collection