Friday, July 21, 2017

Jean Hart Artwork : Living your Truth

Jean Hart Artwork : Living your Truth: Letting go, acrylic, by Jean Hart  "Do not allow any negativity or ugliness in your surroundings  or anybody at all  to destro...

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Creative Life A thru Z~E is for Environment, Big Question

The Creative Life A thru Z

 Week Six 

E is for Environment
Jean Hart Artwork

The Big Question?

A lot of life has to do with the environment you surround yourself with.
This includes, body, mind, and spirit. 
Look around you, and keep your mind in the present moment. 
Do you want to know how it ends?

Stay focused, now close your eyes 
and imagine what outcome you want to have in a certain situation you have been thinking about. 
Journal activity:
Next, write down what needs to be done to make that happen.
Third, take one action today in that direction. 

Amazing things happen when you take the time for the mind and imagination to come together. 
Meditate with 
Two Minutes in Nature


Be Inspired, 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Creative Life A thru Z, E is for Environment

The Creative Life A thru Z

 Week Six 

E is for Environment
Jean Hart Artwork
Tree house 

One day I came home from work and there in the tree, next to the driveway was my son hammering away at slats of wood,  he was making a tree house out of the of wood he found around the house.  He has long since grown up and moved on to his own home. But, the tree house has stayed. It's filled with birds now. 
Not a day goes by that I don't look out my studio window and see that tree house and think of my son. I have painted this tree house a few times in paintings. 

Journal Activity:

1. Look out your windows. What do you see?
2. Pick a window and draw what you see, using the 
window frame as the boundaries for the painting. 
3. If you like it, transfer the drawing to a canvas and paint it. 

E is for Environment
Enjoying a clean environment is essential to having a creative life. 
Cleaning up is just put of life and being able to find what you need when you need it, is awesome
Studio Assignment:
1. Go through your materials and organize them.
Throw out old paint tubes, brushes, bits of pastels......
2. Arrange what is most used where you can easily find them. 

E is for Earth
Journal writing:
There are probably 101 ways to help the earth. 
For this week, look up ways you can incorporate an environmentally friendly idea into your own life.  
Find a task and write about it after you have completed the task. 
1. Is it something you think you can continue doing ? 
2. Is it something you are not already doing? 
3. How does it make you feel to do this task? 

Amazing things happen when you sit still and relax
Two Minutes in Natue

As always have fun with the Creative Life A thru Z
Be Inspired,

Monday, July 17, 2017

Friday, July 14, 2017

Jean Hart Artwork~60,000 Souls

Jean Hart Artwork
Jean Hart Artist

Fine Art For The Finer Things In Life 

Wonderful beautiful souls have come to visit my art blog.
Thank YOU!
Be Inspired,
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That's one whopper of a scandal!!

The Creative Life A thru Z~ living creative

The Creative Life A thru Z

Jean Hart Artwork

Rainbow Forrest, jean hart
What's the most creative 

thing you've done recently? 

Be Inspired,

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Creative Life A thru Z ~Drama Drama Drama

The Creative Life A thru Z

 Week Five 

D is for Drama 
Jean Hart Artwork

Drama Drama Drama 

I came across this wonderful story and 
I just had to share it with you for this week. 

The Song of the Pearl
An Ancient Gnostic Poem

The Song of the Pearl, "tells the story of the prince who wears a gorgeous jewel encrusted robe. One day his parents tell him that he must take off the magnificent robe and journey out from his homeland into an alien country where he will find a precious pearl guarded by a fierce dragon. He is instructed to tame the dragon and bring the Pearl back to the kingdom. In so doing he will be permitted to wear the robe again and share the sovereignty of the kingdom with his brother. The prince unquestioningly obeys the king and queen and well supplied with princely goodies sets off on his journey. On reaching his destination, he feels lonely and disoriented. He adopts the clothes and customs and language of the people and forgets who he is and why he is there. He falls into a sort of trance. Hearing of this, his parents write a letter reminding him of his regal heritage and his mission. They attach it to an eagle and dispatch the eagle to the prince. The eagle and the message awaken the prince from his trance. He hypnotizes the dragon with wondrous words and then, with the help of the eagle, he returns home, pearl in hand. He is warmly welcomed and delighted to gaze again on the glorious robe. He sees it reflecting the magnificence and unity of all creation. He covers himself with its splendour and joyfully takes his place beside his brother as crown Prince of the kingdom. "

An Ancient Gnostic Poem, The Hymn of the Robe of Glory, " The Song of the Pearl".

I'm still studying the myths and ancient stories, this is a story of the journey of human consciousness. Through the path of separateness, on towards the Divine journey home.
I present this to you to make your own interpretations and to see the wonderful symbols within this myth, it has survived the test of time in its perennial wisdom,
Please enjoy the story and the artwork.
Jean Hart

The Creative Life A thru Z ~D is for Drama

The Creative Life A thru Z

Jean Hart Artwork

The Big Questions?

Something to think about.......

Artwork by Jean Hart 

D is for Drama
Did you kiss someone today? 
Think about this and then in your journal 
Write the first sentence in your autobiography.
Be Inspired,

1101131440.mp4 a raven visit

This still amazes me.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Creative Life A thru Z - D

The Creative Life A thru Z

 week Five 

Jean Hart Artwork

D is for Donuts N Drama

"Delight in the Little Things." 
 Rudyard Kipling 

Years ago I found myself teaching in a preschool.
Each morning the children would come in, hang their coats, and sit at the table for breakfast. 
One of the best memories I have of one of these many breakfasts the school severed was homemade donuts. 
Warm and sugary straight from the kitchen. 
I'm not sure if this was teaching any of us about healthy eating or good nutrition, but those donuts were certainly a delight. 
You can make these wonderful delights as long as you have biscuit dough handy. 
So, that's what I did!
I invite you to make donuts too. Easy recipes are found on the Internet. 

Homemade Donuts, Delightful


shape the donuts

fry the donuts

toss them in the glaze 

                                         This was the first batch, since then I have gotten much better shaping the donuts and
 I'm working on a maple glaze. 

No, I'm not talking about personal drama here. 
I'm talking about PLAYS, Drama Theater 
Have you ever read a play? 
The format is different then reading a book, and interesting how the set is put together, and the actors directions.
I love live theater, if you have a chance to see a play performed on stage, GO!
 You can find live plays on YouTube. 
That's were I watched Neil Simon's play "Rumors."
The very first play I read when I was in theater was Neil Simon's "Star Spangled Girl". 
They made a movie of it too. 

This weeks assignment:

1.  Go to the library and pick up a play to read. 
2. Check out the plays on YouTube to watch.
3. Go to a live theater and see a play.

Journal Work:
1. Draw a one line drawing design . 
Lay the pencil down on the page and 
do not lift it again until you are done with your design. 

2. Make your own Logo Design with your initials 
Use the whole page and let this logo express who you are. Paint it, color it, glitter it up. 

If you need to be still and 
breath deeply before creating 
Two Minutes in Nature
is a good way to relax. 

As always have fun, like and share. 
Check back often as I found I'm always adding things to this list as I develop the curriculum.
Be Inspired,

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Creative Life A thru Z, The big questions

The Creative Life A thru Z

Jean Hart Artwork

The Big Questions?

Something to think about.......

I Remember, by Jean Hart 
Part of living a Creative Life is asking the big questions. 
This is the first of many question that I will be asking in this course. 

Sometimes really big wonderful things happen in your life.
 Big Things, right out of the blue. 
Do you know what happens just before something really incredible takes place? 

Think about it,
Be Inspired, 

First Tulips in Spring