Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Creative Life A thru Z - D

The Creative Life A thru Z

 week Five 

Jean Hart Artwork

D is for Donuts N Drama

"Delight in the Little Things." 
 Rudyard Kipling 

Years ago I found myself teaching in a preschool.
Each morning the children would come in, hang their coats, and sit at the table for breakfast. 
One of the best memories I have of one of these many breakfasts the school severed was homemade donuts. 
Warm and sugary straight from the kitchen. 
I'm not sure if this was teaching any of us about healthy eating or good nutrition, but those donuts were certainly a delight. 
You can make these wonderful delights as long as you have biscuit dough handy. 
So, that's what I did!
I invite you to make donuts too. Easy recipes are found on the Internet. 

Homemade Donuts, Delightful


shape the donuts

fry the donuts

toss them in the glaze 

                                         This was the first batch, since then I have gotten much better shaping the donuts and
 I'm working on a maple glaze. 

No, I'm not talking about personal drama here. 
I'm talking about PLAYS, Drama Theater 
Have you ever read a play? 
The format is different then reading a book, and interesting how the set is put together, and the actors directions.
I love live theater, if you have a chance to see a play performed on stage, GO!
 You can find live plays on YouTube. 
That's were I watched Neil Simon's play "Rumors."
The very first play I read when I was in theater was Neil Simon's "Star Spangled Girl". 
They made a movie of it too. 

This weeks assignment:

1.  Go to the library and pick up a play to read. 
2. Check out the plays on YouTube to watch.
3. Go to a live theater and see a play.

Journal Work:
1. Draw a one line drawing design . 
Lay the pencil down on the page and 
do not lift it again until you are done with your design. 

2. Make your own Logo Design with your initials 
Use the whole page and let this logo express who you are. Paint it, color it, glitter it up. 

If you need to be still and 
breath deeply before creating 
Two Minutes in Nature
is a good way to relax. 

As always have fun, like and share. 
Check back often as I found I'm always adding things to this list as I develop the curriculum.
Be Inspired,