Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Creative Life A thru Z ~ F is for Fun

The Creative Life A thru Z

 Week Seven

F is for FUN!!
Yes, Fun!, Of course it could be for Films, Foreign Languages, Food, Future, or even Five minute vacations.  
Let's shift our mind set to fun first. 
What is fun?
 Some people think fun is reading, being outside,
 or cooking in the kitchen. 
It's a very specific activity to you. 
What you think is fun someone else may not. 
I think anything that makes time go by quickly,
 something you are enjoying, you are having fun at. 

I like process. 
I believe my purpose is creating processes to get to destinations. 
In that thinking I like lists. 
I find lists help me be proactive, not reactive in my life. 
Life is suppose to be enjoyed, fun, and filled with love. 
I do activities which help me reach those goals. 

Benjamin Franklin said, and I quote,
"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." 

 In the pursuit of fun, wonder, and play. 
Let's get started.
Gypsy Women  (~jean)

"I'm see a fun activity coming your way."

Journal Writing Assignment: 
What will you do today that will make you happy in your tomorrow life?
The Future is in Your Hands
1. Write 8 questions about your life? 
 Relationships, passions, health, prosperity, desires,adventure, lifestyle, spiritual life. 

2. Make a paper " Fortune Teller", if you don't remember how to make these from your childhood, here is a video.

3. Decorate your Fortune Teller, place numbers on the outside tabs, 
on the inside choices use shapes and colors. 
On the hidden inside, write your questions. 

4. Play the game. Pick your squares. 
Now take a few minutes to sit still and meditate on this question. 
After you have meditated write down your thoughts about your future. 
Knowing full well that you are planning your future your way. 

I know that being in nature helps clear your mind and heal your body,
 sit in nature and meditate. 
Two Minutes in Nature.

5. Is there a active step you can take today for your life tomorrow? 

Five minute Vacations. 
Do you want more adventures in your life? More travel? 
I can't always go where my imagination takes me. But, since YouTube is only a few keystrokes away, 
I can go all over the world in minutes. 
I look up places in the world I would like to visit and watch these videos. 
Just watching them transports me to new places. 
It really feels like I have taken a five minute vacation and then I'm ready to get back to work. 
Let your imagination take you away!!

Art Assignment:
If you haven't yet read a fable, google one up. There are lot's to read and they are usually only a few paragraphs, and they all have a moral lesson. 
They are fun!!
1. Read a fable, and draw a picture of it. 

Jax Cat, thinks your doing well. 
As always, Have FUN  with this. 
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