Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014 Weigh in

Weigh- In Day
14.4 Total Lost
Officially I like to weigh in once every three weeks or a month.
Since I'm leaving for a retreat tomorrow, I thought I would see what I weighed before the retreat and again when I get back.
235.6lb, BMI 38.1, (yeah that keeps going down too)
need to lose 83.6
estimated date of goal Jan. 25,2015,
my calorie intake is 1420, goal is to lose 2lbs each week, which hasn't happened yet!!!
Well, at least it's going down. Better down then up. But wow, how slow this is.
I have been on a four day silent retreat. I had this great opportunity to stay home alone for 4 days.
 I followed I silent retreat program and did not leave my house for days.
Later, I will write about my experience with being silent.
However, no real exercise was done. 
Tomorrow I leave for an other retreat.
This is for health and recovery.
The activities will be; acupuncture, message, spa day, yoga,swimming, gym workout, sushi, movies, and shopping.
Hopefully you will see less of me soon.
Be Inspired,

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Aprils Aspects

April's Aspects
The Grandmother of Time
Zsuzsanna E. Budapest
The name of the lovely and exciting month of April is derived from April is, a Roman analogue of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and death. Her name seems to be rooted in the verb aperire, meaning "to open". Indeed, this goddess is the door of life, as often her pictures depict her, naked, with her hands pointing to her genitals to remind us of the passage through which we came into the world.
Full moon aspect" Seed moon, budding trees moon
Universal event: Nesting of the birds, royal symbol of the sun
Communal event: May eve, ushering in summer, dances around the maypole, symbolizing the Tree of Life, (time to clean your house, purify your altar, and anoint the sacred images of the temple.)
Message: To develop, to know, to enrich, to pleasure
Activity: To bend, to aim
Healing properties: Return the balance of nerves, cleanse and strengthen
Color: Crimson, green, brown
Tree: Alder, fern, willow tree
Flower: Sweet pea, daisy
Creature: Hawk
Gem" Diamond
April is National Poetry Month,
Here is a short spring poem,
"And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast
rose from the dreams of its wintry rest."
- Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Sensitive Plant 
Be Inspired,

Everything about Paris,

Everything About Paris

Once I started to read about Paris, I started to love scarfs.
It's a Culture question this morning,
True or False
Almost half of all Parisians are single.
There isn't much of a singles scene though, more than half of the singles are 65 and older.
lets see, 50% are single, 25% of them are 65 and older, so only 25% are available under 65....I don't know what the women to men ratio is.....but, sounds like a good time if your single.
Be Inspired,

Saturday, March 29, 2014

28 Days to a more magnetic life, day 26

28 Days to a more Magnetic Life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Day 26
Consciousness Quick Shift
"Today I'm going to play the game of Quick-Shifting. I turn any negative focus around by using all the tools of change available to me now, including deep breathing, smiling, and quick affirmations. "
An Apple A Day, Keeps you, happy, healthy, and wise. Jean Hart Artwork
Yes, Quick Shifting, that sounds like something useful.
I have been on my silent retreat, this is day 3. I have set out some rules for myself on this, since I'm doing it at home, alone. I have a wonderful opportunity to sit completely in silence.
This retreat is all about doing what is healthy and what makes me happy. There is a lot of chatter going on in my mind when I sit calmly and in silence. Surprising even to myself I am finding that sitting for just 20min is hard. So, I am now sitting with a notebook in front of me, so that when a thought is brought up I write it down. I can not really say that is meditating, but it certainly is mind clearing.
"When something is upsetting, you don't have to stay in that difficult place. You can shift your consciousness quickly by doing something else, this will change your energy rapidly."
Good, I'm right on track with this. I use a timer. I put 1 hour on the clock for whatever task I'm about to do. I don't want to waste a minute of this silent retreat. This gives me plenty of time to change my energies from sitting, to stand, to exercising. If it's something that I just can't stop thinking about, then I sit in my chair and with the intention of finding an answer I meditate.
Because this is more of a get me healthy, strong and happy, retreat. I am watching feel good movies too.
Yesterday, in the middle of the day!! I sat down and watched a movie, :-)
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
It was so GOOD. I'm glad I watched it. I am fasinated with India and this was a great way to see it.
Light, colors, smiles, the country teaches you about life.
I have the option to do something different right now, to move, breathe deeply, and visualize a joyous image.
Oh, I can not write this affirmation enough times. Opportunities are coming my way in lightening speed. Next week I am going to do two things I have only been talking about. The first is, I'm planning on seeing an acupuncturist, the second, I'm going to a Picasso & Wine painting class. We will be painting, "Katie's Flower". I'm so  excited!! I will have to break my no wine while dieting rule. Maybe break the dieting rule too.
Be Inspired,

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Art of Dealing in Art, The Auction House

The Art of Dealing in Art
The Auction House
  Well, just about anything can be auctioned. I donate many of my artworks to organizations who have silent auctions. A Silent Auction is when a piece of art or really anything for sale can be displayed and people silently bid on the items. It's different then a Auction House, where investors will come to a public gathering and start bidding and out bidding each other.
One of the oldest auctions houses is in Stockholm,"Stockholm Auction House in Sweden.
You will usually get a catalog detailing the works to be sold.
Other auction house that are popular are Christie's and Sotheby's.
The atmosphere of the auction is electrifying. With rapid bids being shout out from one bidder to the next, bidding wars bring the prices up quickly, but when the hammer goes down for the final time the art will go to the highest bidder.
Everyone enjoys a good deal on something they want.
I once went to an estate auction. We were given paddles with numbers on them. When you wanted to bid you raised your paddle up. I was so caught up in the excitement I probably paid way too much for this antique doll rocking chair.....but, boy it sure was fun.
I am donatint this painting to the Elko County Library for thier annual "Just Desserts" silent auction.
Sunflower, acrylic, 16" x 20", Jean Hart Artwork
click on this link to see Sotheby's auction, check out those prices.
Have fun,
Be Inspired,

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 25 Expectation and Visualization

28 Days to a more Magnetic Life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Day 25
Expectation and Visualization
"I expect happiness, wonderful experiences, and beautiful things, both in the future and in my daily life. I know that the quality of my life is up to me. "
OK, here we go. Expectations!!! Visualization!!! Whoaaaa,
I am planning a 4 day silent retreat for myself. Silent as in, I get to do whatever I want for the next four days. My expectations are HUGE. What do I visualize me doing.
Well, here is my list of activities.
1. meditate
2. eat well, with the least amount of cooking
3. wrap,ice and tens my knee.
4. paint
5. read a book
6. listen to TED Talks
7. watch netflix
8 write my journals
9. Exercise
10. Clean
Not so much in that order but pretty much that's what's planned.
here is a site to help you plan a silent retreat at home.
"You may not be aware of it, but there's likely to be a big difference between what you desire and what you really think will happen,. What do you really expect your future to be like? Most people want something different, but deep inside they anticipate more of the same. Unfortunately, the Universe can't reconcile such a drastic split in consciousness! You must become much more aware of what your real assumptions are, both for your future and for the day ahead."
This is a tough one for me . My daily expectations are what I put onto my things to do today...long term goals, well, they to go on this list, step by step. But there has to be enough flexibility in my day to change something. Go out to lunch if a friend calls, pick something up for someone else, or just yesterday run quickly to the eye doctor because my dry eyes are making me crazy.
What I am hoping for in my future is peace, health, love, and, some travel.
I have never been very good at visualizing and predicting where I will be in five years from now.
I can really only handle my day to day list. :-)
Activities for Expectation and visualization
"2. In the morning, take a moment to visualize happiness for the day to come. See yourself enjoying each activity, bringing love and vitality to it. the images you see in your daily life will shape the experiences you see in your future."
I found this fun site, and have been surfing all over it. Take some time to watch the video's.
Happy thoughts make for a happy day.
Affirmations for Expectation and visualization
"I live in an aware and conscious state. I expect a great life, now and always."
Love this affirmation. When I got hurt, my days were spent this way, get up, sit down, walk around the kitchen, sit down, rest, ice, sit, walk around the kitchen, sit, ice, rest. Do the dishes, sit, ice, rest. If something hit the floor it stayed there until Kerry got home.
So, now, anything I do beyond that routine is AWESOME.
Be Inspired,

Everything About Paris

Everything About Paris
 looks like I pulled a history question.
During World War ll, Germany occupied Paris for:
A. 1 years
B. 2 years
C. 4 years
D. 6 years
C. 4 years
France surrendered to German forces on June 10, 1940, and remained occupied until August 25, 1944. When Allied forces liberated the city. The first Allied force to enter Paris was the French Second Armored Division, led by General Philippe Leclerc.
I've been watching some of the movies that won awards last year. Funny how I did not see most of the winners. I came across this movie the other day, and while it is not about France it is a story during World War ll ,
"The Book Thief", great story, I suggest you bring tissue.
Be Inspired,

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 24, Living in the Present

28 Days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
That was then, this is now, The Here and Now
Day 24
Living in the Present
"All day today I'm practicing the art of staying fully present. I release the need to relive the past or worry about the future. I engage my true, creative power in the here and now.
The here and now. Well nothing gets me more into the here and now then planning my day. I am a creature of habit. I start my day with meditation binaural beats, ice, and my tens unit.
Next comes the morning know what I'm talking about.
This week we are getting Kerry ready for his birding trip. So supplies must be gotten, lined up, packed......These are my strengths .
"This moment is your window of opportunity. If you spend a lot of time brooding about the past or the future, you lose a valuable opportunity to shift into a power consciousness right now, perhaps an opportunity to relax, have fun, trust, enjoy, or just be at peace. Your indifference to the present tells the Universe that you dismiss the value in your own life, and that you can't be happy while you're immersed in your daily routine."
Ok, so here is what I'm thinking about this day. Part of me understands that I must live in the now, but, there is another part of me that is saying, "Do something today to make the future me happy."
I'm happy today because yesterday I went shopping and got fresh fruit and cottage cheese for this mornings breakfast. This makes me happy today because I am eating correctly for my health.
My daily list of things to do, well, oddly that makes me happy too. If I finish all the things on my list, whether they are happy things or not I feel accomplished. That too makes me happy.
I once heard this,
"Sometimes you have to do the things you don't like in order to do the things you like."
I think I got that off the show "The Love Boat", remember that show.
The thing is, you just can't do only things you enjoy, so be present in the things you have to do, because if something does not challenge you just a bit, it will not change you.
So, yes, "immersed in your daily routine." and be thankful for it.
Activities for Being Truly Present
2."Stop dismissing the value of what's going on now, and waiting for the good life to begin sometime later. Before you consider any present moment as insignificant, think of the many options it may possess. Focus on the world around you, shift your consciousness, see the beauty. create value by taking energetic control of the moment yourself,. Be the person you want to become right now!
 "Be the person you want to become right now!"
Yes, funny sometimes I forget that people know me as an artist, that is until I start getting requests for donations. I have to remind myself that this too is part of who I want to be in the public eye. My art is so personal that sometimes I'm caught off gaurd that my work is requested. But Yesterday I said I wanted to be an artist, Today I paint, and Tommorow I will be asked to donate and exhibit.
Truly Present.
So here's a little something I have just started to do. I have a kindle and I can watch movies on it. So, lately as an award for doing all those things in my life I don't want to do, I have set some afternoon time down to watch the award winning movies I missed last year.
I watched, "Wolf of Wall Street", LOVED IT.
next I watched "Dallas Buyers Club", LOVED IT MORE, warning this movie will linger and stay with you awhile,
Yesterdays movie, "The Book Thief", bring tissues.
The point is I wanted to see these when they were playing in the theater, but they either didn't make it to my little town or I got busy. A Missed Opportunity for living in the present. So, now in my here and now I am seeing them.
Affirmations for staying Fully Present
The energy of now creates the momentum of my future life. I let go of fear and doubt and choose to be happy now!
I got this one, I'm here and now, and also, my future because I plan on living to be 600 years old!
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weigh In Day

Weigh In Day
Yeah!! I lost a pound.
236lbs. brings it to 14 pounds gone.
BMI 38.2, only 83.6 pounds to go.
Now I should be happier. If someone can tell me why I'm not jumping around ecstatic I would like to know.
It seems like it's taking forever to get out of the 230's. One little pound at a time. So, my next goal is to at least bring it down to 235 or break into the lower 30's.
This last week I did not swim once! I did yoga everyday but yoga doesn't burn the calories like swimming.
Someone I know when I asked him, "if he had any suggestions on how to lose weight? Told me, just drink ice cold water and chew your food one hundred times."
Well at the time I didn't think much of that advice.
I did read that eaters anonymous recommends sitting with your meal and taking 20 min to eat whats in front of you.
Here's a link that I'm thinking of joining.
I have some pretty bad habits when it comes to how I eat. I am often found nibbling as I walk through the kitchen. I eat in front of the TV, Kindle, Computer, and even in my car.
All of which need to be changed.
Although, I am now very good at keeping my diary, measuring my foods and exercises, I could do better at actually enjoying my food.
I have one week before I go on vacation. I would like to seriously put into practise some of these suggestions.
It's a long journey and believe me there are times when I just want to break off from all this. But, it is the pain in my knees and back that remind me each day that I have to lose this weight. I made a promise that I would not look to pills or surgery until I have honestly lost this weight.
I am doing this with, fresh foods, no diet program food, hard exercise and determination.
My 30 day program is still in place and I believe this is a good time to put 3 of these suggestion on the board.
Be Will , Be Strong, Be Inspired,

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Steps to Effective Composition

Steps to Effective Composition
It's a check list for design.
By Elizabeth Gilbert
I cane across this check list and thought it was a good tool to use when designing a painting.
You must learn the principles of composition before you are able to critique your work.
I hope these steps will help you make a pleasing composition for your next painting.
Spring Creek Marina, acrylic, Jean Hart Artwork
  1. Decide what you want to communicate. Know the goal you're setting out to accomplish regarding the subject and mood.
  2. Experiment with canvas or paper shapes. Instead of a horizontally oriented rectangle, try vertical formats, circles, panoramas, or even triptychs.
  3. Consider a dynamic viewpoint. Beginners are prone to recording scenes as they see them from eye level, but looking up or down on your subject can add drama and impact.
  4. Establish your focus. Avoid placing your focus in the center, instead, divide your canvas into thirds vertically and horizontally, and place your focal point on one of the four areas of intersection.
  5. break up the monotony of the picture plane by visually dividing it into sections that vary in value and hue.
  6. Lead the eye into and around the work with curves and diagonals that extend beyond the edges of the paper or canvas.
  7. Create a sense of depth by including overlapping objects and employing linear and atmospheric perspective.
  8. Emphasize the focal point using advices such as line, color, and contrast.
  9. Avoid symmetry and visual clutter.
  10. I hope you find this helpful.
  11. Be Inspired,
  12. ~jean


The Weigh In
I'm back from a great vacation. We went to Las Vegas for NASCAR.
So how did I do?
Well, honestly my food was good. We went to Walmart and got fresh vegetables, and fruit. We Barbecued each night. But I wasn't sure if the good food choices were going to out weigh the drinking!!
I also had a day of carnival eating, corn dogs and funnel cake...I love that stuff.
I did excellent walking up that hill to the speedway. I walked, and took the ramp instead of the elevator and played corn hole. So, yes all the training for this trip paid off.
But, by the time it was time to come home my ankles were so swollen I couldn't walk. I don't know what that was about but it took almost 3 days for them to go down once I came home.
The good news is ......I lost 1.5 lbs. So my total is 12.8lbs making my BMI 38.4, I need to lose 83.6 more pounds and the estimate time for this lost will be Jan. 17th, just before my birthday.
It's going slow but constistant. I love yoga the most, but it is the swimming that burns the calories. I am in training for a 1 mile walk I signed up to do in Idaho Falls in April. It's called Paces for Payton, a little girl needs a heart transplant. Anything with heart failure is close to my heart.
I love Yoga the best. Sarah and I will be going to our first Holi Festival this May. The Festival of Color is a celebration of spring, new beginning, and love.  It is from the Hindu religion.
We are super excited about that adventure.
Be Well, Be Strong, Be Healthy,
Be Inspired,
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New design for the Namaste collection by Jean Hart
Reach For The Stars

Everything about Paris

Everything about Paris

The Gallery, Jean Hart Artwork
Off the Beaten Path
Which stop on Le Metro Does not feature Elaborate artwork?
A. Louvre
B. Abbesses
C. Liege
D. Chateau d'Eau
D. Chateau D'Eau
This louvre stop is a museum unto itself, with elaborate marble work and art right in the station. It isn't the only artistic station: Abbesses features murals alongside a  spiral staircase that leads to an Art Nouveau entrance, Liege is paneled with beautiful tiles, and Varenne, near the Rodin Museum, houses a replica of the Thinker.
Chateau D'Eau station
I will have to get use to using a metro startion.
Be Inspired,

Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 23, of the 28 Days To a More Magnetic Life

Day 23, 28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
I'm back!! What a great time we had at NASCAR in Las Vegas. This was our 3rd time going with Sarah and Steve, so I guess it's a tradition now.
Sunny Days in the high 70's , we all got sunburned.
Lucky all our drivers made it in the top 10. YEAH!!!!
Today is
True Deserving
I love this one, I also love this quote on the picture,
" Today I affirm and embrace my unconditional worthiness. I'm completely deserving of beautiful blessings just as I am."
I love this, yes I am deserving and worthy. There may have been a time when I did not believe this, or thought that I had to sacrifice for the family. But, I'm older now. I have needs that must be meet and put on the priority list. Just yesterday we were in Costco and they have their bathing suits out. I put one in the basket and Kerry said "you already have plenty of suits.". ....No, the ones I have are fading and the stretched. I want to look good and feel good while I exercise. ....Oh, it's my weakest flaw, I love fashion. But, my point is, in the past I would have put it back. Thinking I shouldn't spend the money, or yes I have a bathing suit and it does what it needs to do.
Unconditional worthiness, begins with ME.
" Seeing yourself as deserving is essential to both your happiness and your magnetism. If you don't believe that you're worthy, your desires will be driven by fear, and your ability to receive will be conditional at best. but your deserving doesn't come from things like a special degree or a fancy car, or anything else external to your soul. Your worthiness comes from your Divine legacy, your eternal identity. You're a child of God, and your value never varies."
Did you catch the last sentence, "You're a child of God, and your value never varies."
I have learned a great deal about the value of eating correctly. I use to buy very genetic food and cheap foods. But, since I have been on this journey to lose 100 lbs and exercising,  and getting healthier. I can tell you I deserve to eat well. Eating a better quality of food tastes better, and without knowing it, I eat less because it is just more satisfying.
This is making me feel better and deserving. So when I say, I need a better fitting bathing suit, it's not because I just want it. It's because I deserve it by putting in the swimming time EVERYDAY.
Deserve and want are different things. But, again, those that know me, Know I say you can have both. Both and anything you want, if you plan for it.
I could have a new bathing suit for everyday of the year, if I save the money, continue to swim everyday and do my part to be worthy of it.
Just wanting things, is not being deserving, or worthy. That's how I see it.
OH, my tax lady says my business can continue next year. Jean Hart Artwork lives on!!
Why, because, I do the work, not because I want it to and think I deserve it to just continue on.
That's the difference for me.
2. redefine your worthiness according to the fundamental truth of your Divine legacy. Know that this eternal connection is the source of your receiving. Unite with this source and open up to the joy, success, love, and real gratification that your true identity deserves."
Affirmations for True Deserving
"My spirit is strong and present. Divine love and unconditional deserving are with me now."
This day has been more personal. Thinking of myself as worthy and deserving is a hard lesson. I have put myself behind everyone for a long time. It is not an easy lesson, and believe me, sometimes I sound selfless. I just have to ask myself , why I think I deserve it or what is my worthiness to it.
I will share this with you. When I find something that brings me joy and happiness, it is not only me who benefits from it. My family is truly enjoying my bucket list, because most of the time I bring them along with me. :-)
Be Inspired,
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The weigh in

In January I had a birthday, and started my transformation. I didn't know I was fat!!!, Someone had to tell me that. So, on January 18th, I decide to lose 100lbs. Funny how I never saw myself as a overweight person. But, now that is all I see.
My weigh in was 250lbs, that should have tipped me off but I was busy recovering from my slipped disc and just happy to be on my feet each morning and able to walk.
So the journey begins. ..........I added to my phone an app called Lose It, which counts my calories, and figures out how many calories I burn with exercises and has challenges each month. My calories change each time my weight changes .
So, I started at 250lbs and today I'm at 239, 11lbs gone.
I exercise each day, just can't get the right calorie count without it. I joined in on yoga, I tread water, and have just added treadmill walking.
I had to buy a new scale although I will not be going on it each week, because when it goes up I'm depressed, when it stays the same I mad. So, I figure if I lower my calories each week and get on the scale about every 2-3 weeks, I should see results. I'm just that emotionally unbalanced that this little scale could ruin my day.
I invited you to join in with me and encourage each other. The next weigh in will be the end on March.
Be Inspired,

Monday, March 3, 2014

Walking my little heart out

Please, come join me in my journey to lose 100lbs.....this is my first walk

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 22, 28 days to a more magnetic life

Day 22
28 Days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
my body art om tatoo's
Power Believing
"Today, I'm injecting more power into my beliefs. I believe in myself, in my power to choose, and in my ability to change. Today, and always I only believe the most honoring and empowering conclusions."
There it is ....Believing in yourself. I think of this as power thoughts, because once again if you know me, you know I believe in thoughts becoming things. The thoughts you think are the very things you are or become.
"Your beliefs form your thoughts and emotions, and as such, they're the source of your electromagnetic resonance. No matter what you've been taught, you have the power to choose what you want to believe!"
I don't have much more to say about this. My life is an illusion of thoughts. So many times I have said something or asked for it and well there it is. My husband often  says to me when something good happens, "It's nice to be in your life." Well, yeah!!!
I asked for a studio cat and she not only showed up the next day in my garage, but she showed up pregnant....Matt asked for kittens. :-)
Unfortunately, I asked for an art studio last month, and got it, but later decided I didn't really want to be tied down to mandatory hours. This has left me depressed, because if I don't want to teach art, paint or take commissions anymore,
What is it I do want?????
Be careful what you ask for.
Activities for Developing Powerful Beliefs
"2. Spend some time writing down some new beliefs about yourself and your life. Define yourself without limitation. Also write new conclusions about the abundance in the Universe and spirit's loving assistance in your life."
I have just ordered my personal notebook from zazzle.
I will be using this to help define my newest adventure.....
I want to become a meditation instructor.
I have registered and can hardly wait for the Wanderlust retreat.
My life's thoughts are on how to become stronger in mind, body and spirit.
My healing has been long...And it is not done yet!!!. But each day I add to healthy thoughts. Each day I do yoga, swim, and just yesterday I have started walking again.
If I am to think of myself without limitations, then I must be able to do all the physical activities I want to do.
Join me in my journey to lose weight, become active, and plan for unlimited adventures.
Traveling is high on my adventure list, but so is hiking, camping, and rafting.
So this note book will be full of making notes for the plans, then notes during the adventure, and finally how I felt about the task.
Affirmations for Power Believing
"I choose beliefs that encourage and value me. Through my beliefs, I create the reality I desire. "
I still write these affirmations in my note book each day. I have many notebooks. Some are for affirmations, others are for poems I write and I like, some are goals, others are for future adventures.
It comes from my old fashion schooling. Read, write,and recite.
This little book has been fun. I think that it has offered many good ideas. I can not believe how long it has taken me to get through it. Now, it will be another week before I come back to it. I'm headed out for an adventure and will tell you all about it when I return.
Be Inspired,

Everything About Paris

Everything About Paris
Which of the following is of French Origin?
1. French Fries
2. French Toast
3. French Dressing
4. none of the above
4. None of the above
The French fried potato dates from the mid 1800's and is generally believed to have originated in Belgium. French toast probably started as a grilled toast popular in the French Quarter of New Orleans. And the tomato based French dressing is a complete impostor, appearing first in the U.S. and rarely seen elsewhere.
Oh, this so got me!!!!
Be Inspired,