Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 24, Living in the Present

28 Days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
That was then, this is now, The Here and Now
Day 24
Living in the Present
"All day today I'm practicing the art of staying fully present. I release the need to relive the past or worry about the future. I engage my true, creative power in the here and now.
The here and now. Well nothing gets me more into the here and now then planning my day. I am a creature of habit. I start my day with meditation binaural beats, ice, and my tens unit.
Next comes the morning know what I'm talking about.
This week we are getting Kerry ready for his birding trip. So supplies must be gotten, lined up, packed......These are my strengths .
"This moment is your window of opportunity. If you spend a lot of time brooding about the past or the future, you lose a valuable opportunity to shift into a power consciousness right now, perhaps an opportunity to relax, have fun, trust, enjoy, or just be at peace. Your indifference to the present tells the Universe that you dismiss the value in your own life, and that you can't be happy while you're immersed in your daily routine."
Ok, so here is what I'm thinking about this day. Part of me understands that I must live in the now, but, there is another part of me that is saying, "Do something today to make the future me happy."
I'm happy today because yesterday I went shopping and got fresh fruit and cottage cheese for this mornings breakfast. This makes me happy today because I am eating correctly for my health.
My daily list of things to do, well, oddly that makes me happy too. If I finish all the things on my list, whether they are happy things or not I feel accomplished. That too makes me happy.
I once heard this,
"Sometimes you have to do the things you don't like in order to do the things you like."
I think I got that off the show "The Love Boat", remember that show.
The thing is, you just can't do only things you enjoy, so be present in the things you have to do, because if something does not challenge you just a bit, it will not change you.
So, yes, "immersed in your daily routine." and be thankful for it.
Activities for Being Truly Present
2."Stop dismissing the value of what's going on now, and waiting for the good life to begin sometime later. Before you consider any present moment as insignificant, think of the many options it may possess. Focus on the world around you, shift your consciousness, see the beauty. create value by taking energetic control of the moment yourself,. Be the person you want to become right now!
 "Be the person you want to become right now!"
Yes, funny sometimes I forget that people know me as an artist, that is until I start getting requests for donations. I have to remind myself that this too is part of who I want to be in the public eye. My art is so personal that sometimes I'm caught off gaurd that my work is requested. But Yesterday I said I wanted to be an artist, Today I paint, and Tommorow I will be asked to donate and exhibit.
Truly Present.
So here's a little something I have just started to do. I have a kindle and I can watch movies on it. So, lately as an award for doing all those things in my life I don't want to do, I have set some afternoon time down to watch the award winning movies I missed last year.
I watched, "Wolf of Wall Street", LOVED IT.
next I watched "Dallas Buyers Club", LOVED IT MORE, warning this movie will linger and stay with you awhile,
Yesterdays movie, "The Book Thief", bring tissues.
The point is I wanted to see these when they were playing in the theater, but they either didn't make it to my little town or I got busy. A Missed Opportunity for living in the present. So, now in my here and now I am seeing them.
Affirmations for staying Fully Present
The energy of now creates the momentum of my future life. I let go of fear and doubt and choose to be happy now!
I got this one, I'm here and now, and also, my future because I plan on living to be 600 years old!
Be Inspired,