Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 25 Expectation and Visualization

28 Days to a more Magnetic Life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Day 25
Expectation and Visualization
"I expect happiness, wonderful experiences, and beautiful things, both in the future and in my daily life. I know that the quality of my life is up to me. "
OK, here we go. Expectations!!! Visualization!!! Whoaaaa,
I am planning a 4 day silent retreat for myself. Silent as in, I get to do whatever I want for the next four days. My expectations are HUGE. What do I visualize me doing.
Well, here is my list of activities.
1. meditate
2. eat well, with the least amount of cooking
3. wrap,ice and tens my knee.
4. paint
5. read a book
6. listen to TED Talks
7. watch netflix
8 write my journals
9. Exercise
10. Clean
Not so much in that order but pretty much that's what's planned.
here is a site to help you plan a silent retreat at home.
"You may not be aware of it, but there's likely to be a big difference between what you desire and what you really think will happen,. What do you really expect your future to be like? Most people want something different, but deep inside they anticipate more of the same. Unfortunately, the Universe can't reconcile such a drastic split in consciousness! You must become much more aware of what your real assumptions are, both for your future and for the day ahead."
This is a tough one for me . My daily expectations are what I put onto my things to do today...long term goals, well, they to go on this list, step by step. But there has to be enough flexibility in my day to change something. Go out to lunch if a friend calls, pick something up for someone else, or just yesterday run quickly to the eye doctor because my dry eyes are making me crazy.
What I am hoping for in my future is peace, health, love, and, some travel.
I have never been very good at visualizing and predicting where I will be in five years from now.
I can really only handle my day to day list. :-)
Activities for Expectation and visualization
"2. In the morning, take a moment to visualize happiness for the day to come. See yourself enjoying each activity, bringing love and vitality to it. the images you see in your daily life will shape the experiences you see in your future."
I found this fun site, and have been surfing all over it. Take some time to watch the video's.
Happy thoughts make for a happy day.
Affirmations for Expectation and visualization
"I live in an aware and conscious state. I expect a great life, now and always."
Love this affirmation. When I got hurt, my days were spent this way, get up, sit down, walk around the kitchen, sit down, rest, ice, sit, walk around the kitchen, sit, ice, rest. Do the dishes, sit, ice, rest. If something hit the floor it stayed there until Kerry got home.
So, now, anything I do beyond that routine is AWESOME.
Be Inspired,