Wednesday, March 19, 2014


The Weigh In
I'm back from a great vacation. We went to Las Vegas for NASCAR.
So how did I do?
Well, honestly my food was good. We went to Walmart and got fresh vegetables, and fruit. We Barbecued each night. But I wasn't sure if the good food choices were going to out weigh the drinking!!
I also had a day of carnival eating, corn dogs and funnel cake...I love that stuff.
I did excellent walking up that hill to the speedway. I walked, and took the ramp instead of the elevator and played corn hole. So, yes all the training for this trip paid off.
But, by the time it was time to come home my ankles were so swollen I couldn't walk. I don't know what that was about but it took almost 3 days for them to go down once I came home.
The good news is ......I lost 1.5 lbs. So my total is 12.8lbs making my BMI 38.4, I need to lose 83.6 more pounds and the estimate time for this lost will be Jan. 17th, just before my birthday.
It's going slow but constistant. I love yoga the most, but it is the swimming that burns the calories. I am in training for a 1 mile walk I signed up to do in Idaho Falls in April. It's called Paces for Payton, a little girl needs a heart transplant. Anything with heart failure is close to my heart.
I love Yoga the best. Sarah and I will be going to our first Holi Festival this May. The Festival of Color is a celebration of spring, new beginning, and love.  It is from the Hindu religion.
We are super excited about that adventure.
Be Well, Be Strong, Be Healthy,
Be Inspired,
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