Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weigh In Day

Weigh In Day
Yeah!! I lost a pound.
236lbs. brings it to 14 pounds gone.
BMI 38.2, only 83.6 pounds to go.
Now I should be happier. If someone can tell me why I'm not jumping around ecstatic I would like to know.
It seems like it's taking forever to get out of the 230's. One little pound at a time. So, my next goal is to at least bring it down to 235 or break into the lower 30's.
This last week I did not swim once! I did yoga everyday but yoga doesn't burn the calories like swimming.
Someone I know when I asked him, "if he had any suggestions on how to lose weight? Told me, just drink ice cold water and chew your food one hundred times."
Well at the time I didn't think much of that advice.
I did read that eaters anonymous recommends sitting with your meal and taking 20 min to eat whats in front of you.
Here's a link that I'm thinking of joining.
I have some pretty bad habits when it comes to how I eat. I am often found nibbling as I walk through the kitchen. I eat in front of the TV, Kindle, Computer, and even in my car.
All of which need to be changed.
Although, I am now very good at keeping my diary, measuring my foods and exercises, I could do better at actually enjoying my food.
I have one week before I go on vacation. I would like to seriously put into practise some of these suggestions.
It's a long journey and believe me there are times when I just want to break off from all this. But, it is the pain in my knees and back that remind me each day that I have to lose this weight. I made a promise that I would not look to pills or surgery until I have honestly lost this weight.
I am doing this with, fresh foods, no diet program food, hard exercise and determination.
My 30 day program is still in place and I believe this is a good time to put 3 of these suggestion on the board.
Be Will , Be Strong, Be Inspired,