Thursday, June 29, 2017

Essential Imagination

Jean Hart Artwork 

"No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination. "
 Edward Hopper 
So true, when you need a little imagination, What do you do? 
I doddle!
Yes, just holding the pencil in my hand sometimes helps me to come up with something imaginative. 

I'm back to line drawing. 
What a fun way to doddle when you just need some inspiration.

Be inspired,
Currently in progress is the curriculum for
The Creative Life A thru Z

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Two Minutes in Nature bubbling stream

The Creative Life A thru Z week four

The Creative Life A thru Z

 week Four

Jean Hart Artwork

What's cooking 

C is for Cooking
Recently, I had a visit with my brother and his daughter.
She had just graduated from high school and
 was on a summer vacation with her dad to visit us,
 and see our grandson.
 We were planning our meals for the week,
 when the conversation lead to our favorite childhood foods. 
We settled on Mom's potatoes salad. 
A truly wonderful dish that says summer. 
We made our grocery list
 and came home
to prepare the potato salad for the next days barbecue.
Mom never wrote down her recipes, to our frustration,  
she just added a little of this and a little of that. 
Isn't is funny how we all remember things differently? 
Between the both of us we managed to make this family favorite 
and come up with a close enough recipe of Mom's potato salad that it inspired family stories.  
Memories in the kitchen are a great way to share your life stories with others. 

This weeks assignment :
C is for Cooking 
1. Sit quietly and remember a time when you were enjoying your favorite childhood food. 
2. Look at your weeks menu and see if you can make it this week. 
3. Share in the actual cooking with family and friends. 
4. Enjoy the meal, and share the history of this favorite childhood food with family and friends. 

Journal Work
Better Together, by artist  Jean Hart 

1. In your journal start to draw circles. Circles of all sizes,  fill up the page with circles.
The circles can be touching, inside each other, or separate.  
2.Now, with your art supplies, pens, marker, paints. 
Fill in the circles with color.
3. Note which colors you used most, or which color is the most pleasing to you. 
How are you responding to particularity colors? 
Do you have a favorite color?

COLOR Therapy 
Color therapy is an interesting subject. 
I have read many books on this and studied the color wheel for painting. 
I came across this website about the Psychology of Color.
Since, I'm doing a sampling of my curriculum here with you  online,
 I thought I would share this website with you here. 

Cook Books
Do you have a favorite cookbook?
Reading recipes makes me feel like a chemist. 
I'm a very good cook! Why? 
Because I follow the recipes. 
Break out your favorite cookbook, 
or good to a second hand store and find an old time cookbook that's
been very well used. 
Here is a cookbook from a restaurant I'm hoping to visit in my travels.

Two Minutes in Nature, bubbling stream 
Take two minutes to simply breathe deeply and imagine putting your feet in a cool stream.

As always, be inspired, and  have fun with the assignments. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Creative Life A thru Z -Summertime

The Creative Life A thru Z

Jean Hart Artwork
Summer Time, Spring Creek Marina by Jean Hart 

It's Official, 
It's Summer
 where I live. 
Summer time fun!!
While I look at my Calendar
 I can see that June is just about over! 
I don't want to miss one day of summer. 
So, I'm putting together a summertime fun list. 
I'm wishing you a very happy, healthy, fun summer. 
Share some of your most fun summer activities here. 
I think making a sand castle at the beach sounds fun. 
Here is a really High Energy Meditation for today.

Be Inspired, Be Creative, Be YOU

Friday, June 23, 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Creative Life A thru Z week three B is for Beyond

The Creative Life A thru Z

 week three

Jean Hart Artwork

If you will allow yourself to go beyond your imagination,
 you will be surprised by all the interesting things that will bubble up!

You have made it to the B week

B is for ~  Beyond

This week we are going to go beyond our imaginations. 
Just like our many names described who we are,
 our stories shape where we are connected. 
As time goes by, we enter into different chapters of our lives,
 people come and go, family expands or decreases, 
and we are older and wiser.  
Your story, past, present, and future. 

This week you will need:
1. Your lined Journal
2. Paints, markers, pens, etc...
if you wish to express yourself in that way.
3. Bubbles
This weeks assignment:

Writing your truth

1.  Write your story past and present in the first three (3) pages. 
2. The next pages are for the life you would like to live Beyond this point.
a. What would you like to be doing?
b. Where would you like to be?
c. Why do you want this for yourself?
d. When do you see this happening? 

In my experience with writing this way, 
I found that even if I went a little beyond the real possibility of this happening, there still was some truth to it.

It's play time, time to go beyond your imaginations. 
1. Think of three intentions that will help you make this future life story possible. I always like to start these intentions with the words "I will..."
2.  You will need a bottle of bubbles for this.
Say your intentions out loud before blowing a bubble, 
or blow your intentions silently into the bubble.
Watch it float up into the sky,
and once the bubble has burst 
your intention has been released  
into the universe.
3. Do this again and again until the bottle of bubbles are gone.

As always have fun with this. 
Be Inspired,
If you are enjoying this workshop share, comment and like.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My Creative Process Works

I'm adding these videos to my Creative Life A thru Z program. I love the high energy of these videos.

Check them out, let me know what you think.

Be Inspired,


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Journal Work

Jean Hart Artwork

How long has it been since you did 

journal work?

Over the years my journals have taken on many different forms.
Scetch books, lined books, and blank pages. 
What I find is that if I'm away from my journal too long, my mind gets easily cluttered. 
As an artist I am always looking for new ideas. I want my artwork to be new and fresh. I was reading about Whistler, he was concentrating on composition and balance in grey and black. This made me think that it's been a long time since I have done black ink work. This little piece is what I call doodling. But I can see how this might be a real piece on canvas with black paint and maybe red hearts. 

One of my new things is to sit outside now that I have the time to really enjoy nature. 
I have started to meditate ourtside in nature for only two minutes and would like to share this with you. 
Just to relax and breath deeply while looking at nature is so calming and centering. It is a wonderful to begin the day or end a day. 

Please enjoy my video.

Be Inspired,

Geology in a Minute- Glaciers

Two Minutes in Nature Power House Stream

Good Morning.

Two Minutes in Nature

Take a little time to breath and center yourself before the day begins.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Creative Life -June

The Creative Life
A thru Z 
Jean Hart 
Welcome.If you have just joined me for this Creative Life course I invite you to go back to the first blog to learn about me and this online course. 


Use the power of your imagination everyday.
artwork by Jean Hart

June's Aspects
Taken from "The Grandmother of Time, Zsuzsanna E. Budapest
This month of June received its name from the Goddess Juno, protector of women and marriage. This is where the custom of June brides originates. This month has many flower festivals, rose parades, weddings, and dances. Midsummer Night is a major international holiday for lovers, for divining the future, for building bonfires, and for jumping them for good luck.
Full moon aspect: Mead moon, strong sun moon
Universal event: The sun is moving away from the earth, but the constant moon prevails. The summer is peaking out, all ripens and gets ready for the harvest.
Communal event: Midsummer Night and Day. This is usually a three day festival featuring dancing in the woods, with religious ecstasy. This is a time to gather all the tribes together, travel home to the old homestead, visit family and kin. All restrictions of chastity were lifted at the time, marriage proposals and weddings are lucky now.
Message: to bond, to lead, to rule
Activity: Endurance and triumphant fulfillment
Emotional mode: Bonding, loyalty
Healing properties: To make Strong, to cleanse, prevention and protection
Color: Purple, indigo
Tree: Oak and mistletoe, symbols of the male principle. This is the time for ritually cutting mistletoe and catch it in a white cloth so that it never touches the ground
Flower: Rose
Creature: Wren
Gem: Pearl, moonstone, alexandrite

This is a little extra activity I have added to this course. 
As part of my  journaling I find writing my intentions on the full moon a fun activity. 
Because you will be burning your writings.  I feel it truly allows for you to be as open and honest about your intentions as possible. 
No one else is to read these writings, so....write from your heart without fear. 

On the full moons I like to sit quietly and write out my intentions for the future. Planting the seeds of love, prosperity, good health and so on.
This year Kerry joined me in a Moon Meditation and afterward with made a fire and burned our intentions for the Universe to read.
We will not have another Friday the 13th Full Moon until 2049. I will be 93 years old, I'm not sure I will see this again. I'm so happy I got to share this with Kerry.

Be Inspired,

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Creative Life A thru Z Week 2

The Creative Life A thru Z week two

Jean Hart Artwork

The Creative Life 

A thru Z 

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. 
Joseph Chilton Pearce
Use the power of your imagination everyday.
artwork by Jean Hart
I hope you had an exciting time at the art supply store.
I can't wait to see what everyone makes with new and interesting material. 

A is for Affirming Yourself

To start this weeks assignments you will need your sketch journal,  
pens, marker, paint, whatever you want to create with.

When we are thinking about where we are in the world or who you are I like to start with affirmations. 
There will be two parts to this weeks assignment. 

1. Let's start with who you are. What names do you answer to? Maybe you have a nickname, your relationships with family, friends, co workers. 
Do you like titles such at Mrs., Mr., Ms. Dr. .
We you many people to different people, but all of them make up who you are. 
On the first side of the paper write your name, and all the names you go by.
Make them big, small, upside down, bold. Fill the who page and color it in. 

2. Affirmations. I like affirmations but like it has been said before,
affirmations are only words if they do not motivate you to move. 
Pick three (3) preexisting affirmations that really speak to you. 
Something that you could really believe. 
Next, write three (3) that you make up. 
These will truly be words from you
 and should be words that will motivate you. 
Lastly, take all six (6) affirmations and write them on the back side of the name page. 
These will become your motivation affirmations. 
Once a day for this next week, write out all six affirmations. 
Write them each three times.

Here's what will happen, 
each day you will start writing the affirmations, 
day by day one or two of the affirmations will fall away, 
don't worry that's ok. 
Because by the time the seventh day comes 
you will be naturally only writing one affirmation three times. 
That's the affirmation that will become your motivation and motto!!  
Now, for those who are feeling more energetic, you can continue on to find your most powerful  A word.
 Fill a new journal page with this one A word 
in all the most creative ways you can think of. 
It sometimes helps to sit with nature and breath deeply before doing a creative project. 
Have fun with this, take your time, and as always be inspired,

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Creative Life A thru Z week one

Jean Hart Artwork

The Creative Life 
A thru Z 

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. 
Joseph Chilton Pearce
Use the power of your imagination everyday.
artwork by Jean Hart
Welcome Back.
Thank you for joining me here for another day of 
The creative life.
If you have just found me, subscribe, like, and share. 
You wont want to miss any of the activities. 

This week I would like you to collect the art materials we will need for many of the projects. 
For most of the projects I used colored pens, markers and colored pencils. I also bought watercolor paints and acrylic paints. 
You will need a tablet of paper or a medium size journal. 
We will use the journal for writing and drawing. 
I like to gather all my supplies into a big cloth bag. 
This keeps them handy for when I'm traveling or go to the park or coffee shop. 
Along with the art supplies you will need a scissors, take, and glue. 
I like to create with music on so I bring a cd player too. 
I guess you can say that the first assignment is to go to the art supply store. 
Walk all around and explore what excites you, what you would like to try that 's new, and what looks fun. 

What are the colors that call to you?
What is the size of the journal you will be comfortable working in? 
What kind of music will you be listening too? 
Now: find a new supply item that you have never used. 
What did you find? Tell us in the comments. 
I would like to create a global community of creative thinkers here. 
Be inspired, be creative, be you,