Wednesday, September 30, 2015

100 prints

Jean Hart Artwork 

100 prints 5" x 7" , 
Days 19, 20, 21, 22

Day 19, Grosverners Arch
Day 20 Metropolis Arch 
Day 21, Ruby Dome, NV 

Day 22 , Cowboys 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

100 prints

Jean Hart Artwork 
One print for 100 days for $10.00 each. 
All artwork is done by Jean Hart. 

Each day I will upload a new print of my artwork . The challenge was given to me to post a print of my artwork for 100 days.
These prints are 5" x 7" and will sell for $10.00 each. 
Starting Sept 1 , 2015
If you are interested in buying one of the prints just message me here. 
Be Inspired

Perfume and Fine Art

Perfume and Fine Art 
go together like a 
Romance Novel 

I have been looking for a personal fragrance for awhile now.
I have my favorites of course. 
My all time fragrance was Safari, but it has since been discontinued. 
I have a small amount left and only use it on 
My next favorite is Chanel No 5.
This summer I tried Channel's Chance. 
I loved it for summertime, so light. 
But what I'm reading about now these days is a signature fragrance.
When people smell it they know you are near.
Smells can transport you through time and space.
When I smell Emerald I remember my younger self  living away from home going to college. 
Smells can bring up memories, all kinds, good and bad. 
The newest thing is now is to compliment your scent with your partners. 
The scents play together to create a thrid scent. 
UMMM. not so sure I'm looking for that.
I rather like the idea of having my own signature fragrance. 
But if your interested in matching scents, kinda like the couple wearing the same shirt pattern.
You can find them at the higher price perfume conters. 
What do you ?
How sweet the couples match/ or too much?  
Be Inspired,

Time Out

This is how I'm French Kissing Life Today.
Even though Thursdays are my busiest day, I'm taking 20 min to read this beautiful cooking magazine. 
How do you take time for yourself during the day?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Fair is never a Disappointment

The Fair Never Disappoints 

The Fair never disappoints.
I love putting my artwork in the fair. I've done it for years.  I have volunteered for the Fine Art division when I belonged to the Elko Art Club. 
I have won many awards too.
I once had an instructor, and professional artist herself tell me,
Why I asked, she said it degrades your work. No one will take you seriously as a Fine Art Artist.
Well, I beg to disagree.
I have enjoyed being part of my communities Country Fair for years. I have meet many people who know my artwork because I put work in the fair.
I once thought my goal would be to entry one painting for each category, oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, graphic....but that hasn't happened even though I have a year to paint for the fair. 
I even sponsored an award through Jean Hart Artwork to support an emerging young artist. 
I guess what I'm saying is DON'T BE AFRAID TO ENTER THE FAIR. 
Yes, your work will be judged, yes, you may not win a ribbon, and yes, the excitement of walking through the doors to see your work hung publicly is the best feeling. I promise you every time you do it. 
Thank you to the Elko County Fair. 
It was an awesome weekend. 
I rode the Ferris Wheel, eat fair food, watched horse racing and visited with friends I only see at fair time.
So, start painting for the Fair it's only 12 months from now.
This is my challenge to all artists, enter the County Fair.
Be Inspired,

Friday, September 4, 2015

2015 Fair Entries

Jean Hart Artwork
These are my fair entries for 

1. Cello Player, acrylic 12 x 16  $150.00

2. Emerge II, acrylic 8/10, $100.00

3. Bowl of Fruit,  acrylic, 12/16 $150

4. Wild red poppies color pencil, 5/7   $75.00 

I will come back this weekend and let you know if they got any awards!

\Be Inspired,~jean 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday Throw Back

To Be in the Arms of Love

I have been taken,

numbed, dumbed and stunned

into the arms of love.

Would you kindly turn yourself

inside out and twist

your heart just so

to be in the arms of love.

If you would, could you please

remove all logical though

and expose yourself emotionally

to be in the arms of love.

Buckle up for the ride of love

is intense.

You have no idea how steely

you must be

to be in the arms of love.

From my book 
Artwork and Poems 
From my Heart.
Books have long since been sold out. 

Be Inspired,

From my book "Artwork for my Heart"

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Elko Daily Free Press nominations

The Elko Daily Free Press Reader's Choice nominations are out for 2015.

I am so happy to see that Sarah Sweetwater is nominated this year for the Best Artist in Elko.
She is a pillar of the art community who's influence expands far beyond the city of Elko. I would like to invite anyone who has pictures of her artwork or a personal story of how she has inspired you in your life, to share your post on my Facebook page.

Sarah Sweetwater was my first art instructor at Great Basis College. She has been very supportive of me though my own professional art career and development. She was the first person to encourage me to show my artwork publicly. Since then my children have also had the pleasure of her art instruction during her time teaching at GBC.

She has my vote and I would like to encourage others to show their appreciation for her by casting a vote for Sarah Sweetwater as Elko's Best Artist for 2015.

~Jean Hart