Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Elko Daily Free Press nominations

The Elko Daily Free Press Reader's Choice nominations are out for 2015.

I am so happy to see that Sarah Sweetwater is nominated this year for the Best Artist in Elko.
She is a pillar of the art community who's influence expands far beyond the city of Elko. I would like to invite anyone who has pictures of her artwork or a personal story of how she has inspired you in your life, to share your post on my Facebook page.

Sarah Sweetwater was my first art instructor at Great Basis College. She has been very supportive of me though my own professional art career and development. She was the first person to encourage me to show my artwork publicly. Since then my children have also had the pleasure of her art instruction during her time teaching at GBC.

She has my vote and I would like to encourage others to show their appreciation for her by casting a vote for Sarah Sweetwater as Elko's Best Artist for 2015.

~Jean Hart