Thursday, September 10, 2015

Perfume and Fine Art

Perfume and Fine Art 
go together like a 
Romance Novel 

I have been looking for a personal fragrance for awhile now.
I have my favorites of course. 
My all time fragrance was Safari, but it has since been discontinued. 
I have a small amount left and only use it on 
My next favorite is Chanel No 5.
This summer I tried Channel's Chance. 
I loved it for summertime, so light. 
But what I'm reading about now these days is a signature fragrance.
When people smell it they know you are near.
Smells can transport you through time and space.
When I smell Emerald I remember my younger self  living away from home going to college. 
Smells can bring up memories, all kinds, good and bad. 
The newest thing is now is to compliment your scent with your partners. 
The scents play together to create a thrid scent. 
UMMM. not so sure I'm looking for that.
I rather like the idea of having my own signature fragrance. 
But if your interested in matching scents, kinda like the couple wearing the same shirt pattern.
You can find them at the higher price perfume conters. 
What do you ?
How sweet the couples match/ or too much?  
Be Inspired,