Thursday, January 31, 2013


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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Psychology of color

Psychology of color
Still Life, by Jean Hart
The psychology of color.
I love bold, bright colors. They don't always go with everything I paint. Most of the time they will not go in someones house. But, it's what I like and so I paint with dramatic flair.
Color has a lot of meanings, culturally and personally. What do you think of when I mention the color blue? Which by the way, the majority of people choose blue as their favorite color.

painting in progress Jean Hart
We associate colors with everything from moods to seasons to special events. But some colors are linked to physical reactions within our brains.
When you are painting, take in to consideration the effect your work has on the viewer.
Here are the most common associations for colors.
Yellow, joy, sun, Summer, cowardice, vitality, bright, friendly
Red, danger, blood, anger, passion, spicy, seductive, exotic

  • Green, nature, spring, health, fertility, envy, nausea, fresh, organic,
  • Purple, royalty, wealth, creativity, feminine, dreamy
  • Orange, fire, autumn, citrus, invigoration, refreshing, energetic
  • If your on a diet, consider wearing yellow and red, studies have shown that these colors speed up your metabolism.
  • Be Inspired,
  • ~jean

Tuesday, January 29, 2013





Technical Tuesday-horse drawing

Tuesday Technical Day
Where I live in Elko, Nevada we have a whole week of Cowboy events.
It's called Cowboy Poetry.
So in honor of that, I thought it would be fun to learn how to draw a horse.
I found a exercise that looks pretty easy to follow along. The exercise is by Eileen Sorg.
I have not painted many horses, in fact I think I have only done one. Animals have a different structure to them and so I think it is important to understand their anatomy.
Here we will study the head of a horse.
  1. Shade the muzzle, nostril, and eye with blue-gray; then add blush pink to areas on the muzzle and nose. Lightly stroke orange on the upper part of the face and nose, as well as around the muzzle, jaw, and neck. Use heavier pressure for the inner ear, mane, and eyelashes.
  2. Fill in the rest of the head and neck with brown, avoiding the orange areas. Trace the outline of the eye with dark brown.
  3. Apply dark brown over the brown along the base of the mane, behind the ear and jaw, and around the eye. Fill in the iris with the same color. Use black to deepen shadows and to fill in more of the eye, mouth, and nostril. Finally, add highlights to the mane and nose with yellow.
Have fun with this exercise. Go slow, and practice, practice, practice.
Be Inspired,

Monday, January 28, 2013


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a brave butterfly

I enjoy putting words and music to my artwork,
Please enjoy this little story of a brave butterfly.

Blue Monday-finding sublimity in our surroundings

Blue Monday

Rise and shine!
It's Monday.
Raise yourself out of the past and into a new day.
Look who has come to join me for breakfast.
It's hard to feel too blue when I look out my window and see this.
How can you not look at nature and not be inspired?
Walt Whitman said,"A morning glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books."
What would the landscape look like without nature. Surely what would artists paint, photographers shoot or poets write about.
Here's a thought for today.
Without nature what would the major master pieces of artwork be?
Nature is everywhere, landscapes, seascapes, animals.
Now think, what is the rest of the artists painting if not nature?
My guess is the relationship people have to nature, abstract, man-made structures and feelings.
Nature has colors and shapes we can all relate to easily. Without too much thought we recognize trees, mountain, oceans.
A question for today,
Why do humans feel so moved and inspired by nature?
Today's challenge is for you to draw something in nature to moves you in an inspired way.
Be Inspired,

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Welcom to my Blog,  Happy New Year 2013

Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday......I challenge you to go around your town and take pictures of pink things.
Support Breast Cancer Aware all year!
Be Inspired,
( yes, you may have seen this smile before, I'm collecting my old blogs that got lost in cyber space, one blog at a time I'm finding them)
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Strength to know when to let go

I pulled the Strength card this morning in my near future tarot reading.
It says
"Love conquers all. Avoid pettiness and prejudice. The to be a peace maker. Weigh all sides of every situation. Don't be so set in your ways that you miss the big picture by focusing on details. Stubbornness is your challenge of the moment."
Interesting.......Making myself strong in body and mind as been a bit of a challenge. Building my strength in body just so I can carry my own suitcase when traveling or my own baggage when not.
The greatest part of this is I know the sun will come up and the moon too.
Right now for this day and days to come,I think that my strength will show from having the strength of heart to hold others close and let them go all at the same time.
Be Inspired,

Friday, January 25, 2013

Fine Art Friday, Mary Cassatt

Fine Art Friday
Mary Cassatt,
I love her work. Her paintings have such a true connection with family, mothers, daughters and life.
She was considered an Impressionist who dealt mostly with motherhood.
Even though the Impressionist movement was a group of mainly French artists Mary Cassatt and just a few others came from other countries.
Mary Cassatt was an American artist who eventually left the Impressionist movement and claimed to not belong to any movement.
She is a wonderful inspiration to all artists.
Here is a complete biography of her life.
Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy her artwork, she is well worth the time to sit with her masterpieces.
Day Dreamer, pastel, by Jean Hart
Be Inspired,

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Box Theory

Very Icy roads today. Since I stayed home I thought I would write a little story.
Please enjoy my story and artwork,
Be Inspired,
The Box Theory
Story and Artwork

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Has a work of art ever revealed to you a profound truth about our world?

Has a work of art ever revealed to you a profound truth about our world?
I painted this fine art piece for an exhibit I did on "Human Life".
The tile is "Plant Food Not Fuel".
Today's question is
Can the creation of art add meaning to a person's life?
Jean Paul Sartre,
"If literature isn't everything, it's not worth a single hour of someones trouble." -Sartre
Jean Paul Sartre was a famous 20th century philosopher, a French Existentialist.
In his philosophy he was aware of the power of images on people's beliefs. Sartre sees art as an intellectual pursuit and believes, "that every artist must commit to bettering society and taking responsibility for his or her work".
I agree with this statement. I have always believe artists can paint and record history. I too believe there is so much power in images. I do not like to have to explaine my artwork because by doing so it really takes away their own experience of the art. Each person is drawn to art and images by their own emotions. 
Once you have painted a picture, it lives on in the minds of those who have viewed it long after the artist has moved on.
Creating beauty, with meaning.
Here is my exhibit of my paintings I painting for "Human Life" exhibit.
Please enjoy my artwork.

click on link below to read more about Jean Paul Sartre,
Our challenge for today is for you to paint something that is important to you about Life, Earth, the World.
I love My World and so I painted a painting to show my gratitude from this wonderful place we call earth.
Be Inspired,

Monday, January 21, 2013

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Jackson Pollock

Red and Black Hearts, Jean Hart,*
It's about this time of year I start to think I should be paintings hearts for Valentines.
I gave myself a little challenge to paint for an exhibit called,
"I'm a Fool for Love"
It will be full of hearts and love and lots of emotion.
I came across this painting I did some years ago. It must have been during my Jackson Pollock period.
Viewing Jackson Pollock paintings you would think that he just leaves the paint to fly across the canvas with no real thought to where its going to land.
But, no, he paints with intention and his works are filled with cathartic emotions energy.
His techniques are from dripping, to splattering and pour paint onto the canvas. Sometimes he uses sand or glass to add texture to his paintings. Later his technique came to be known as Action Painting.
For me this technique was very hard. My mind would not let me be that free and my paintings ended up with recognizable shapes.
So today's challenge is to let yourself be free to drip, splatter, and pour.
It is lots of fun.
Be Inspired,

P.S. Some of Jackson Pollocks most famous paintings are: The key, 1946, Number One, 1950 Greyed Rainbow, 1953

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a very blue monday

I don't know where my old blog post went, I miss it. Now I have a new place. I looks similar but we shall see. I had to create a new blog page...a new new name.....I hope it all works.
very sad today, somethings just don't need to be changed. I lost my circles of friends. I hope I can find them again, or they will find me.
Be Inspired,