Friday, May 30, 2014

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Weigh In Day

Weigh In Day
Oh Blast!!!
 Well I am sure it was bound to happen.
With all the parties, the drinking and not being able to swim. I gained 1 one.
First time since I started this journey.
Yes, it depressed me. It feels like I have wasted the whole month......
So did I eat?
Well let me tell you a little story about last night.
Never underestimate the power of a good friend.
Last night my art group went out to dinner. I immediately saw Montichrsto sandwich on the menu.
I said, yes, that's what I'm having. They are the deep fried three Decker sandwich that no one should eat. I was the last one to order. The waitress took the orders around the table, shrimp, shrimp wrapped in bacon, turn, I just said halibut too, please. The words just fell out of my mouth. I fully intended to have the Montichristo, but I just couldn't order it.
This morning was weigh in and I may have gained but I don't think it was because I eat fish.
I looked up an interesting website this morning. I'm not on a diet plan. I count calories.
But I looked up
Food Addicts Anonymous
FAA Basic Food Plan
BreakfastLunch(4 hrs. after breakfast)
(5 hours after lunch)
(Metabolic Adjustment)

(4 hours after dinner)
1 Protein1 Protein1 Protein1 Dairy or 2 oz. Protein
1 Dairy1 Cooked Vegetable1 Cooked Vegetable1 Fruit
1 Fruit1 Fresh vegetable1 Fresh Vegetable
1 Grain or Starchy Vegetable1/2 Daily Oil1 grain or starchy vegetable
Men: add 1 fruit or 1 grain, or 1 starchy vegetable 1/2 Daily Oil
I found this site to have lots of information. I'm not sure how many calories this day is, but I think it's a lot less then I'm eating now. I eat way more protein, veg and fruit.
I have printed this and put it on my refrigerator and I'm going to use it for a week and see how I feel.
Weight gain happens. One pound could easily be water weight, muscle gain, or fat. But, the important thing is, it is just one measurement on this very long journey.
Get back on track with the next meal.
I'm so thankful for me friends. They would have let me have the montichristo, because they are not judgemental.....but I know that because we are all trying so hard. Being in good company and eating well just feels better.
Be Inspired,

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial May Give Away

Artist Jean Hart

 Free 5" 7" print of Jean Hart Artwork .

If you like and comment this post, your name will go into the basket. I will draw out the winning name on May 31st.
Be Thankful, Be Grateful. Be love

StartGate Series

Stargate Series

StarGate Series

I am celebrating my third  year of recovery from Heart Failure.
These are a series of painting I did to capture the journey I had while In the emergency room. My heart rate dropped down into the 30's. I was experiencing heart failure.  
Be Inspired,

What My Soul Wants Me To Know

What My Soul Wants Me To Know

cards by Denise Linn
Being the change I want see
Peace and Namaste
This weeks card is
 Truly, it could not have come at a better time. I have so many projects started and laying around unfinished. It certainly is time to focus.
What does focus mean when you pull it from a deck of cards.
Here's the way I do things. I let destiny pick the card.
I have every bit of faith that my watchful guides are picking the right card for me to work on for this week.
"Card meaning: What you focus on is what you create, so put your attention on thoughts that are beautiful, worthwhile, and loving. It's time to focus your intent and your passion on one thing, rather than being scattered in different directions."
Yes, one thing at a time. Really, I'm no good at multitasking. I have laundry in the dryer, clean dishes in the dishwasher, art supplies scattered from the dinning room to the studio, empty coffee cup in the car....oh yes, the list goes on.
It's true I'm scattered.
It's not just about cleaning up, or even putting things away....I get started then the time gets away from me.
This is what I find on the subject of Multitasking and Focusing.
Explains a lot for me.

Lack of Focus

When working on several tasks as once, such as talking on the phone, checking your email and writing a report, you can lose the focus required to adequately complete one item. Too many distractions break your concentration, which requires more time to come back to one task, find where you left off, and try to recreate your thought pattern. In their book, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Mindfulness," Anne Ihnen and Carolyn Flynn discuss the bad effect of multitasking that does not allow your brain to rest between tasks, which wastes time in refocusing on the most important duty that must be performed.
Houston Chronicle
Here is a website to help explain some of the bad effects of multitasking.
I don't feel so bad after reading this article.
Here is what my soul wants me to know:
"Your Soul wants you to know: What you see around you is the result of what you focus on. When you direct your thoughts toward good, you attract positive experiences and people into your life; but when you focus on what isn't working, you create even more challenging situations. If you aren't pleased with the direction of your life, concentrate on what you desire, not on what your don't want......"
Lately, I have been without much energy. Focusing just on one thing, instead of looking at all the projects that are in front of me sounds better.
I have been working off a list, and I notice that there is one thing that just keeps getting put on the next days list over and over again. I'm not sure when I will get to it.But it's still on my list.
This week I pulled out the calendar. I started to look at the summer months and started to fill them in for activities. I made reservations, booked rooms, events, and planned for trips.
With that done, I now have a good idea of what I must save from the budget.
ADVENTURES was on my list for the new year, and it was getting put off each week.

Today's Affirmation:
"All of my thoughts are directed toward my highest good!"
My Soul List for this week looks like this.
1. Finish my wooden Cane.
2. Finish my sewing project. It's a very cute Hotel Key Holder. :-)
3. Finish my new painting
4. Write one love letter
5. Keep up on Yoga, taking one week off kinda got me off track
If I do one thing each day I will feel very focused and accomplished for the week.
Be Inspired,

Here are new luggage tags I have designed for new adventures.
You can customize them with your own name .

Sunday, May 25, 2014

In memory of Gay Carrillo

 In memory of Gay Carrillo
 A dear friend and inspirational artist.
Barbara, Jean, Gay, Dee, Vicky
I found this poem and it made me think of Gay.
“An Artist's Prayer"
By Rachel Heffington

I've seen the Master Artist's brush
In deer so quiet, dusky-shy,
I've seen His charcoal pencil trace
A tree against the evening sky.
His watercolors have I glimpsed
In fragile petals of a rose.
A pastel masterpiece I view
Each time a day is at its close.
I've seen His sculpture in the way
The waves conform the rippling sand,
So Lord, please take this amateur
And guide my ever-blundering hand!
I saw Gay mostly at our art workshops "Attitude Adjustment".  
Gay could paint with all the mediums, watercolors, oils, pastels. She would bring them in boxes all nicely organized. I believe her hand was guided by the Master himself.
Her paintings are so full of life, not unlike herself.
As I grew to know Gay, I found that she had a wonderful sense of humor. Always with a smile on her face, a welcoming wave and always a story.
She told us about her trips, her family, and always brought the best desserts, not just for us, but for Tootsie, Vicky's dog, who sometimes stay with us at art workshop.
It was my honor to know Gay. She encouraged me as a painter and listened to me as a friend.
I will miss her dearly.

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It's time to travel. New from Jean Hart Artwork, original fine art design luggage tags

Weigh In Day

Weigh In Day
May 29th, 2014
That's the next weigh in on the scale.
But there are different ways to measure your success.
Lot's of things have changed since I started this journey in January.
Measuring changes can be seen more in my attitude about food. The dinner plate above looks pretty full. Look closely and you will notice that 3/4 of the plate is vegetables and fruit, pasta is 2 tablespoons and the chicken is about 2 oz.
I am determined to lose weight by eating real food. Mostly not processed but fresh. I am not losing my weight with shakes, protein bars, fasting or paying for pre-made meals.
I want to learn to eat and control myself with real food, homemade meals. I have to cook every day for the family so why would I punish myself by starving, eating separate special "diet" foods, or shakes. That's not living.
I wish I had taken my measurements when I started in January.
It's a good way to measure how you are doing when the scale wont move!!
Here I go.....
I started at a size tight 22W and I'm now wearing pants 16W
Neck 16 1/2"
Bust 48"
Upper arm 15"
Waist 44"
Hips 49"
thighs 24 1/2"
Calf 15 1/2"
Those are my numbers, I thought about not posting them, but then that would not be looking at myself honestly. If I needed anymore motivation , well here it is.
I will take measurements every 3 months. Remember my estimated goal is Feb. 14th, 2015.
This is not about , quick loss, it's about permanent weight loss, life style changes, and getting healthy.
It's the small things that change at different intervals that keeps me motivated.
I hurt my toes doing my 5K walk last week. I went to the doctor to make sure they were not infected. She told me to stay off them for one week and not to swim for two weeks.
Even doing yoga last week at home hurt my toes!!!
But I can't not exercise. It's a routine I have put into my day and know that it is helpful for my weight loss plan. Not to mention, my knees, back and joints.
It would have been easy for me to say, Great stay off my feet and watch TV.
NOPE!!! Don't go there.
I looked up on YouTube some chair exercises to do . There are many to choose from so each day you can do a different one.
Next week I will be back to yoga classes.
Peace and Namaste
Be Inspired,

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Keep on Walking

Keep on walking
Rest and Recover, acrylic, 11" x 14" Jean Hart Artwork

Recovery isn't a goal, but a process that continues each day. You are always repairing and renewing and regenerating yourself.  After my 5k walk I was feeling so awful. My toes turned purple, because of ill fitting shoes.
Here is a website that will help you to pick the right shoe for you.
I will recover and I will walk again. In fact I just signed up for another walk in July.
Yep it's another 5K.  
I went to the doctor to make sure my toes were not infected. She said to stay off them for a week, no swimming for 2 weeks, keep them dry and uncovered, and use neosporin. Good chance I will lose 2 of the toenails. :-(
While I was resting and recovering this week, I had a chance to watch a few movies.
Here is my list, enjoy.
1. Summer in Feb.
2. Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas
3. Carolina
Sarah's Flower, watercolor, digital artwork, Jean Hart Artwork

Staying home gave my an opportunity to work in the studio. This is a digital painting of the flower painting Sarah and I did on Mother's Day.
Later next week I will make a few zazzle products with this image.

Be Inspired,

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Interview with an Artist

Interview with an Artist
Jean Hart
What is it that you say about your artwork when people ask you???
Do you explain HOW you make it, prepare canvas, brushes, paint mixes, or do you explain WHY you choose this subject.

I think another artist might be interested in how I constructed my painting, but if I want someone to be interested and connected to my artwork they may be more interested in
What motivated me to paint it.

I do a lot of conceptual artwork. People have gotten use to my paintings having a deep meaning within them, the subject, the color, texture ect...
 But, sometimes a flower is just a flower,
and,when that happens, I like to listen to how my audience tell me their interputation of my artwork.
Spring Creek Marina
That's fun too!
Just something to think about when look at  the story of a  painting.
Rainbow Forrest
Key to my Heart
The Red Apple

Be Inspired, Be Creative, Be Original, Be You,

The Second Season of Change

The Second Season of Change
Change, Transformation, Reinvent.
Whatever I'm calling it, it's time to start working on it.

"There are three constants in life....Change, Choice, and Principles."
OHHHHH Here is Today's Card
Wisdom for Healing
Caroline Myss
May's Flower, acrylic, Jean Hart Artwork

Say that again, become better.
This is the whole reason for the transformation.....
Today's Lesson:
"Discover one thing that would make you better and more empowered at what you do and who you are, and make it a part of your routine. If this is difficult, identify why becoming "better" is something you wouldn't want to do.
Your Goal;
to recognize how and why you sabotage your empowerment.
My list is long on this one. I hate how some days go by and I'm not sure what I have done with it.
When I sat in my silent retreat I was so focused not to waste a single minute of the time. But since then I have become slow to get things done.
I have a good routine, but, if someone was to call and invite me to do something else. Well, off I would go. I work from home, my art studio is in my house. I think the one thing that would make me a better artist would be if I went in there everyday, set a time that was studio time and keep to it.
I'm good for a few days at a routine, but slowly it drifts from me.
This summer, exercise will be set at a breaking speed. My daughter will keep me to my yoga schedule. As far as dieting....right now I'm having a hard time getting back on board from the parties and vacations. I suppose that too could be considered self sabotaging.
I walked a 5k last Saturday, I did great. I shaved 8 min off my time. Unfortunately, I also had too tight of shoes and my toenails are purple. I will probably lose one or two nails. I now have to reconsider my walking training for awhile. This has depressed me this week. Also I have to stay out of the pool for 2 weeks. Again, not the news I wanted to here.
Getting back on my feet will take some time to heal. I have since researched about the proper walking shoe. I will walk again in time
This will make me a better walker, in time.
Some lessons are harder then others.
The things I would like to become better at.
1. time management, I don't want to waste a minute of my life.
2. continue working in my studio, my art is taking on a new look. Not sure why. Style and growth are never static. So, I'm just going with it.
3. Continue getting stronger, exercise, yoga, swimming, whatever , it has to be part of my day. I am easily distracted.
4. set priorities, set studio time and stick to it. It use to be that I could not paint, just to paint. I had to have a reason to paint, exhibit, show, rotating art, commissions, etc. . Now it just has to be something that I want to paint, for no reason except to learn a new technique.
5. Learn to heal myself. After visiting the doctor this last week, I realize the medical profession is not going to help heal you. So many changes, I'm not sure if I trust them. Let me explain, first my annual women's visit, I was told NOPE you don't need to do that yearly anymore, once every three years. Really, my doctor last year was so adamant about having a pap once a year. NOPE. Not to mention that the mammogram exam was completely different too. It's like everything anyone has told me, is WRONG.
Then I went in for a sinus infection, No you don't need an antibiotic for that, take Airborne, and see if that helps you. Come back if you you a fever over 100.
The only good report was about my toes, they don't look infected.
So, this is why I now own a heal yourself book. Home remedies.....alternative medicine. .....
Did I mention I want to live to be 600 years old, and just plain die of old age.
Well, this is my lesson for today.
Be Inspired,

May's Flower

canvas art by Jean Hart

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Everything About Paris

Everything about Paris
Paris smarts game
Le Menu
Here's today's question
Which of these cheeses is not made in the Paris Environs?
1. Roquefort
2. Fontainebleu
3. Coulommiers
4.  Brie
1. Roquefort
Before France developed its railroads in the 1800's Parisians ate mostly what came from the surrounding countryside. Roquefort is from southwestern France. All of these cheeses are still found in the city's cheese shops today.
Fromageries = cheese shops
I love cheese. All kinds, and I often have cheese and fruit when I entertain, camp, or just because.
It is well worth the money and time to experiment with the flavors of different cheeses.
It can be a bit overwhelming to see so many different kinds.
Start with one or two, keep a list going. write down how it smelt, the texture, taste, if you liked, would you buy it again.
Here is a website I find useful.
Have fun with this.
Be Inspired,

What My Soul Wants Me To Know, Simplicity

What My Soul Wants Me To Know
cards by Denise Linn
Be the change I want
Peace and Namasta
Card 2
This  is the card I pulled today.
It seems like I have been working on this for awhile now. I have decluttered, defriend, defined, declined, declared, decorated, and deepen my life.
What else could there be?
"Do what matters, and release the rest to find peace,
grace, and stillness.
 Clear internal and external clutter."
Oh Yeah!! the internal clutter. Yes, there's always that.
Just as I have cleaned out, decluttered and come to some decision as to what is important.
I find a new gadget that make things more fun.
Yes, I can use a knife to cut my apples, but why when they have made a real fun apple cutter that takes the core out for you?
Gadgets make my life easier, fun and interesting.
But the mental clutter. That's different. You must do the work.
Everyday I write in my journal, sometimes I draw. It doesn't matter. It takes as long as it takes for the real clutter to present itself and an answer to come. At first I went out and bought beautiful journals, pretty hardcover ones. But soon I found that I wrote so much that I quickly went through them. So, now I buy spiral notebooks. They are cheaper and do the same thing.
I have found the best way for me to declutter my mind is to make lists. Make a list of what is worrying me, then make a list of how I might take care of the problem, and soon I find the answer.
Simplicity, not so simple.
Here is my list on this.
1. time to clear the clutter around my desk.
2. time to change out my seasonal clothes, bring out the capris
3. clean out the linen closet, it's time to put away the winter blankets.
4. clean out the refrigerator, after so many parties there is just to much party foods around me.
Here is the affirmation for clearing away the clutter,
"Deep profound serenity is expanding in my life!"
What is staying on my list is
1. eating properly
2. exercising
3. studying my yoga books
4. meditating
5. planning trips and taking adventures
6. finding inspirational movies and autobiographies
7. being more creative
8. maintaining my house
9. living on the budget we have created for ourselves
10. enjoying family, friends, and life.
When it gets right down to simplicity, I think 10 is the most important.
When ever I'm really stuck and can't bring things down to the simplest answer, it's time for the W words. Some things need to be pondered longer, they are more complicated. This usually means the answer is something I don't really want to do but probably have to do.
Be Inspired,

Alien Art Crop Cirles


However, it did make me think about many things and strange things that take place in our world.
If you are one of the people who look for extraterrestrial answers to these beautiful artwork marks left on the farm lands around the world, you may have been waiting for your spaceship to come in.
But what if these are really HUMAN MASTERPIECES?
My own artwork involves circles, although mine come from a more symbolic nature then alien design
The theories of the origin of crop circles have been swirling around for years.
Whether they are man made or extraterrestrial is a question for the more serious scientist. I'm an artist and I see them as amazing pieces of artwork!!!
Over the years, man has learned to create them in their own fields. Some groups create them as competitions to see how intricate a pattern they can make. Of course, the advertising companies, not being left out of any ad campaign will want to place a logo in the field so it can be seen from the sky.
I have read, that the first crop circle to show up was in the 17th century England.
One thing is for sure about these crop circles is, they generally appear in a field without warning, and they are mostly without a signature of the creator.
They do their work at night, work secretly, and never tell anyone what they have done, letting the stories of alien art fill in the mysteries around their work of art.
Like all good mysteries, there seems to be enough unknown about the crop circles to make humans think they are the works of Aliens creators.
So here are a few questions for the deep thinking art viewers.
What if aliens really are creating art in our fields-
1. Do you think we should meet with them and charge them for the privilege of using our fields?
2. Should we pay them for expanding our view of art?
I invite you to check this crop circles out, they are really very interesting.
These are the crop circles found in 2012
Be Inspired,

Monday, May 19, 2014

Breakout 5K

Breakout 5K
Our second walk this season
Here we go, we have are numbers and are ready for the 5K.
Breakout 5K
7801 W diamond back Dr
Pocatello, ID            

Listen up runners; this is the 5K race that you’ve been waiting for someone to put together. It involves you, the jail, cops, and donuts. On May 17th, you will start at century high school and run to the perimeter of the bannock county jail. Behind you will be a group of school resource officers chasing you. Once you complete the perimeter it’s an all out jail break back to Century High School. If you beat the cops you get to eat their donuts.
This is our second walk for the season. What a great weather day too. We started at 10:00 am .
My crime was breaking into a jewelry store, after all diamonds are a girls best friend.
 Kerry, he stole gold.
We were the very last ones out!!!, My goal was to not be the last ones in. We set a brisk speed, and even though we were the last to leave we started to pass a few people in the end.
The cop chased me across the crosswalk, ha ha, ha, so fun.
We clocked in at 59.37, doing the math. We walked a 18 min mile. Shaving 8 mins off my time!!!
Kerry won the Gold Medal for his age group.
That's Kerry biting his gold medal. In the end he really did get the GOLD!!
I got the cops donuts.
Congratulations Kerry, WELL DONE.
Later we went to dinner to celebrate, because you just have to celebrate all the steps in life.
Be Inspired,

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Weigh In Day

Wiegh In Day
starting weight 250 lbs
today's weight 228.2
Total loss 21.8 lbs
BMI 36.9
need to lose 74.8 lbs
estimated date Feb. 13, 2015
calorie intake 1371
YES!!! I'm in the 20's baby!!!
As you can see, it goes slow. The last weigh in is the official weight from the Doctors office.
It's the scale that started this journey.
On Mother's Day, my daughter took me for a 5K walk, that's 3.2 miles. I'm in training because I have a 5K walk coming up this Sat. in Pocatella, Id.
Looks like for that length of time I do a 22 min. mile. Not so fast, but, oh so happy to be walking again.
I'm really hoping not to be the last one to the finish line. But if it happens, I have to be happy just to participate. Those who know me, know I'm competitive and this is a hard hit on my ego,
Oh bien!!
Who is on my team for this journey.
It is true I have put together a supportive team to help me with my physical care.
1. Primary Doctor, really you can't do without one. Find one who makes you comfortable because there's just a lot of embarrassing conversations that take place in order for them to help.
2. Chiropractor, I will never live without one. My Wizard, does acupressure. 
3. Acupuncturist, since I don't have one where I live, everywhere I travel, I see one.
4. Massage Therapy, This took me along to find one that was right for me. I call her a "Healer", because I believe great spirits work through her hands.
5. Yoga, so much fun, free yourself to just be a beginner.
6. Meditate, it's a must everyday
7. Swim, for me this is the activity that really burns calories.
8. Walk, joining in on walking 5K has really been fun
9.  Phone app "Lose It", extremely helpful
10. Eating only real, whole, healthy foods.
11. Supporters, that's family, friends who are there for you when you just don't want to do this anymore.
I have a long journey ahead of me. Believe me there are days when I just want to stop. But, truthfully, I can not.  So, if it doesn't challenge you it will not change you.
Of course some days are perfect!!! But most are decisions meal by meal.
This week is my daughters Birthday....just after Mother's Day.....Celebrations....
This is Life, celebrations never stop so I have prepared.
Here is my menu for the Birthday Dinner
Smoked glazed Chicken
Mashed potatoes, with Ranch Dressing
Green mixed salad
Garlic Bread
No Wine,,,,,probably tea
strawberry, kiwii , coconut water pops.
(no really that's what she asked for)
Next way in will be the 29th
Be Inspired,
Be Healthy, Be Strong, Be Happy

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Making of an Artist

The Making of an Artist
Interview with Artist
Jean Hart
I love checking in with my email. Here is a question I am often asked.
How do you define yourself as an Artist?
First I would say, be kind to yourself. You well change as an artist as often as you learn something new.
Go Slow....Take on only what you feel comfortable with.
Remember too that each of us are at a different level of skills so stop comparing yourself to others.
I am self taught with just a few art classes. My first exhibit into the public arena was the County Fair in my home town. Judged and out there for all to see. Remove your ego, because not everyone will like your artwork or understand it. I registered as a armature but after two years and because I sold a few paintings they defined me as a professional!!!!
I have learned in the last ten years that there is really no one way to become a professional.
Every artist finds their own way.
It's really up to you how you want to be seen as an artist.
Hobbyist, armature, professional.
Just decide if becoming an artist will add the beauty, excitement, and quality to the life you image being an artist will do. In reality, its a lot of hard work. Once the decision is made,
 Make the Commitment.
 Take a few classes, workshop, read art books and watch movies. Don't be afraid to let people see your work. Also, don't be afraid to have it critiqued or judged.
 (This is where the real growth happens).
Establish Goals, National Fame does not come to us overnight, nor should it.
Be realistic, maybe say "This is the year I enter one contest. One exhibit. Or try to join in and be accepted to the American Society Show.
 Goals are only there to help you stay focused and under no account do they measure you as an artist. Only you can do that.
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Second Season of Change, Spring

The Second Season of  Change
Transformation Spring 2014
Change, Transformation, Reinvent.
Whatever I'm calling it, it's time to start working on it.
"There are three constants in life....Change, Choice, and Principles."
Stephen Covey
Part of life is to make those hard choices, but if you don't settle in and face them you just keep going over and over and over them. Stop the chaos and start planning some order.
When I was injured I stopped cleaning the house among many other things. But, right now that's a huge step to overcome. It's funny what you will accept as OK, or good enough when you just can't get yourself to get up and get things done. Even today, there are times that I only have so many steps in my day and have to plan my energy out.
Working through the Wisdom healing cards from Caroline Myss I will pull a card each week, and meditate on it. I will see how it can be used to transform, reinvent or change me this year.
Today's Lesson:
Recognize YOUR first Thought.
I think of this as going with your gut. A lot of good ideas come to me when I'm still. Unfortunately, by the time I get back to them I have dismissed them.
My first thought today was that I watch too much TV, play on the computer too much, and my phone has games, and social network, and google.
I look around the restaurants, shopping stores and other places and I see no one talking to each other. I even find myself doing this constantly. It's rude to be playing with your phone around the people you are with.
My first thought for change, and reinventing is about changing a habit.
1. I will start logging my computer time
2.  restricting my TV time
3. turning off my phone.
Yep, that's my plan.
Imagine what will be accomplished by these changes.
Be Inspired,

What My Soul Wants Me To Know

What My Soul Wants Me To Know
2014 Transformation
Be the change I want to see....
Peace and Namasta
When ever I have my tarot cards read, that's the question I ask.
What Does my Soul Want Me To Know?
I have been looking for change, seeking it really. What do I want to Change?
Well, just to let you know, I'm happy. This journey is not about becoming a happy person.
It's about living more, being more, seeing more, and feeling more.
Being Alive!!! Being Grateful!!
I'm presently doing a Soul Coaching with Denise Linn,
Wisdom course with Caroline Myss
Healing Cards with Caroline Myss
and reading books, articles, and movies about life experiences.
This blog will be about anyone of those things.
 What ever the soul wants to tell me.
Recently my daughter and I went to a new cafe in Salt Lake City.
The Oasis Cafe
Fabulous food and a gift store is attached to it.
While browsing around we came across some Soap, We read the description.
 Hand to Hand Project.
For every bar of soap this store sells they will donate to a bar a soap to a  3rd world country to help keep hands clean. Clean hands prevent diseases from spreading.
We each bough a bar of soap.
These are the little changes I'm talking about. I want to become more conscience of the world at large.
I am an artist, I have a gift that can be used to help. So I donate my artwork to lots of fundraisers that I support. But the soap was far reaching. Far beyond my scope.
Gandhi says it the best.
"As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the in being able to remake ourselves."
Mahatma Gandhi
Please enjoy this rap by McYogi,

My soul wants me know that I can be of service, today I will  scope out more projects and see how I can help.
Be Inspired,

Snow Canyon Paintings

 Artwork, Snow Canyon, UT

I went to St. George UT, for a pastel workshop. It was 5 days and we painted Plain Air in pastel.
It was great fun. Here is what I painted, and a little slide show of the workshop.
click here to see a little clip of the fun we had .
I gave the first painting to a donation, unfortunately for me I don't know who owns it now. When Troy Eden Medical Clinic closed, I went and picked up my painting there. I had almost forgotten that these wonderful pastels were hanging there.
I am so delighted to have them back. I have the perfect place in my home for them. I don't think I will be donating any of these now.
Be Inspired,

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Dot

OK well I don't usually do this!!!!! But here we go. I have this idea and it goes like this. If I make a Haiku the painting will follow.
So I came up with a Haiku and Just started painting. This painting is a work in progress and has only had one session I'm still working on it, but I think that's the fun of doing artwork. It's interesting to watch artwork grow.
check it out, artwork in progress

Be inspired, be creative, be yourself, and have fun.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Everything About Paris, even Bra's

Everything About Paris
Culture question today
The first Bra was invented in Paris in the same year as which other engineering marvel?
1. Nortre-Dame
2. The Eiffel Tower
3. The Arc de Triomphe
4. The five pounds thinner girdle
The Eiffel Tower
As the monumental Tour Eiffel neared completion, Herminie Cadolle, matriarch of one of Paris's best known lingerie stores, stitched together the world's first brassiere. Her mission: to free women of the cumbersome and painful corset. Cadolle debuted her invention at the Paris Convention in 1900, right under the Eiffel Tower.
I for one am very pleased that she did. I can not even imagine the pains it would take to get myself into a corset.
Now, you think I'm going to talk about the Eiffel Tower, NOPE, Bra's!!!
I love them, I wear them and I have many of them.
I even have a whole drawer dedicated to them.
If I showed you a pink and white stripped bag. Would you know where I got it?
Victoria Secret of course.
I say, don't burn your bra's ladies, buy more of them. Pretty ones, soft ones, lace and athletic ones.
Not sure where to begin.
Explore, be curious, have fun.
Be Inspired,