Thursday, May 1, 2014

Weigh In Day

started Jan, 2014
beginning weight 250lbs
today's weight 230.2lbs
Total weight lost 20 lbs
BMI 37.2
cal. intake 1385
need to lose 77 lbs
estimate date Feb. 7, 2015
YEAH!!!!!! :-))
Seems to be a 1 pound a week program, sometimes more. Over all I'm pleased with the results.
Change happens slowly. There are times when I think nothing has changed, that I'm not different at all, I'm not making any progress. Until, I'm standing in front of the cookie isle and hear myself say, "You don't need dessert, EAT FRUIT!"
Yes, that's how change works. Slowly and when your not looking. Suddenly, what you use to do, your not doing anymore.
The most changes I have felt in the last four months are; physically, I'm more active, I hurt less, and if I do hurt say my back or knees, I recover quicker. I sleep better, no more pacing the floor at 2 AM, and I believe I am generally happier.
What's the difference between change and transformation?
I named 2014 my year of TRANSFORMATION...a personal reinvention if you will....since I totally believe thoughts become action , action becomes life....and well there you go,
 thoughts becomes things.
The dictionary defines change as, "to become different,"
Reinvent, as, "to remake or redo completely."
Transform; as " to change from one kind to another,"
So, I'm thinking, change is one action, reinvent is a combination of lots of changed actions, and, transformation, it's the process.
Trust the process, fruit is better then cookies.
Knowing how much I read and love quotes here is one I now have posted on my refrigerator.
"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change." Jim Rohn
Not sure that he meant that for food choices, but it works for me.
Loads of things going on now. Since I have said YES, to walking again. I have been signing up for 5K walks all around the state of Idaho and Nevada. My goal is to do one walk each month until Sept.
My next walk for May is in Pocatello, ID. Breakout5K. We will be walking around the town and when we get to the jail, the COPS will chase us to the finish line. We get to eat their donuts and take mug shoots. How fun....of course even though my brain is screaming DONUTS, the words out of my mouth will be NO THANKS, I WILL JUST HAVE WATER, NO BREAD. 
See what I mean about change. one change at a time.
My next weigh in will be Late May. I have blood test scheduled, so I will weigh on the scale that is official. The one that started this journey.
Be Inspired,