Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Water Meditation

Meditation Creations, With the changing of the seasons, we are so busy that often we forget to take time for ourselves and breath.
Today's Meditation Creation is called
"Water Mediation"

Fill the bath with warm water, you can add bath salt, bubbles or essential oils to the water, anything that will calm you.
Playing soft music is good to.
Breath in to the count of 4,
Hold your breath to the count of 5, and Reflect
Exhale to the count of 6

Breath in saying" Water feels.."
Reflect on this..
Exhale..saying, "Water is refreshing and warm"

Breath in saying, "Water is healing"
Reflect on this...
Exhale out saying "Water is soothing."

Breath in saying, "Water is cleansing"
Reflect on this...
Exhale out saying "I honor this time to cleanse and calm down."

Breath in saying " Water is relaxing."
Reflect on this...
Exhale out..saying, "Thank you for water"

Now just lay back, listen to the music and enjoy this quiet time for yourself.
Smile at the gift you have just given to yourself.
Be inspired,