Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 27, Reverence of the Heart

28 Days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Day 27
Jean and Sarah at a painting party...She's the light of my life.
Reverence of the Heart
"Today I am opening my heart to deeper feelings of reverence. I see the light of the Divine in the people, places, and things around me. I look at my world with living, reverential intention."
Yes, I am loving the new and old people that have come into my life in the last 3 months.
Here, I would like to share a quote I just saw,
 "What if you woke up and only had the things you were thankful for yesterday?"
WOW, now that really struck me. It's way too hard to name of all the people I'm thankful for one at a time. So, I have come up with this little gratitude,
"I am thankful for all the people in my life I love and all the people in my life who love me."
"Reverence is the sincere recognition of the sacred in all things, the intention to honor the Divine light in all. Living this way requires a real shift in focus. It's no longer enough to be driven by external power and acquisition. Real reverence requires a deeper perspective, a gentle, peaceful attitude that starts with love for yourself and extends outward with compassion for others..."
Finding a deeper perspective within yourself is very similar to what I experienced in my silent retreat.
It took complete awareness in the present of what I was doing at the time.
Writing in my journal really helped to focus on these issues.
Activities for Heartfelt reverence
2. Affirm the gentle intention to be in God's energy and bring it to others. The grace and love of the Divine is always present, so connect with this source of light from which all blessings flow. Meditate on your sacred identity and embrace the power and peace that it gives."
OK this hit the mark.God's energy. Let me just quickly tell about how I felt when I had a heart failure episode.
My heart stopped beating, I fell forward and was taken completely out of this world. The warmth and welcoming feeling of bliss came over me. I was not afraid, I was not alone, I was calm, at peace and happy. Later, in this warm feeling, I thought someone had given me a carrot and so I was chewing on this carrot in my mouth. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, PEACE, WARM, BLISSFUL.
What was really going on?
My heart had stopped beating, I fell forward and off the bed on to my just operated left knee. My daughter grabbed hold me, slapping my face to wake up, beating my back, sceaming at me........(let me tell you now, I did not feel a thing nor did I hear her.)....She put her finger in my mouth, because she thought I might be chocking, ( that must have been the carrot I thought someone had given me.)...With my head down I got oxygen and woke up..unfortunately it happened again minutes later. I am most sorry that I put my daughter through that experience.
But I am no longer fearful about death.
During my home silent retreat I watched a lot of TED TALKS, and how fun to have come across this one, it explains a lot of what I felt.
Affirmations for Heartfelt Reverence
Everyday I am bringing more and more reverence to myself and my life. I live in the peace and love of my eternal spirit.
I liked this affirmation mostly because I am learning to understand that I am beyond my body. I am choosing to live in compassion for all things. Life is a celebration, if you don't know that rain, you will not enjoy the sun half as much.
Be Inspired,