Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weigh In Day

 Photo: LOL! #B1039Weigh In Day

No it's not weigh in day.......That's  scheduled for April 30th.
But, I am so busy with continuing to diet and exercise and hold fast to my program.
For me now it is not a diet but a new way of life. The weighing in is just a weigh of monitoring if what I'm doing is working. My goal is to stay active, be mindful of good healthy whole foods, and bring in a whole life style change.
I'm not one for fasting, or doing cleansing programs. But, my daughter has just finished a 3 week cleansing and she lost 15lbs. :-)
I'm not going to do that, but what has come from watching her is her new vegan diet. I know I'm a little late to the vegan table. I think the best way to incorporate a vegan diet into my life will be to just do a vegan menu one day a week.
I am planing her birthday dinner in May and I think I will be trying some new recipes.
I am inspired.
While looking for recipes I came across this woman. I love her easy style of cooking.
Enjoy Cheif Skai
I am also hooked on walking. I have signed up for two run/walk fundraisers.
They are both 5K's. That means I better get training.
It's been a great way for Kerry and I to travel and see new towns.
May's Walk is a 5K in Pocatello, Id.
Breakout 5K
We will be walking around the town and when we get to the jail, THE COPS will chase us to the finish line. We then get to eat their donuts and take a mug shoot.
How fun does that sound.
Next week end Sarah and I are going to our first Color Festival, Holi festival.
For exercise I have been learning steps to an Indian Dance.
I can hardly wait, yoga, music, dancing, and real Indian Food.
Be healthy, Be Active,
Be Inspired,