Thursday, April 24, 2014

Change of Heart

Change of Heart
I feel the need to go in a new direction.
I woke up this morning, my back had adjusted itself and cracked off while I was sleeping.
The pain in my lower back and hips are killing me.
So, what is this all about?
I have been changing my routine, food, and exercise. It seems that I'm always in pain right now.
The usually routine of ice, tens unit and meditation, has only helped alittle this morning.
All I can say is, thank goodness I have a chiropractor appt. tomorrow.
But what will I do today?
What I would usually do is simply, lay flat on my back and pray for relief.
What do I have planned for today instead?
I made a massage appt. and I'm planning to walk, sit in a hot tub, and maybe go to yoga.
What I'm planning is to keep moving. While I don't think I have done any damage, it seems to be muscle pain. I just can't lay still.
Today's question for my Q&A a day journal is.
Do you think life is fair?
NO,NO,NO. At least not today.
I am truly a charmed person. My life is good. But, it is not without challenges.
Why did this whole back thing happen?
My son says so I could be an artist.
I think it must of been because I am basically a weak person.
Since this has happened, I have had to find my voice, my strength to continue on, and learn how to control my emotions.
These are my lessons for this life. I barely have done any of those things correctly.
So, today, what I would normally do, is not what I will do.

Imagine a women strong enough to hold her world together and not fold under pressure. A women who knows her own strength.
I will be working on this today.
Be Inspired,