Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April's weigh in

Weigh In

233.8 lbs
16.2 total lost
BMI 37.8
need to lose 81.4
estimate date is Jan. 28, 2015
I am back on track. After two retreats in a row I wasn't sure how I would do on weigh in day.
Sarah and I went on a spring retreat. We went to an acupuncturist, where he told me I was retaining huge amounts of water, my digestive system needed a little help and my circulation was poor.
He stuck about 30 needles in me and to my surprise it didn't hurt, well except the one in my knee!!
We both came out and waited to see if anything was different. The only thing I noticed was that I was sweating consistly!!!! We then went to have a spa day at the Atlantis in Reno. OH WOW!!! What a wonderful day. My body went from, cold to hot, steam room, dry heat sauna's, cold water plug's. Showers that had Thunderstorms, Topical Rains, Icy Fog.....and a Brine Room for Respiratory Therapy.
Our favorite water was the Kiwi Cinnamon Water, here is the recipe.
I have been back for a week, and I haven't sweat since. I am getting ready for my one mile hike in Idaho Falls, Paces for Payton.
Here's my States, I do a 27 minute mile, burning 109 calories.
Not very fast....I will keep working on that.
I still do yoga. I have some really great yoga sites on YouTube. My favorite one right now is called Yin Yoga.
This will be the only weigh in for April. It's best if I only weigh in once a month.
So have a great month, see you in May,
Life is like a butterfly....
Be Inspired,