Sunday, April 6, 2014

28 Days to a more magnetic life, Day 28 Sacred Service

28 Days to a more Magnetic Life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Day 28
Sacred Service
"Today I look for all the little ways that I can be of service to others. Even just a smile or kind word can brighten someones life, and bring greater loving energy to my own."
"When you live with reverence and honor for yourself and others, you're free to connect with the world in the most joyous way possible, the capacity of serving. Service is the unencumbered gift of your time, assistance, things, thoughts, money, love, and life.
 Here's what I have to say to this, service is something that has to come from your spirit of giving. It has to be given in a genuine spirit. Look inward to your own needs, and gifts you have to offer.
Activities for Sacred Service
2. Extend your service out into the world. Is there something you feel passionate about, perhaps working with children, animals, or the environment? Turn your passion into compassion and bring love where it is needed most. Your caring expression releases a wonderful energy into your own life and into the field of human consciousness.
Affirmations for Sacred Service
I see the value in everyone. I practice caring intention, knowing that we all share the energy of the world.
We have come to the last day. This little book of 28 days took me almost 4 months!!! I just could not do it one day after the next. I have only given you the tiniest part of this book. I have loved going through it. My life's magnetic zone has increased, brought new ideas, new experiences, and a list of things that were not even on my list. It is designed to span a four week action, but I think it has expanded into a life course. If you enjoyed this mini series with me, I say you deserve it to yourself to buy the book and go through it word by word for yourself.
I live by my intentions, I use affirmations, and I purposefully set activities to go forward with my life.
Be Inspired, Be Strong, Be Well