Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Interview with Artist Jean Hart

Interview With  Artist
Jean Hart
Just when I thought I had nothing left to say, my email and PM are full. Full with more questions about my artwork, life and interests.
I have reached over 10,000 hits on this blog and I appreciate everyone one you.
I have just finished the book, 28 Days to a more Magnetic Life. Some of you have emailed me with thoughts and encouragements. I would like to say thank you to my new followers too.
The common thread seems to be what am I working on now and how do I manage my day?
Ummm, personal and professional questions.
First, I always do art. Everyday is filled with looking at artwork, reading about art, critiquing artwork, and sometimes if I'm lucky I get to do some of my own artwork.
Right Now for the month of April. I am working on a mail art project that will exhibit in Marceille, France. The theme is mermaids, The Queen of the Sea
These first ones are done with colored pencil, I hope to do about 4 more in different mediums.

Women of Worth Magazine
Also in April I am the WOW Gal for the Women of Worth magazine. I am very honored that they choose me to be the feature guest.
Everyone has a story and this is mine, if you want to know a little bit about me click onto this link.
Now for the more personal questions, you guys are funny.
What's it like to go through a day with me? Really???
I have named 2014 my year of is a lot like a butterfly...
Yes, it's beautiful, but what do you think that butterfly was thinking with her wet wings and weak legs trying to get out of that cocoon?
Yes, sometimes the good stuff is challenging.
I work at home so most days I have breakfast and then its off to the studio. Sometimes I go to a 9:00 yoga class, but truly I live by the motto, I don't take appointments before noon. I move along at a slow speed. In fact people who talk too fast at my lose me almost immediately. I am more the tortoise then the hare.
I like to keep up on the arts and fashion magazines. I read : The New Yorker, Times, Vogue, and Bazaar, Traditional Home, People and those awful rags at the grocery stores.
I have an on going reading list and I just added 3 books.
1. Magnolia, Duncan W. Alderson
2. Love & Treasure, Ayelet Waldman
3. Astonish Me, Maggie Shiphead
I drink loads of ice water all day long, along with coffee. I tried to give it up but then my acuputurist said don't, "coffee is good for you." But I have cut down.
I love everything about Paris, and I'm planning to go to Savannah, GA  next year.
TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL...It's my big thing.
I love pearls and I wear Channel #5, and I eat frozen yogurt.
I'm on a journey to lose 100 lbs.
Keep the emails coming, I love them.
Be Inspired,
new fashion design